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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 139 Bahasa Indonesia

Monday, April 1st, 2041

Atorina Island, Seychelles, Indian Ocean.

“This place is beautiful, Keith!” Rebecca squeezed his hand as she looked down at the Island from the helicopter.

Seychelles was a beautiful archipelago country, and Antorina, which was owned solely by the Demiliore Family, was perhaps one of its finest Islands.

“How long has your Family owned this Island?” She curiously asked because as far as she recalled, the Islands of Seychelles have never gone up for sale in the last century.

“It’s been more than 200 years.” He smiled at her. “But before that, it was owned by the Demiliore Family of Florence. And they had owned this place for centuries. After my forefathers branched out and settled in Netheria, and the main line of the Demiliore of Florence died out, all the properties were transferred to my family. And Antorina was amongst those properties.”

“Demiliore Family of Florence?” Rebecca frowned. She had never heard of them before.

Everyone in Sameran knew that Demiliore and Angelini Families originated from the Kingdom of Italia, but there was not much information about them. At least, nothing that the general public had access to.

“Demiliore Family of Florence was an Ancient Family. And they were very wealthy merchants as well. My forefathers who came to Sameran City were the third generation who had branched out of the main line. They were mainly Merchants since most of them could not cultivate. And after the situation in Florence tensed up and a war was about to break out, they decided to leave for good. They came to Netheria and settled in the Sameran City back in 1765…” He told her about his Family history and Rebecca listened to everything with great interest.

“So, the Demiliore Family of Florence died out in 1805 after they lost the War?”

“Yes.” He nodded to her. “Only the youngest daughter of the main family survived, and she later married into my family. That’s how all the properties fell in our possession.”

“Why did the other Ancient Families not take everything?”

“They did take whatever they could.” He smiled at her. “But the properties that were protected by the Crown could not be assimilated as long as someone from the main family lived. Later, my forefathers sold most of the properties to the Ancient Families in Florence when the Royal Family of Italia contacted them about it, but we still own the Manor and the Estate in the city as well as several other lands in Florence, Corsica, and Siena.”

“Sold them?” She confusedly asked. “Your Family did not seek revenge?”

“No.” He shook his head. “It would have been unwise. After all, it was a War. Had the Demiliore won, the enemies would have suffered a similar fate. And since my family was already well-settled in Netheria, it was pointless to pursue the matter.”

“And Angelini were an Ancient Family too?”

“No. They were wealthy and Aristocratic Merchants in Naples. Unlike us, all of their Family migrated to Netheria. And even now, there are several branches of the Angelini Family settled all across the country. Aunt Danielle is from the Angelini Family of Cameron City in the province of Melodia.”

“Why would they all leave Italia if they were Aristocrats?” She frowned. “Did they…”

“They fell out with the Royal Family.” He nodded to what she was about to ask.

The two of them disembarked the helicopter and then continued chatting until their reached the beautiful wooden home where the woods ended and the beach started.

This place was breathtakingly stunning, and Rebecca excitedly ran to the beach, taking off her shoes and letting her feet greet the comforting white sand. She had already seen this place from the sky, but when she looked again at the yacht that was prepared for them, docked dozens of meters away in the turquoise waters, she could not suppress her bright smile.

“I love this place!” She again informed him about how happy she was.

“Glad you liked it.” He smiled back at her and then turned to look at their Shadows, who were bringing their luggage. “Put that in the study.” He said to Yingying, who was holding a large wooden chest in her arms.

“Yes, Master!” She nodded to him and then entered the house, followed by Marianne, who was holding two suitcases.

“What’s that?” Rebecca put the black cub in her arms on the beach and approached him.

She did not remember this chest being part of their luggage when they had left Dubai in the morning.

“It’s something I asked Hermes to arrange for us.” He smiled at her, making her more curious.

“And what’s inside it?” She asked again.


His answer took her by surprise, and she frowned.

“Is there something special about them?”

“Not really.” He shook his head. “They are all just Medical Books that you will be studying from tomorrow.” He informed her.

“Why?” She confusedly asked.

“Because I think we should put your Absolute Memory to some good use.” He grinned at her. “I will take you in as my Apprentice, and will make you one of the best doctors in the world.” He proudly said.

“No, Thanks!” She adamantly shook her head. “Not interested.”

Keith chuckled when he heard her words. He knew that she was only saying it because she did not think it was going to be fun. And then, there was the fact that she was a little too lazy.

“You have no choice in this matter.” He bluntly said and then walked over to her, looking right into her stubborn eyes. He gently caressed her soft cheek, but she kept looking at him stubbornly, resisting the urge to lean into his hand. “It will be very helpful to you and our Family in the future. It’s just a precaution. I would also never force you to treat anyone. And I promise you that you will find it all quite fascinating.” He gently said, and her eyes finally softened.

“But not tomorrow.” She conceded but shook her head. “We will only have fun tomorrow!” She told him, and he nodded his head to her.


“Thanks!” She happily smiled and then tiptoed to plant a kiss on his cheek. “Now, help me cultivate!” She demanded.

“We will do it tonight.” He nodded to her.

“Okay, then I am going get ready for a swim.” She said and then rushed towards the house. “Keep an eye on Void!” She yelled right before entering the beach house.

Keith helplessly shook his head and then curiously looked at the little cub, who was happily rolling in the sand and jumping around.

“Void.” He called out to it, and unsurprisingly, the black cub stopped and looked his way.

It was a highly intelligent creature, and it did not take even a day for it to understand that Void was its name.

“Come.” He said and the little cub obediently followed him into the woods.

It curiously looked all around the place, and then happily rushed into the small spring when they reached it.

Keith smiled as he watched the little one try to swim in the water. It was young and very clumsy, but it was in no danger of drowning.

He calmly lay on top of a carved boulder, right by the side of the spring. And then stared at the blue sky, lost in his thoughts.

Sometime later, he was suddenly woken up by a small wet creature, who had jumped on top of his chest and then shook its little body to dry itself up, letting all the droplets fall onto him.

“Aren’t you the playful one?” He chuckled and sat up, taking the cub in his arms. And then he gently combed its fur with his hand that was coated in darkness.

By the time its jet-black coat was completely dry, it was gorgeously lustrous, and Keith sighed in his heart at how beautiful it was.

The little cub was fast asleep now, having absorbed Mana and Aura from him after taking a bath in his Darkness.

Keith stood up and walked back towards the house, but on his way, he caught sight of something that took his breath away.

Rebecca was there in the water, clad in a very appealing purple bikini, and her stunning figure with its beautiful and blessed curves was calling onto the fire in his loins.

He had to resist the urge to join her right away and reluctantly took his eyes off her before entering the house. After putting the cub on the bed in his bedroom, he quickly changed his clothes and put on a board short before leaving to join his beautiful fiancee for a swim.

She caught him walking towards them, and her cheeks burned in a blush, however, she did not hide herself from his eyes, and instead, walked out of the water to greet him with a kiss.

They both felt the warmth of each other’s skin quite intoxicating. And when he placed one hand on her lower back and the other on her perfect bubble butt, pulling her harder into the kiss, her heart pounded hard against her chest.

To her relief, Keith let go of her, but at the same time, she felt a wave of dissatisfaction come crashing against her heart.

He chuckled when he saw the longing in her eyes, but now was not the time to do more.

“Eehhhh!!!” She yelped out in surprise when he suddenly picked her up and started walking into the sea, where their Shadows were waiting for them.

Marianne was clearly trying her best to suppress her blush after witnessing the passionate kiss the two of them had just shared, and her heart nearly stopped when she caught her Master smirking at her.

It reminded her of a chat they had one night, and she could feel it now that her Master was very serious about it.


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