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Walker Of The Worlds – Chapter 1023: War Castle Jing! Bahasa Indonesia

The castle looks liked it was built on top of a massive shield that floated in the air. The four corners of the castle looked to be built by using giant spears while the central building of the castle was built around an even bigger sword.

Chains extended from the ground and attached to the massive shield below the castle, keeping it in place.

Around the castle, tens of other courtyards could also be seen.

‘Just how great it would have been in the heyday of the Jing Clan…’ Lin Mu couldn’t even imagine.

It was clear that this place was built to house at least fifty thousand, if not a hundred thousand, people comfortably.

“It really does exist…” Jing Luo muttered. “War Castle Jing!”

“War Castle Jing? That’s the name?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Yeah. Like the Myriad Armament Canopy abode, the entire thing is a weapon and filled with formation arrays that can attack and defend. The Myriad Armament Canopy Abode was actually made as an improvement for this since the War Castle Jing can’t really move.

Though if we compare the raw power, the War Castle Jing certainly has a lot more power. But despite that, it is not a complete spirit tool.” Jing Luo answered.

“Huh? If the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode is weaker than this, they how is War Castle Jing not at least a Pseudo Immortal tool?” Lin Mu asked in confusion.

“As you can see, the entire War Castles made from different components and is not a whole spirit tool individually. The clan’s goal was to make a strong castle where its people could come to take shelters in times of distress.

The ancestor wanted to make a version that could do all that the War Castle Jing could do and thus the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode came into existence. It took several generations of elders working on it before it reached the current level.” Jing Luo explained.

“I see… still, this is no less of an achievement.” Lin Mu said, feeling impressed.

He could tell that the Jing clan already had enough background to easily compare with a top ten sect.

‘No wonder the sects were so wary of the Jing clan. Them eliminating all of them in one go was the only way they could stop them from rising up.’ Lin Mu guessed.

“Come, the entrance seems to be from this part.” Jing Luo said as he gestured towards a gate.

The gate was strange as it had no walls surrounding it. There were simply two pillars on top of which a beam was erected. Fine carvings could be seen on it too, and it was clear that this was all part of a formation array.

Lin Mu’s spirit sense probed the gate and realized the reason for the absence of the walls.

‘The gate is indeed just a gate. The walls don’t exist because they are in the form of formation array barrier.’ Lin Mu undertook.

He could feel the strong barrier that even he would have a hard time breaking, covering the entire area. The War Castle Jing as well as the surrounding courtyards were all protected within the barrier, which could defend against Dao Treading realm experts with ease.

‘If this castle could really be moved around like the Myriad Armament Canopy Abode, it would be enough to eradicate several sects and kingdoms with ease.’ Lin Mu thought.

He felt that it was a shame it could not be moved.

If it could, Lin Mu thought it would serve as a great deterrent for the Northern Tribes as well as the Gu Legion.

He walked towards the gate and stopped in front.


A formation appeared on top of the gate as runes flowed out of it. The runes flew around Lin Mu and Jing Luo, as if searching for something.

“Don’t move. The formation might attack us if it detects us as a threat.” Jing Luo warned.

After a few seconds, the runes all surrounded Jing Luo and went into his body.


The entire formation array vibrated as a light shone from Jing Luo’s body. An opening appeared in the barrier where the gate was after this.

“Come, this is it.” Jing Luo directed.

Lin Mu nodded his head, wondering if it would stop him there and Little Shrubby too. He could tell that this was an Identification formation that would only allow those of the Jing clan in.

“Will it allow us to?” Lin Mu asked, just in case.

“It will now. I can control it somewhat. It gave me the authority just now.” Jing Luo replied.

“Oh, that’s great.” Lin Mu said as he followed behind him.


Little Shrubby shrunk down as well, as he was a too big to pass through the gate. Returning to his small cat form, he went and sat on Lin Mu’s shoulders. Lin Mu didn’t mind this anyway and the three of them continued under the guidance of Jing Luo.

They passed by the empty courtyards that were still clean and well maintained, evidently due to the formation arrays working this entire time. A look of pain appeared on Jing Luo’s face as he was reminded of his clan, which no longer existed.

The three of them reached the bottom of the War Castle Jing, before flying up directly.


But just as they were about to reach it, they felt danger.


An explosion happened where they were just standing and they had barely managed to dodge it. Lin Mu was surprised too, since the attack was really fast.

‘No… it’s not the attack that is fast… my speed is being restricted…’ Lin Mu felt a faint restriction on his body.

He couldn’t even tell when it was applied and was shocked.


It was filled with utter rage, but there was also a hint of confusion in it.. The voice seemed to echo from far but still seemed close.


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