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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 48 Bahasa Indonesia

“You should, at least, try hiding them.” Qingyue scoffed at him and then turned to look ahead on the road.

“Is it that bad?” He chuckeld and used the rearview mirror, switching off the digital view to check on his neck, where several fading hickeys could still be traced out under his open-collared shirt.

“Yes!” She glared at him. “Do you know that all the girls in the class were gossiping about it the entire day? Some even felt heartbroken. Then there were the dumb ones who found it hard to control their hormones and ended up saying some obscene things out loud.” She informed him. “Even Professor Jennifer was giving you lovelorn looks! And she’s in her fifties, married, and with a daughter in High-school!”

“Oh..” He put up a surpised expression and then nodded to himself. “Well then, they must be wailing right now since they saw us leave the University together.” He turned to look at her and smirked devilishly.

“Pay attention on the road!” Qingyue admonished him and then looked away, hiding her burning blush from his eyes. “The rumors were true. You are a licentious person!”

“Is that so?” He chuckled at her words. “In my defense, I only touch the beautiful ones. And as for the one I was with last night, I can only say to you that I love her with all my heart.”


Keith drove the car in silence for nearly five minutes before the girl in the passenger-seat could not contain her curiosity anymore.

“You were with Nana?” She asked faintly.

“No,” He shook his head. “It was not her.”

His answer surpised Qingyue and she turned to look at him, scrutinising him with her gorgeous grey eyes.

“Your wife-to-be is in Magic City, so it must be your Angelini Fiancée.” She guessed.

“No.” He shook his head at her words. “I have not even kissed my Angelini Fiancée yet.” He revealed to her.

“So, Amelia is here?”

“She’s not.” He shook his head again. “And I have not kissed her yet either.”

Qingyue frowned at his words with mixed emotions in her heart. However, her mind was now running hard to guess who it must be whom Keith loved so dearly.

“Don’t tell me that you are sleeping with your bodyguard?!” She asked in dismay.

“You make it sound like it is a bad thing.” He raised his brow at her. “Anyway, it was not her either. Though, I have kissed her a few times. She tastes just like cherries.”

“I don’t need that information!” She loudly and clearly told him.

“Okay, okay!” He laughed lightly and raised his hands off the wheel in apology.

“Who was it then?” She asked directly, no longer bothering to guess about the identity of this mysterious lady.

“I will tell you someday. And that someday is not today.”

Qingyue huffed at his words and folded her arms on her chest.

“At least, tell me if I know her or have seen her somewhere.” She asked after some time.

“You know her.” He put up a thoughtful front for a couple of seconds and then nodded to her. “But I shouldn’t have answered this question. Now you would always burn in curiosity every time you catch someone you know talking with me!”

“Just you wait, Mister. I will discover your secret lover one day even if you don’t tell me about her.”

“Goodluck with that!” He waved his hand brushing off her words, and she grew more determined as a result.

“Just you wait!”

The two of them spent the next hour bickering with each other on miscellaneous stuff, and then they arrived at their destination.

“Starlight Tower?” He surprisedly looked at her when she directed him to enter the newest Office Tower in the city.

“Yes!” She happily nodded. “Mama and Mrs. Clark are childhood friends, and she asked her to give me an office here. And guess what, I have the entire 60th Floor to myself!”

“They just gave it to you like that? Renting it or do you own it now?” He curiously asked.

“Not renting.” She shook her head. “Apparently, Mrs. Clark owed Mama something, and this way she has now returned the favor. I do own it, but if I ever leave this place, I am just going to return it to the Clark Family.”

“Nice. Saved you around 30 Million Neris.” He sighed and said.

“What’s with the sigh?” She frowned and asked.

“I own the 68th, 69th, and 70th floors, and unlike you, I had to pay for them.” He complained.

He did not tell her that he only had to pay half the price for the three floors since both Demiliore and Clarks were Family friends. However, it still cost him a little over 50 Million Neris.

“What?!” Qingyue looked at him in disbelief. “You are going to have your office here?”

There was some hope in her heart that he would say yes, and when she saw him nod his head to her, Qingyue smiled happily.

“Guess we are neighbours then!” She excitedly said. “A happy coincidence.”

“Yup. We are neighbours. Let’s go inside.” He smiled at her and suggested.


Coincidence? Of course, not! Keith knew that she will be having her Office in this very building and that was why he asked May to buy these floors. Otherwise, the Demiliore Family owned several places that he could have used for his offices. However, this place was a special place too.

Starlight Tower was an Office Tower situated in the New Business Square of Sameran City. It was built by the Clark Group of Industries, had 75 Floors and stood over 400m in height. It was a skyscraper that was a stunning sight to behold.

Needless to say, it was one of the hottest properties in the city, and the price and the rent was just as astronomical.

The security of the Building allowed the car in the private parking after recognising the number plate, and the two entered the Private lifts that connected to all the floors in the building. Unlike the general parking lot and the general lifts, which were accessible to everyone, only the High-Ranking Officials in the Starlight Tower had access to these lifts.

Qingyue showed him around the 60th Floor excitedly, and expressed over and over again that she could not wait to get started with her company.

Later, she made him show his Office too, and Keith, who had never been here before had to make a call to Aunt May to send someone to get him. Luckily, May was present in the building and came herself.

“Why did you need three floors?” She curiously asked when she found only one floor active.

“The 70th Floor is my personal office. That’s were the meetings of the group will take place. The 69th Floor is for my Real Estate Company which will include Construction and Architecture, and the 68th Floor is for my IT Company.” He revealed to her.

“You are going to enter the IT sector?” She asked in surpise.

“Yup. Already have the plans set up, and I am sure that it will be a successful venture.” He smiled at her and then led her to the main office on the 70th Floor, where she could find him in the future.

“The layout isn’t much different than my place, but the view is certainly better.” She commented as she looked through the glassed wall. “Sameran is beautiful, isn’t it?” She smiled and asked.

“True.” He stood by her side and gazed at the overcast sky, before looking at the far away snow-capped peaks. Yes, it was rightfully one of the most beautiful cities in the world. “Hungry?” He turned to her and asked.

“Not really. You?”

“I am famished!” He pitifully looked at her. “I had a long night, you know. And we had extra classes today.”

“Hmph.” Qingyue angrily stomped her foot on the floor and started walking out of the office. “Let’s go. I know a place nearby.” She called out to him.

Keith handed the key of the car to her, and Qingyue drove them to a famous Continental Restaurant.

He didn’t have anything particular in mind but after looking through the menu, he decided to go for the French Cusine today, focusing on Wine, Duck, and Beef.

Qingyue wasn’t too hungry, but decided to help herself to a good meal. She went for the Italian Cuisine and chose a simple lasagna and also picked a dish with a veal-cut and marrow-filled bone. And since she was a little mad at Keith, she chose the most expensive wine they had in the house.

Keith did not say anything about it, and only chuckeld at her, which irked her some more. But soon he engaged her in a happy conversation about the current business affairs of the world. Something Qingyue really enjoyed.

As he was the gentleman, the waiter cleverly handed him the bill, and Keith did not even look at it and paid for everything with his card, leaving a good tip to the group of waiters that had served them the lunch.

When they arrived outside the restaurant and got back in the car, he looked at his watch and smiled.

“Shall I drop you home?” He asked.

“Yup. Mom would like to see you too and I also want to see how you fare against my Grandfather in Chess.” She smirked at him.

“It will have to wait another day.” He chuckled. “I have to head to the Airport after dropping you home.”

“You are going out of the city again?”

“No.” He shook his head as he started the engine. “Amelia is coming, and I am going to pick her up.” He told her. “Want to come along?”

Qingyue frowned a little but then shook her head.

The drive to the Lin Mansion was a silent affair, and as soon as they arrived, Qingyue was ready to rush out of the car, but Keith stopped her, holding her hand.

“Thank you for accompanying me today, Miss Lin.” He raised her hand and planted a kiss on her knuckles. “I enjoyed every moment of it, and forgive me for not telling you this earlier, you look gorgeous today.” He said to her with a sincere yet a devilish smile, and Qingyue felt her cheeks warm up.

“I will see you tomorrow. Now go, don’t keep your wife waiting!” She smiled at him and then exited the vehicle.

Keith chuckled to himself as he watched her enter the Mansion, and then he drove away, heading straight for the Airport.

There was less than an hour left in her arrival, and he did not want to be late to receive her.


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