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Celine and Qingyue insisted on getting a tour around the Demiliore Estate, and since Keith was free this afternoon, he accompanied them.

They visited the Ranch, where both the ladies spent quite some time to be around all the animals.

Keith introduced them to his favorite horse, and even offered a ride, but both the ladies refused.

Celine was simply scared of horses, courtesy to a trauma she suffered when she was a child. And Qingyue had never learned horse-riding. She was not bold enough to be on the same horse as Keith when her mother was looking, and so she politely refused his offer. However, she did show her intention to learn it in the future.

The young Demiliore did not insist on it, and let the ladies watch as he took his pal on a ride. He was quite a skilled Equestrian, and he just seemed to do everything effortlessly with a grace that threatened to steal the hearts of the Maidens.

Later, the trio visited the farms where fresh Vegetables and Fruits were cultivated, and Keith even showed them the quarters of all the servants that lived on the Estate. They included the guards, the farmers, and the other caretakers of the estate, and there were more than seven hundred servants and their families living on the Estate.

Celine was really impressed by how respectful all the Servants were to their Young Master. It did not seem something forced, rather they seemed to respect him from the bottom of their hearts. The way no one really showed any surprise when he visited the quarters was evidence that he was not visiting them for the first time. And the older woman could not help but admire the upbringing Keith had under the care of his mother.

Even if he really did not care about the servants, he was, at least, aware of his responsibilities and was willing to observe them.

Keith chatted for a while with a few older Servants, asking if they needed anything, and unsurprisingly, the servants all thanked him for everything they had and expressed how content they were.

Unlike Celine, Qingyue had different thoughts running throuh her mind. The more she spent time around Keith, the more pressure she felt weighing on her heart. He just seemed too perfect, and possessed qualities that she lacked. She had never bothered with all the servants that worked at their house. It was something she took granted for and never really showed interest in their well-being. And since she considered herself as someone who could stand toe-to-toe with him, she felt embarrassed of herself as she realized the gap between them.

No matter how hard she tried, she could not find a single flaw in the ridiculously handsome boy, but that was most likely because her Maiden heart had a crush on him.

The two ladies were spent of all their energy by the time they returned back to the Manor, but Keith looked just as fresh as ever.

“Young Master,” A maid apporched as soon as he entered the Manor and politely bowed. “Mistress is waiting for you in the third Drawing Room.”

Keith looked at the state of the two ladies and then turned to look at the Maid.

“Would you please escort the ladies to a guest room. Help them freshen up, and then bring them to see my mother when they are ready.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The maid nodded her head and then politely bowed to Celine and Qingyue. “Please follow me.”

“Thank you!” Celine smiled at Keith, grateful for his thoughtfulness, and then grabbed the hand of her daughter before following the maid.

As soon as they disappeared down the hallway, Keith’s smile subsided and he sighed helplessly when he looked at his left hand.

He knew he was in for a berating as Venessa would not easily let go of the matter. She was a little too possessive and protective about him, and he still remembered the day he fell down the horse when he was nine. Even though he had only suffered a scratch and a little trauma to his right arm and shoulder, she had been very worried about him, and had reprimanded him and all the servants that were around at that time.

Things had not ended there as she had stayed with him for the next one week, never allowing him to leave her sight. And once he recovered, she had taken upon herself to teach him all about horse riding.

As far as Keith could remember, it was only the third time he had suffered any sort of injury. The second time was when he had twisted his ankle whilst playing Football, and that had earned him the ire of his mother.

He subconsciously smiled when he thought about her antics. She would admonish him, berate him, but she never really stopped him from doing those things again.

Even when he had twisted his ankle, she had never once asked him to stop playing football. All she did was berate him on his carelessness and admonished him against being reckless again.

Walking down the route to the third Drawing Room, he recollected all the past events where his mother had taken upon herself to teach him several things so he would not harm himself in the process. For example, she was the one who taught him how to cook, drive, and swim.

He was not allowed to drive outside the estate until Venessa had deemed him good enough to take the roads. Thankfully, he was naturally good at driving and handling fast speeds, so it was not much of a hassle.

Yeah, she could be a little too much at times, but he knew that no one could love him more than his mother. And for that, he loved her with all his heart.

*Knock knock*

He knocked the door twice before entering it without waiting for an answer, and the moment he stepped inside, his heart skipped a beat.

Caesar was present inside the room, and so was someone he was not expecting to see. But that was not the reason why his heart was restless.

Venessa had her eyes on left hand as soon as entered the room, and seeing how Sibyl was trying to not look him in the eyes, he understood that she had informed her Master that he was hurt.

“Good Evening, Grandfather!” He brilliantly smiled at the aged man, who looked to he in his fifties with a tuft of white hair at the temples, forming a stark contrast with his black hair. He had a light beard, and he wore rimmed glasses that added to his presence.

“Keith.” Raizer smiled at his grandson and got up on his feet, standing nearly as tall as the young man who hugged him tightly.

“I missed you!” Keith sincerely said and then stepped back. “You should have told me that you were coming over. I would have picked you up from the Airport!” And then he scanned the room. “Grandma?”

“Official Business. She will be returning from the Capital on Wednesday.” The aged man told him and then sat back down on the couch.

His Grandmother, Diana Demiliore née Angelini, was one of the five Deputy Governor Generals of the Country of Netheria, and was also the Speaker of the Chamber of Governors that ran the country of Netheria.

It was for these reasons that she had to stay in the Capital, and since Raizer was now a retired Four-Star General of the Netherian Army, he served the Military as an Advisor and stayed with his wife in Eden, the Capital of Netheria.

“We have learned a lot of interesting things about you, Keith. And we would like to get some answers.” His Grandfather stopped smiling and then gestured him to sit by his side.

He knew it was coming. And he had been ready for this moment.

“What do you want to know Grandfather?” He respectfully asked.

“When did you start Cultivating?” It was Venessa who asked this question.

“A while ago.” He lightly smiled and answered, which made them both frown at his words.

it was clear that he was not willing to go into details, and Venessa was a little upset because of it. However, she kept quite for now.

“And you did not want us to know that you have been cultivating?” Raizer narrowed his eyes at him. “Why?”

“I had Yingying to teach me, Grandfather. I did not compromise on my safety.” He assured him but then heard his mother snort.

“We can see how serious you are about your safety.” The coldness in her voice sent chills up his spine, but thankfully, Raizer was there to rescue him.

“And your Medical Skills?”

“I have an inheritance, Grandfather. That’s all I can tell you.” He apologetically bowed to the old man, and sighed in relief when he felt his Grandfather place his hand on his shoulder and pat him lightly.

“We won’t pry into your matters if you are not willing to go into the details.” He said and then smiled brightly. “You have grown up, Keith. And I am really happy about it.”

“Thanks, Grandpa!” He smiled back at the old man and then turned to look at his mother who was coldly looking at him. “I am sorry.” He did not play coy with her and immediately apologized.

“What happened?” She asked.

Keith sighed and then looked at Caeser, who shook his head at him. The Head-Butler had not told Venessa about what happened, and Keith was glad that he did not do it.

“It was an accident, Mother. I was careless, and ended up getting cut by a knife.” He replied, not going into details.

“Who did it?”

“He’s dead.” Keith answered. “I killed him.”

The words seemed to have no affect on Venessa and she kept looking at him.

“Was it because of the girl and the boy you brought with yourself?”

“Mother…” He sighed when he felt that she was probably blaming them for his injury. “They are innocent. Please, don’t hold it against them.”

“Were you with him?” She ignored him and then turned to look at the Head-Butler of the Demiliore Family.

Caesar apologetically lowered his head and nodded to her.

“It was an accident, My Lady.” He said. “But it is my fault too that I failed to protect him.”

“Who else was there?”

“Victor and Yingying.” Caesar answered honestly.

“The three of you were there and yet he got hurt!” She clenched her fist and coldly said.

The old man was embarrassed and had no answer for her question. He just stayed quite and kept his head lowered.

“Mother, it is a minor injury. It will be fine in a few days. And I promise that there will be no scars.” Keith stood up from his place and sat next to her, hugging her lightly. “Your son is quite a skilled doctor, it is a minor thing for him.”

“We will talk about this later.” She lightly said, and Keith could only helplessly sigh in his heart.

He knew that she would try to get all her answers when they would be alone.

“Yes, Mother.” He obediently nodded to her and then turned to look at look Grandfather. “I guess there is something that we still need to talk about?”

Raizer, who had not really been paying attention to what was happening, lightly nodded his head.

“It’s about your wives.” He said and then turned to look him in the eyes. “May I ask why you chose to accept a wife from an Ancient Family?”

“It’s not because of her family, Grandfather. Amelia is special, and I need her in my life. Both as a companion and as an asset.”

“You love her?” Raizer narrowed his eyes at him.

“I am willing to fall in love with her. And I know I will.” He smiled and answered.

Venessa frowned a little at his words, but Raizer seemed happy to hear his answer.

“Being in a loveless marriage is something you must never get into. Make sure that those you accept as your wives are the ones that you truly care about.” The old man said. “We are strong and self-sufficient, and you have no need to sacrifice your happiness just to form some Alliances.”

“I remember my lessons, Grandfather.” Keith chuckeld as he recalled all the lessons his Grandparents had given him when he was little.

“We will be going to see your Greatfather tomorrow evening. And there, we will officially discuss your engagement with Kiara.”

“I understand.” Keith nodded to him, but he could feel that Venessa was a little stiff in his arms when she heard Kiara’s name.

He knew that it would be a tough task to make her accept Kiara in her heart. But Keith was confident that she will get over it one day.

Time could heal everything.


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