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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 152 Bahasa Indonesia

Keith reached home in the evening after making a quick visit to the office and found his little sister waiting for him at the front door of the Manor.

“Hey!” He smiled, and caught the girl who lunged into his arms and hugged him tightly.

“Let’s go!” She said as soon as he separated and grabbed his arm, leading him and Yingying inside the Manor.

“What’s up?” He curiously asked.

“I, Minami, and Ingrid made supper for you!” She brightly said, and he could not help but chuckle.

“And how poisonous is it?”

“Behave!” She narrowed her eyes at him, and Keith could not suppress his laughter. “What?!” His little sister pouted and asked.

“Nothing.” He tried to suppress his laughter and shook his head. “You just looked a lot like Mother when you asked me to behave.” He shrugged.

“Oh.” Kiara giggled and pulled her tongue at him. “She tells me that so often that I think it has rubbed onto me.” She shrugged too and then continued leading him and Yingying to the family dining room.

Minami and Ingrid were already waiting for them there, and as soon as he took his seat, his cute little maid started plating his food.

Even though he had lunch in Seraphim City, Keith did not refuse any of the food the little girls had prepared for him.

Surprisingly, it was not poisonous or inedible. In fact, it was decently delicious. Had he not been familiar with Viola’s cooking, he might have thought that she helped them out, but there was no trace of her in this food.

“So, Minami did most of the work?” He playfully smiled.

“We all worked equally hard!” Kiara proudly smiled at him and then introduced him to the dishes she made for him. Ingrid followed, and as if on cue, even though she could not hear, Minami pointed to the dishes she made for him.

“And all of this is for the two of us?” He curiously raised his brow after taking a good look at the food that could be served to seven to eight individuals.

“I thought Rebecca and Marianne would be coming back with you.” His little sister smiled at him. “Aunt Celine and Amelia have already had their meal, and mother is not home.”

“Okay.” He nodded to her. “And you?”

“We ate first! We wanted to make sure that everything was fine!” She mischievously pulled her tongue at him.

“Thank you for that.” He laughed and then continued with his meal.

“Well…” He wiped his lips with the napkin after he was done eating and then smiled at the three girls. <It was Delicious!> He conveyed it to them in sign language, and all three of them happily smiled.

“Yay!” Kiara hugged Minami and Ingrid and then she looked at Keith. “So, you owe us a present now!”

“Do I?” He playfully asked.

“Yes!” His little sister nodded her head.

“Okay. What do you want?” He curiously asked.

“You will take the three of us to the Element!” She grinned and revealed her intentions.

“Oh. Rebecca will be going there after she returns to the city. You can go along with her.” He nodded to them.

“No!” Kiara shook her head. “You must come too!” She stubbornly said.

“Alright.” He nodded to her and watched all three of them break out in adorable smiles. “Clean the table now.” He reminded them.

Since they had set the table, they had to clean it too.

“And Ingrid.” He turned to look at the auburn-haired girl. “Come to my room after you are done here.” He said and then got up to leave with Yingying.

On their way to his room, Keith suddenly grabbed Yingying and entered the Multi-Purpose Room, leading her straight to her bedroom which was only accessible from there.

As soon as they entered the room, he kissed her and pinned her against the door, working on her clothes to free her body from them.

Yingying’s heart started racing in anticipation, and she passionately returned his kiss. Her fair cheeks were blooming in a fervent blush as she helped him unbuckle his pants, but before she could go down to take them off, Keith lifted her and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Ah!” She groaned in discomfort as he forcefully entered her and slowly started moving inside of her. But pleasure soon came knocking on her mind, jolting through her body, and as a result, her warm insides gushed out her love juices to welcome him and urge him to go wild inside of her.

As soon as Keith sensed her losing to her lust, he stopped restraining himself and ruthlessly pounded her insides, making her loudly moan in response.

She was at his mercy in this position, and given how wild his thrusts were, there was nothing she could do but give in.

Yingying tightly clamped onto his length and boldly screamed when she jumped off her orgasm, but the merciless him did not give her even a few seconds to catch her wits.

Keith forcefully kept moving inside of her, fighting against her walls that were clamping onto him to stop him, but it only resulted in a heightened pleasure jolting through their bodies.

“Master!!!” She screamed again as her mind went blank, and smiled in relief when she felt him erupt deep inside of her.

His beautiful Shadow rested her head on his shoulder and planted a kiss on his neck as she hugged him tightly. Her insides lightly squeezed his length, trying to milk him to the last drop, and she loved listening him breathing next to her ear.

“More?” He playfully whispered, and the lost girl subconsciously nodded her head.

Her heart skipped a beat when she felt him lead her to the bed, and when he pulled out of her and flipped her onto her front, pulling her ass up to him, her heartbeat started accelerating.

Keith invaded her from behind, filling her up to the brim, pressing hard against her cervix. Her lithe body instinctively tried to escape his hold, but he clawed onto her waist and held her in place.

Only after Yingying rested her head on the bed, did he start moving, and soon picked up the pace.

He loved the claps that sounded out every time he thrust against her hips, and then driven by his lust, his thrusts became fiercer.

Yingying suppressed her moans in the bed, tightly clawing onto the mattress. She had her eyes tightly shut as she basked in the pleasure. A gratifying scream escaped her lungs when another orgasm shot through her, and then her moans grew more unrestrained.

An hour later, Keith, who was now dressed in pajamas after taking a quick shower, entered his room.

He found his wife sitting cross-legged on the bed, meditating, and Ingrid was silently sitting on the couch, waiting for him.

The auburn-haired girl immediately stood up when she saw him, and he smiled at her as he walked towards her.

Keith sat next to her, and then to the surprise of the girl, pulled her in his lap, resting her back against his chest and wrapping his arms around her small waist.

He inhaled her scent and glanced in the mirror, where he caught her blushing furiously.

“You are thirsty, aren’t you?” He softly whispered near her ear, and her body went stiff in his arms.

“Yes, Master…” She lowered her head and replied honestly.

“And why have you not quenched it?” He playfully smiled.


“Because you want my blood, right?” He knowingly whispered, and her body trembled in his arms. “So, what’s the plan, Princess? Want to make me your mate?” He teased her.

“Master…” She did not know what to say to him, and then just kept head her lowered, trying to hide her blush.

She loved his ministrations as he softly traced her belly with his fingers. It felt so comfortable that she subconsciously leaned back against his chest, making her comfier in his arms.

As a Pure-Blood Vampire, she could control her thirst. But that did not mean that she could go without blood for too long without growing weaker. That weakness was not necessarily physical, but a psychological one, where they felt depressed and lazy. And since she was still young and growing, she needed blood to aid her growth.

However, ever since the day she had met Keith, she had been enthralled by his scent, and she did not want to drink anyone else’s blood. It usually happened when a Pure-Blood Vampire wanted to make someone their mate, and it was their primal instinct that kicked in, listening to their deepest desire.

“I don’t mind.” He suddenly whispered in her ear, and her eyes shot open, changing their color from amber to blood red in anticipation. “You can feed off me.” He encouragingly said.

Ingrid was a little reluctant as Pure-Blood Vampires only fed like she wanted to with their mates, who were almost always other Vampires, not prone to their venom.

“I can just take…”

“No.” He cut her off. “You will feed off me.” He told her. “And don’t worry, nothing would happen to me.”

Ingrid was still a little conflicted but nodded her head and then turned around, looking into his eyes.

Keith could not help but marvel at how beautiful those blood-red orbs looked and then smiled when he watched her canines sharpen and elongate. They looked cute to him rather than terrifying.

The auburn-haired girl slowly reached for his neck, and then timidly licked his skin before piercing her fangs into him.

He winced a little at the sudden tear of skin, but the pain waned immediately afterward. He comfortingly stroked her back when her body started trembling in excitement.

Keith was prepared to stop her in case she lost her mind, but something really strange happened.

Only a few seconds later, he felt her fangs leave his skin. Her body was still trembling, but she had fallen into a deep sleep.

He immediately helped her lie on the couch and quickly checked her up, fearing that something wrong must have happened.

Keith sighed in relief when he found her in no danger. Since he had the opportunity now, he took his time assessing her physique of a Pure-Blood Vampire. And he observed the changes that were taking place inside her body as a result of ingesting his blood, and one such result was very obvious. Her skin gained in lustre, and her pink lips grew redder, somehow, increasing her charm.

And then he felt her Aura growing excited, and the Mana she naturally possessed in her body grew more potent as well.

After he observed every little change in her body, he finally got up and walked up to the mirror, taking a look at where she had bitten him. He could not help but grow curious when he saw that the two marks of her fangs had nearly faded away.

He was healing at an alarming rate, but he already knew that the venom of a Pure-Blood Vapmpire was also capable of such a thing. It was not acting hostile in his body, and after it healed the marks, his Aura eliminated it on its own, not leaving even a speck of it in his blood.

Keith smiled when he inadvertently glanced at his wife, whose eyes were now open and were curiously looking at him.

“Hey!” He brightly smiled at her as he approached the bed and climbed into it.

He stole a kiss off her lips and then allowed her to inspect his neck.

“I let Ingrid feed off me.” He told her when he found her frowning, and she understood that he was checking for the marks in the mirror.

“They always heal like that?” She inquired.

“Not as fast, but yes. They do heal like that when a Vampire feeds off their mate.” He nodded to her.

“But isn’t that because their mates are also Vampires?”

“True.” He nodded. “But the venom can heal wounds to an extent as the virus spreads in the blood. And in my case, it just healed me up and my Aura eliminated it afterwards.”

“You did not even have to use any healing method?” She curiously asked.

“No.” He shook her head and then rested his head on her lap. “Did you learn about any new Runes?” He smiled and asked, and watched his wife break out in an enchanting smile that warmed up his heart.

“Yes!” And then she happily told him what it was about and how it worked…


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