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“Werewolves are forbidden in Netheria and in several other countries…” Keith informed Rebecca after she asked if any of the Familes in Netheria owned one. “The young ones simply have no control over their beastly form and lose their mind once they transform. The adults retain conciousness, but it is easy to manipulate their minds and make them lose themselves to their rage and instinct. Their bites are deadly poisonous, and the bitten people usually die within a few hours if they don’t have any Aura in their body to counter it. Therefore, they are not suitable as Bodyguards for civilised men or as Servicemen to the Countries. But they are highly sought after by the Underworld, specially the Mercenary Organizations.”

She listened to his words and understandably nodded her head.

The Werewolves sounded and seemed like terrifying creatures, but they had a glaring weakness, and that was their weak mind. Her fascination waned a lot after understanding how troublesome these creatures were, and she frowned upon the sky-high price of the Vassal on the stage.

“700 Million Euros!” A stout bald man wearing a suit stepped onto the Balcony numbered 13, and placed his bid.

There was nothing too striking about him, but the badge on the pocket of his suit caught Rebecca’s attention.

“Isn’t that the Symbol of Hades?” She knew a lot about the Mythologies, having always been interested in them, so she immediately caught up on it.

“It is.” Keith smiled and nodded, narrowing his eyes on the screen. “That man is called Cerberus, and he represents the Purgatory Island in the Atlantic Ocean, which is home to the World’s Fifth most Powerful Mercenary Organization, Zero. And his Boss is Hades.”

“You know him?” She frowned and asked.

“No. But I know of him and the Organization he belongs to.”

She was tempted to ask why and how he knew about the Organization, but kept that question in her heart.

Keith smiled in his heart when Zero managed to win Seth. It was all according to the storyline, and he coldly looked at the people on the screen that he would have to eliminate in the future.

The next few Vassals on the Auction were relatively uninteresting, comprising of Maids, Love Maids, and Butlers of all ages. They were all highly trained and skilled in their arts, and there were even some bodyguards up for sale.

The next hour was quite uneventful until the Powerful Aurors started appearing on the stage to be Auctioned.

Rebecca was quite surprised at how cheap they went for, but it was quite understandable since their loyalties were questionable. However, what was cheap in her eyes was not necessarily cheap for the rest.

After them came the batch of young children with a great potential for Cultivation. Their ages varied from 9 to 13 years, and they were all stars of the night.

Since they were young, talented, untrained, with the room to form loyalty bonds, their prices were Sky-High. And those who were Espers too, went for as much as 800 Million Euros, depending on the type of Espers they were.

Surprisingly, the Second Prince of France splashed over 5 billion Euros to secure all the young Espers with the potential of Cultivation. Most thought that the Royal Family was looking to strengthen its future ranks. But only Keith knew exactly why the Second Prince was doing it.

“And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, we will present you a batch of Potential Shadows and Loyal Guards, especially trained and groomed by the City of Sin.” The Auctioneer Lady announced, much to the anticipation of the crowd. “The first Vassal is Henrik, age 15, peak of Foundation Realm, highly trained in firearms, blades, and knows seven major languages…”

One after another, the Vassals from City of Sin appeared on the stage and were sold for a quite a handsome sum. And finally, the one they were waiting for appeared on the stage.

She was young, tall, slender, honey-skinned with distinctive European features, and she had a very fitting bob cut. Her dark hair and eyes, somehow, enhanced her features, and no one could deny that she was a remarkable beauty.

“Marianne, aged 18, Mid of Nascent Profound Realm, Untouched, Highly Skilled in Firearms, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Blades, and Communication. She is also a skilled Driver, Pilot, and a Swimmer. She knows ten major languages; Netherian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, English, Spanish, Japanese, Urdu, Persian, and French.” The Auctioneer introduced her to the crowd. “Her starting Price is set at 100 Millon Euros. You can only raise the price by a minimum of 10 Million Euros each time. And since she has been trained to become a Shadow, the final decision lies in her hand. She may choose her Master from the Highest Three Bidders. Let’s begin!”

“Let’s go!” Rebecca excitedly walked onto the Balcony without waiting for Keith. “500 Million Euros!”

Her sudden bid astounded everyone in the Hall, and even the Auctioneer seemed taken aback by such a jump in price. However, since it was within the expected price range for the girl, people were not too discouraged.

“500 Million from the Lady in Lounge 6!” The Auctioneer registered her bid, and waited for others to follow.

There were not to many voices now, but a few were still determined to get Marianne.

Rebecca was not too bothered when the price hit the 700 Million Euros. Keith had already informed her that she might have to splash around 300 Million Neris if people were adamant on getting Marianne. And so, she submitted the next bid that was equivalent to around 300 Million Neris.

“750 Million Euros!” She announced, and the Hall remained silent for a few seconds before a voice followed.

“800 Million Euros!” It was someone from the Balcony 4, who submitted the bid.

She frowned when she saw the weird symbol on the robe of the man who submitted the bid. It was a double loin-headed mace.

“That’s the Symbol of the Temple of Erra. Babylonian God of War, Destruction, Famine, and Mischief.” Keith arrived on the Balcony and stood by her side.

“Another big-shot in Underworld?”

“Yes. Third Strongest Mercenary Organization.” He smiled and said.

“Do the people in the Underworld have a fetish for keeping Godly names?” She scoffed and asked, but Keith remained silent, not answering her question.

The Auction Hall remained silent for a good minutes and finally another voice sounded out.

“725 Million Euros!” It was the voice of a woman, who had suddenly appeard on the balcony number 8.

“You must be kidding me!” Rebecca exclaimed when she saw the woman wearing a symbol she was familiar with. “There’s a Demeter too?”

“Yes.” Keith chuckled and said. “It looks like the Highest Three Bids are set.” He pointed out, diverting her attention.

“The three Higest Bidders are the Ladies in Lounge 6 and 8, and the Gentleman in Lounge 4.” The Auctioneer announced and solidly smacked the hammer. “Marianne, you may make your decision now. If you wish to meet them in private to come to a decision, it can be arranged.”

“There’s no need for that.” The honey-skinned girl shook her head, and then looked up straight towards Rebecca. “What will I be to you?” She simply asked.

“My Shadow.” And Rebecca simply answered with a light smile.

Marianne contently nodded her head and then knelt down right where she stood.

“I am yours, Master.” She declared.

The declaration was met with a solemn silence in the Hall by those who knew who the other two Bidders belonged to. However, it was an Auction, and the Shadows reserved the right to choose their Masters.

“Marianne, sold to the lady in the Lounge 6 for 750 Million Euros.” The Auctioneer finalised the bid and registered the log.

However, the people in the Hall and the Balconies were paying attention to the pair of Young man and Lady in the Balcony 6, who were happily chatting with each other, seemingly not aware that they might have offended some terrible Forces in the world.

Under the divided attention of the crowd, a breathtakingly beautiful girl silently stepped onto the stage, and soon the gasps of a few diverted the attention of the most towards the new Vassal for Auction.

“The last Vassal from the City of Sin is Ingrid. Aged 15, Peak of Foundation Profound Realm, Class-A Strength based Esper. Untouched. She is well-versed in 10 Major Languages, is highly dextrous, has decent experience in Hand-to-Hand Combat, and is adept at Firearms and Blades.” The Auctioneer introduced her and the Guests grew quite agitated.

Even if she had been just a normal human, they would be willing to splash hefty sums just for her beauty. But she was an Auror and a Class-A Esper as well, a treasure that no one wanted to miss on.

“Her starting Price is set at 150 Millon Euros. You can only raise the price by a minimum of 10 Million Euros each time. And since she has been trained to become a Shadow, the final decision lies in her hand. She may choose her Master from the Highest Three Bidders. Let’s begin!”

Keith kept a light smile on his lips as the price dramatically rose. It was over 600 Million Euros in under two minutes, and what amused him was the blank expression of Ingrid as she heard the Representative of Hades enthusiastically bidding for her.

The Temple of Erra and the Temple of Demeter were the two other hot-shots after her, and then there was the French Royal Family that wanted her as well.

Soon the price touched the Billion Euro mark.

“1 Billion Euros.” It was the man from the Temple of Erra who submitted it.

For a fee seconds, it seemed to the crowd that the Highest Three bids were set, since the representative of Hades had stepped back, but suddenly a new voiced joined the fray.

“1.25 Billion Euros.” Keith directly submitted the bid equivalent of 500 Million Neris that he had on his hands.

His participation in the bidding took everyone by surprise, and soon a new round of bidding started after people were a little encouraged by his actions.

“How much money do you have to spare?” Keith quietly asked after the price touched the 2 Billion Mark.

“500 Million Neris.” Rebecca lightly smiled and said. “Remember, Compounded Interest every week.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He sighed and then lightly smiled. “2 Billion Euros!”


Someone in the Hall couldn’t help his nerves when he heard Keith’s new bid. And then silence reigned over everyone for a good few seconds.

“Being young and reckless is normal, but there is a right time and place for everything, Pretty Boy!” A voice echoed in the Hall and soon a man dressed in a black suit walked onto the Balcony 4. As soon as he arrived, the representative of Erra dropped down on his knee, and his action announced the man’s identity to everyone.

Rebecca felt chills run up spine when Keith was called out by the nickname she used for him. However, these were the chills of fear, and she was not in the mood to poke fun at him right now.

She looked at the man who was called Erra, and could not help but feel her heart constricting. It was not that the man was ugly, rather, he was quite handsome for a middle-aged man with a refined beard. But there was just something about his presence that made her apprehensive about him.

His predatory eyes were scanning her with interest, and she could not help but feel a sinking feeling in her heart. She was very much familiar with that look, and it disgusted her.

“Indeed, there is a time and place for everything, Mr Azdaar. And if I am not mistaken, we are at an Auction.” Keith faintly smiled and called him out by the name no one had used for over a century. “It would be appreciated if you keep your eyes off the lady by my side. An old and wise man never makes an enemy out of someone who he knows nothing about.”

His last words were a blatant threat, and even Erra was taken aback by the seriousness in his voice and the coldness in his eyes. However, after the shock wore off, rage bubbled in his heart, but a light smile crept on his face.

“Sometimes I forget that I am old and reckless.” He said and then turned around to walk back inside his lounge. “We shall meet soon.”

His words were light, but everyone who heard them felt cold all over their body.

Some keen eyes stayed on Keith, trying to read through him and gauge his expressions, but unfortunately for them, all they collected was indifference.

Rebecca felt a strange warmth in her heart after everything that just transpired. She inadvertently glanced at Keith, and looking at his handsome profile wearing an indifferent expression, she could not help but look at him in a new light.

He was reckless. There was no doubt about it. But he stood up for her, and it was something that was going to stay fresh in her mind forever.

“A minute is up.” Keith reminded the Auctioneer Lady, who broke out of her trance and imemdiately smacked the hammer. “The Highest Three Bidders have been decided. Ingrid, you may make your choice now.”

Before she even finished her words, Ingrid was already on her knee, submitting herself to her new Master.

And somehow, her choice did not surprise anyone after what they had just witnessed.

Keith sighed when he saw it. He had asked her to not kneel down when there were people around, and she had not adhered to his words for even a day.

“Ingrid, sold to the Gentleman in the Lounge 6 for 2 Billion Euros.” The Auctioneer finalised the bid and registered the log…


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