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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 174 Bahasa Indonesia

Monday, December 2nd, 2041

Havalian Cemetery, Sameran City, Netheria.

There were hundreds of people gathered here today, as someone who had been one of the most compelling personalities of the city in the last century, Lin Wudao being laid into his grave this evening was a big event for the people.

After a nine-minute silence in respect for the deceased, the people stepped forward and laid flowers on the grave one by one, and then spoke some words of comfort to the grieving family.

Keith stepped forward together with Venessa and Amelia, laying flowers on the grave from the Demiliore Family, and the three of them only comforted Lin Haoran and Lin Meiyin before they took their leave.

Celine, Rebecca, Kiara, and Ayesha stayed back together with Qingyue. And Victor, who had been assigned by Keith as Qingyue’s Bodyguard in his coming absence, was already on duty.

He knew that she would never accept a Shadow, well, at least, not yet. She was still young and quite innocent, and she was even reluctant to keep Victor by her side, but Keith gave her no room to refuse.

He was not too worried about her coming in harm’s way. After all, she was a Heroine of Destiny, someone who was blessed with immense luck, but he was not going to neglect the necessary precautions just because of it.

Keith and Amelia returned to the Manor after dropping Venessa at the office, and they headed straight to the study, where Sebastian and Caesar were waiting for them.

After politely greeting them, Caesar handed a file to Keith, who opened it and calmly went through it.

The file contained the information of moles who were in the Demiliore Consortium, the same ones he had handed to Caesar last year, and now, not a single one of them was alive. Additionally, the file contained information about some of the people who were of great importance to the Falken Family.

Amelia did not even frown when she looked at the pictures of the dead bodies, and just silently went through the file together with him.

“All good.” Keith nodded in satisfaction after going through all the information.

The deaths of all these people could not be linked to Demiliore Family even if the Governor General himself decided to investigate their deaths. Everything was done meticulously, and now the Demiliore Consortium had no leaks inside it and the Falken Family had lost a few of their most loyal and talented workers.

“What about Mark?” He faintly smiled when he watched Sebastian and Caesar narrow their eyes.

“You were right, Young Master.” The head butler of the Demiliore Family sighed in his heart at how Keith could see through people with such ease. “Falken Family approached your IT Cell, and they tried to lure all of them. And though Mark rejected their proposal, he does plan on pressing you to give him more stake in Memoir.”

“Avarice…” He chuckled and leaned back in his chair. “It can whisk away anyone’s rationale if they are not careful. Since a 2% stake in Memoir is not good enough for him, let’s give him something much more precious than money.”

Sebastian curiously raised his brow at Keith’s words.


“Eternal peace.” Keith grinned at him, and the young man felt a chill run up his spine, but despite himself, a grin crept on his face too.

“And who will replace him?” Amelia curiously asked.

She was not bothered by the fact that Keith was ordering the death of someone who was only asking for something that he rightfully felt he deserved, but she knew that Mark had been integral in the creation of Memoir.

“His job is done. In fact, we don’t need anyone other than Gary to manage the Memoir. So his absence won’t be harmful in the least.” He told her and then looked at Sebastian. “Gary is safe, but keep eyes on John, Kayla, and Sam. The Falken are searching for every possible way to get back at our Family, and we must keep them cornered for a few more years. You must get rid of the three of them if they decide to take the same route as Mark or side with the enemies.”

“As you say, Young Master.” Sebastian nodded to him and then proceeded to give him the financial reports of the businesses of the Black Forest Group.

After Sebastian and Caesar took their leave, Nana and May entered the study to discuss the future of the Black Forest Group.

In Keith’s absence, Nana was going to serve as Amelia’s secretary, and she was silently taking notes of everything that May, Amelia, and Keith discussed.

Their meeting ended right before 11 pm, and Keith excused himself together with Amelia, not planning on having dinner tonight.

The two of them entered their bedroom and then Keith grabbed her hand as he led her to the dressing room and opened his safe that was hidden in his cupboard.

Under her curious eyes, he handed her a diary, and when Amelia opened it, her eyes widened in surprise.

“Do you like your birthday present?” He knowingly asked, and Amelia brightly smiled at him before stepping forward to hug him.

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.” He planted a kiss on her head before he led her to bed, and then they both sat cross-legged on it as he helped her understand the Verses of Knowledge in the Divine Language.

These verses were very mystical and reciting them had immense benefits to the person.

Amelia, who was now in the Late Stage of Spirit Profound Realm, would not need two years to step of out this Realm. She would at best take a few months to enter the Primal Desolation.

It was a Realm where the aptitude and the talent of the Cultivator were honed. It was also the Realm that decided the affinity to the Elements as well as the affinity to Mana for Aurors. Therefore, it was a very special Realm.

However, all Desolations were quite disadvantageous to the Cultivators. A Cultivator would randomly lose their strength from time to time, and there would even be days or weeks where they could not use their Aura at all. This was why all the Cultivators usually hid from the world for years as they went through a Desolation Realm so that their enemies might not take advantage of the time to get rid of them.

The Verses of Knowledge that Keith had just gifted to her were valuable beyond belief. These verses could help a Cultivator pass the toughest time of the Desolation Realm with ease, and its benefits were simply outrageous.

The Primal Desolation had three phases, which were Earth Refinement, Sky Refinement, and Primal Harmony.

Earth Refinement was where the body of the Cultivator was refined to the nature of their Aura, strengthened, and their first Aura Node Transformed into an Aura Hub or Aura Sea as some liked to call it.

Sky Refinement was where the Cultivator could finally start harvesting Aura from the surroundings and refine it into their body to fill up their Aura Hub and strengthen it.

And finally, Primal Harmony was where the Cultivators gained their affinities to the Elements and Mana.

Once a Cultivator entered Primal Harmony, they would usually stop experiencing temporary loss of their power. But it was also an unpredictable Realm.

Depending on the person, they could stay in Primal Harmony for just a day or even for months, regardless of their Talent, and then they would break free of their shackles and become true Cultivators.

For anyone present in this world, breaking free of their Shackles meant that the Divine Laws would transport a Cultivator to the next world. It was simply not in anyone’s control.

Well, everyone was subject to them but the Mortal Gods.

However, these Verses that Keith had given to Amelia could prevent her from unexpectedly having to leave this world after entering the Primal Harmony phase.

Yes, she was an Inheritor of a God too. In fact, she was a True Inheritor, a born Inheritor, but her circumstances were very different from Keith and Rebecca’s.

She did not have a God Ring on her to prevent her from being forced by the Divine Laws to leave this world. It was the same for Venessa, but Keith had already given to her a copy as well.

“Mother needs it too.” Amelia reminded him after he helped her understand each verse.

“I have already given it to her. But you will have to teach her the Divine Language and help her understand these verses.” He smiled at her.

“Okay.” She nodded her head and then sat up on her knees and she started unbuttoning his shirt.

Keith playfully smiled at her, thinking that she wanted to make love, but Amelia placed her hand on his shoulder when he reached for her lips, stopping him in his place.

“No.” She adamantly shook her head and then took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

Keith understood her intentions when he watched her skin getting covered by beautiful golden living Runes.

He did not question which Runes she placed on his body and allowed her to do as she wanted, showing no resistance.

Hours later, when the sun was already up, Amelia finally took her hands off his shoulders.

Keith caught her swaying body in his arms and lovingly planted a kiss on her forehead.

“I could not add more Shields…”

“It’s okay.” He smiled at her. “How many did you place on me?” He curiously asked as he saw the runes disappearing into his body.

“I placed the Runes of Strength, Speed, Aura Lock, and 17 Shields.” She lightly said, and Keith sighed in his heart.

“They are more than enough for a decade or two.” He chuckled and nudged her nose. “And an Aura Lock?” He curiously raised his brow.

“You can use it to seal the Aura of someone as powerful as you or slightly stronger.”

“Now that’s a handy Rune.” He grinned. “How many uses?”

“One.” She lightly smiled. “I can only place one of these Runes on another person.”

“All good.” He shrugged and then pulled her to lie down with him. “Sleep now.”

“Mhmm…” She nodded her head and planted a kiss on his chest before closing her eyes.


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