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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 51 Bahasa Indonesia

Qingyue kept glancing at the handsome boy who was sitting across her in the library. She knew that he was working on something concerning his new IT Company, but it had already been three hours since they arrived here when their classes ended.

She herself had some work to do, and she had just finished it. However, Keith was still working seriously on his project. She was curious what exactly it was about and was tempted to walk over and check up on his work, but she did not want to pry into his official matters without his permission as that was considered unethical. Of course, she would ask him about it later, and he could choose to give her as much information as he liked.

Her eyes drifted to the clock once again, and she frowned when she saw that it was nearly 2 pm. She deliberated if she should inform him that they were going to run late, but decided against it.

At exactly 2 pm, Keith closed his laptop and packed it in his bag.

“Are you done?” He lazily stood up and stretched his back a little, which made the grey-eyed girl smile at him.

“I should be the one asking you that question, Mister!” She folded her arms on her chest as she walked up to him.

Keith wryly smiled at her question and just nodded to her.

“What were you working on?” She asked straightforwardly.

“May sent me an analysis of the current Social Media Apps, and I was just going through the details and made notes for what I needed and did not need in my project.” He informed her.

“You are going to start a new Social Networking Service?”

“Yes.” He nodded to her. “It will be called Memoir.”

“And what is going to be its focus?” She curiously asked.

“That’s a secret for now.” He chuckled and shook his head, which prompted her to pout. However, she did not insist on asking for details, and picked up her bag to follow him out of the library. “Your friends don’t mind that you have been neglecting them for the last couple of days?” He smiled at her and asked.

She had been sitting at his desk with him in the class, and even after their classes, she accompanied him to the cafeteria and sat with him.

“They don’t.” She smiled brightly. “They even want me to spend more time with you, and one has been pestering me to introduce her to you.”

“And why have you not fulfilled her wish?”

“She’s not your type.” She shook he head.

“I don’t need her to be my type. I have no such intentions.” He mischievously smiled at her. “And how do you know what my type is?”

“You have no such intentions but she is looking for something more than just becoming your friend.” Qingyue snorted. “And it isn’t hard for me to see what type of girls you like.”

“Oh!” He surprisedly looked at her. “Do tell me what type of girls I like.”

“Modest, innocent, shy, well-mannered, and of course, beautiful. Girls you can easily control.”

“You make it sound like I am some sort of control freak.” He complained as he understood that she was talking about Nana.

“Are you not?” She looked at him in surpise.

“I am.” He smirked at her, not denying her words. “But no, I don’t just like the girls whom I can control. I also feel attracted to the ambitious, graceful, sophisticated, highly intelligent and independenet women. However, yes, you are right about the ‘modest’ part. I don’t like girls who love to flaunt their skin for the opposite sex to feast their eyes on them.”

“Mhm…” Qingyue nodded to his words and looked away.

She could feel that he was referring to her when he said that he felt attracted to ambitious graceful, sophisticated, and highly intelligent women.

“I guess that kills all the chances for my dear friend.” She giggled.

“Oh… Is she the one that loves wearing those short skirts, flashing her tonned legs even in winters?”

“You said you don’t feel attracted to such girls.” She narrowed her eyes at him.

“Doesn’t mean that I don’t notice them. She’s pretty” He admitted. “But not someone I would ever date. Also, James is quite interested in her.”

“He has no chance.” Qingyue immediately shook her head.

“Poor him.” He shrugged and dropped the subject.

The two of them talked about miscellaneous stuff and arrived at the parking lot where Keith’s Carbon-Grey Koenigsegg Gamera was parked.

“May I drive?” Qingyue asked after she interestedly looked at the ride.

“Here.” He handed her the key after unlocking the doors, and hopped into the front seat.

They arrived outside the Sameran High-School, where Nana was already waiting for them, surrounded by a few of her classmates.

As soon as Keith stepped out of the car, a few girls squealed, attracting all the attention. And Nana burned in a furious blush after she caught him brightly smiling at her.

She timidly walked into his arms right in front of everyone, and then waved goodbye to her class-fellows before getting in the backseat of the car.

“You did not need to get out of the car!” She complained as soon as she got inside.

“He loves to flaunt.” Qingyue snorted and started engine.

“Good Afternoon, Miss Lin!” Nana turned a little stiff when she realized who was present in the car with them.

“Come on! Just call me, Qingyue.” She smiled at her. “And Good Afternoon, Nana!”

“Let’s go!” Keith closed the door and said, and then looked at Qingyue. “And no, I don’t like to flaunt. I just like to declare my sovereignty over everything that belongs to me.”

“Isn’t it the same thing?” Qingyue snorted and and started driving. “So, where are we headed first?”

“Office.” Keith said. “Amelia is there with May.”

“I…” Nana wanted to say something but then turned quiet.

“Yes?” Keith turned to looked at her and smiled lightly.

“I am still in my uniform…” She timidly said.

“It isn’t a problem, but let’s head to your home first and you can get changed. We will wait downstairs.”

“Thank you!” Nana happily smiled at him.

“No worries.” He said and then entered the address to Nana’s home on the GPS so that Qingyue would know the way.

Thankfully, her home was on the way to their Office, and so, they didn’t have to take a detour.

Qingyue and Keith stayed in the car as Nana rushed inside the building and then came out ten minutes later, wearing a dress with a sweater on top of it.

“You look pretty.” He assured her as she hopefully looked at him, and she heaved a sigh of relief. “Did you bring the files?” He teasingly smiled at her when she opened the door of the car.

“Wait!” Nana panicked and rushed back inside the building to get the files that she needed for the day.

“Isn’t she the clumsy one.” Qingyue giggled and shook her head.

“Cute too.” He chuckled with her.

At exactly 3 pm they arrived at the Starlight Tower, half n hour late to their designated time. However, they were not really bothered about it.

It was the first time for Nana in the Office and so Keith took his time showing her around before leading her to the 70th Floor, where the offices were being furnished.

He knocked on the door where he knew Amelia and May were, before entering with the two ladies.

“That’s it for the property at the Georgian Street.” Amelia was in the middle of a meeting with Project Developers, Civil Engineers and the Architects of their Real Estate Company which she was in charge of.

She wrapped up the file in front of her and stood up, entering Keith’s arms before nodding to the two ladies who had come with him.

Qingyue was the first to step forward and drew her hand to Amelia, curiously looking at the lady over whom she had no apparent advantage.

“Lin Qingyue.”

“Amelia Jane Demiliore!” She lightly smiled at the grey-eyed girl and gave her name.

Both Nana and Qingyue frowned at her use of the Demiliore name, and felt uneasy in their hearts. However, the former braved herself and stepped forward.

“Good Evening, Miss Amelia! I am Nana.” She tried her best to stay clam and extended her forward. However, she was quite intimidated by Amelia’s beauty and demeanour.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you!” Her attitude towards Nana was different than how she greeted Qingyue. It was way more amiable, and the timid girl felt quite at ease all of a sudden.

“Please, be seated.” She said to the two girls, who then took their seats at the meeting table.

Keith greeted everyone in the room and then asked about the project they had just finalised. It was one of the projects on the properties May had bought and informed him about.

“What are your plans for the Area B?” Amelia asked after everyone took their seats again.

“An Entertainment Plaza or a Club to be exact.” He revealed to her.

“What do you want in it?” May asked.

“Underground Parking, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Theatre, Private Lounges, Gaming Lounge, Arcade, Karaoke Bar, Bowling Alley, Snooker and Pool Club, rooftop Restaurant with the best view of the Dayne Street, Madame Hopkins Park and the ninth Junction.” Keith revealed what he had in mind. “It will be a High-End place, but affordable enough for High-School students of the nearby schools.”

“So we are targeting middle to high-income customers.” A project developer took the notes and nodded. “What type of Gaming Lounge are you looking for?”

“Concoles, PC, and VR. A place large enough to hold gaming competitions in the future. We are not planning on selling this place, our Leisure and Entertainment company will be in charge of it, so make it the best place possible. If you have some more amenities in mind, do share your ideas.” He said to the project development team and then turned to look at Amelia. “I need a design that will make the plaza stand out.”

She did not say anything and just smiled at him in reply.

“There will be no Nightclub in the venue?” Someone on the team asked.

“No.” He shook his head. “There’s a Nightclub on the other end of the street.”

“The Meladona.” Someone said and the rest understandably nodded their heads. “It’s one of the best if not the best.”

Keith smiled in his heart but did not say anything about it.

He was not worried about competition, but why would he harm his own business? The Meladona would be under his control by this weekend.

The Project Developers then discussed the new project among themselves, and a rough draft with speculated cost was formed.

May did not say anything until the team left the office, and then proceeded to advise Keith.

“Young Master, the project might not prove as profitable as we would like. The property is in a hot place, and if we construct a Mall here, we could earn twice the profit.”

“I am not looking for a Cash Cow, Aunt May.” He chuckled. “As long as it is profitable, it doesn’t matter how much we are making on it.”

“Very well.” She nodded her head and then took her leave. “I will send the refreshments in.”

“Thank you!” Keith nodded to her.

Nana followed May out of the Office to show the files that she had worked on, leaving the three of them sitting back in silence.

Amelia started working on her Designs and Keith also opened his Laptop to play some more at the stock market.

Qingyue tried to think of something to initiate a conversation with Amelia, but seeing her immersed in her work, she decided against it.

Out of curiosity, she glanced at what Keith was doing, and then sat next to him, watching and learning from him as he flipped some stocks for a quick profit, bearing minimal losses.

She had discovered yet another thing he was brilliant at, and she could not help but feel happy in her heart for some reason.


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