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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 127 Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as the door of the Ballroom opened, curious eyes and silence greeted the golden blonde girl, who looked stunningly beautiful tonight.

She looked just like a goddess who had descended to the Mortal world, and a mere sight of her hooked the hearts of the opposite sex and burned the fire of envy in the hearts of the ladies.

Even Qingyue, who was just as beautiful as Rebecca, felt that she was not in the same realm tonight.

The golden blonde girl revelled in the appreciative glances of everyone, but then she frowned as no one was greeting her. However, she did not have to wait long to understand why that was the case.

Suddenly, a soul-stirring sound of Violin started playing in the hall, and she looked around to find the source of it until the people parted the way, and she found her intended, sitting on a stool in the middle of the room, playing a melody that no one had ever heard before.

Rebecca could not help her heart as it skipped a beat, and then all the dissatisfaction she carried within it just started to drain away. She was planning to show him that she was upset with him, but now, she could not bring herself to act to play with him at this beautiful moment.

He looked outrageously handsome as always, but tonight, dressed in that Royal Blue color that she was wearing as well, his charm was simply off the charts.

A beautiful smile crept on her face as the music picked up a tempo, and people, who were already enthralled by their beauty, lost themselves to the allure of this enchanting music.

However, after the sweetness hooked them all, the music changed into something haunting that trembled the hearts of everyone, but then there was this mix of sweetness, madness, love, and obsession in the song that no matter who listened to it, they just found themselves falling in love with it.

Rebecca was astounded by the beauty of this piece of music, and her gorgeous eyes never left Keith even for a second as she forever preserved every memory of this moment in her mind.

By the time the song ended, people were having difficulty breathing, and silence reigned in the hall for a good minute until the golden blonde walked up to her intended, who was up on his feet and brightly smiling at her.

When she neared him, he opened his arms for her, and she handed herself to him, hugging him tightly and resting her head on his chest.

“It was beautiful, Keith!” She sighed and said, and he gently comforted her back.

“I am glad you liked it.”

“Loved it!” She giggled and then looked up at him. “What’s it called?” She asked, and her question piqued the interest of everyone around them.

“The Devil’s Bride.” He grinned at her. “I wrote it for you.” He said and nudged his nose with her, and Rebecca playfully punched him on his chest before escaping his arms.

“I don’t like it anymore!” She huffed and folded her arms on her chest, and everyone could not help but smile at her antics.

However, they were shocked to find out that the Heir of the Demiliore Family was such an accomplished Musician.

“Well, it’s for you.” He just shrugged and then stepped forward to lean near her ear. “You look a little too beautiful tonight, my lady.”

“And what do you plan to do about it?” She seductively whispered back in his ear.

“I will show you after the party.” He promised her and then grabbed her hand, squeezing it lightly before facing all the guests.

And finally, everyone greeted the birthday girl.

“Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you…”

Rebecca brightly smiled and then courteously bowed to everyone.

“Thank you for coming tonight. I am grateful that you came to join us on our Happy occasion. I am forever grateful for your well-wishes, and I hope you are enjoying this night just as much as I am.” She addressed the guests and then stepped forward with Keith to greet their elders first.

Both Raizer and Diana could not come here today, but Darius Angelini was here, and he took the responsibilities as Keith’s elder.

After they were gone greeting the family, they met the other special guests, and Rebecca was beyond herself when the High-Priest of the Temple of Dionysus gifted her 36 Bottles of the finest Cloud’s Blood Wine as a birthday present.

The smile never left her face as she kept receiving gifts from everyone, and by the end of the round of greetings, she had amassed a fortune that was far greater than an average rich man’s lifelong earnings.

Her parents were about to call for the cake-cutting ceremony when Venessa received a message and stopped them.

Keith had received the same message as well, and he excused himself from guests and gathered with his family at the door of the Ballroom

Their action made people speculate who was the guest that was about to show up and that the members of the Demiliore, Angelini, and Grayson Family would wait for them like this.

And when the door opened and the Royal Entourage of the Princess of Persia walked inside the hall, everyone was shell-shocked in surprise. Even the journalists and cameramen who were responsible for capturing the event forgot to do their job for a moment.

“Welcome to my humble home, Princess Leilah.” Keith took the lead and politely bowed to the Persian Princess, and the guests were even more stunned because it was not a formal greeting to a Royal. He was being polite, but he was not as respectful as they would be to the Princess, and it tensed up the atmosphere a little.

“Thank you for inviting me to your special night, Heir Demiliore.” An enchantingly sweet voice blessed their ears, and those who were still sober after witnessing the outrageously beautiful face of the Princess, felt their hearts sway away from their control.

Keith looked at the Princess in her gorgeous black eyes. Yes, her eyes were as dark as his Darkness, but they were filled with life and luster too. He could not see the color of her hair, since she was wearing a Hijab, but he already knew that they were just as dark as her eyes.

He had seen beautiful faces in his life. He lived with the most beautiful of them, but Leilah arguably even transcended his mother in charm.

For some reason, Keith was sure that if he could see her charm value, it would be the same number as his 99. There could not be a more perfect face than hers. And even though she was dressed conservatively, she was quite tall for a lady, standing over six feet, and her figure was undoubtedly as perfect as it could be. It was not something explosive meant to evoke lust, but it was undeniably perfect.

Keith was not the only one who was taking in the presence of the other, Leilah too was curiously looking at him, and smiled when she caught him appreciating her beauty.

“Happy Birthday, Miss Grayson!” She suddenly stepped forward and greeted Rebecca, before handing her the gift she had prepared for her. “A small gift from me. I suggest that you open it after the party.”

The blonde girl curiously looked at the necklace case in her hand and then courteously bowed to the Princess, whose presence had started to weigh on her heart.

“Thank you, Princess!”

Leilah lightly smiled at her and then greeted the lady of the Demiliore Family.

Unlike others, both Venessa and Amelia did not seem affected by the presence of the Princess of Persia. They did not feel even a little disturbed by the fact that she possibly eclipsed their beauty, and they conversed with the Lady of the Night as confidently as they usually greeted anyone.

Keith did not pay much attention to the Princess and greeted her entourage before walking up to Caspian and shaking hands with him.

After that, he led the Master of the Seas to meet Volos and the other members of the Underworld who were present at the party tonight, leaving Leilah in the care of his mother and wife.

Everyone who could muster up the courage greeted Leilah, and when things calmed down again, the Cake-cutting ceremony started, and under the applause of the guests, Rebecca celebrated her 23rd Birthday.

Later, their parents, Venessa, Marcus, and Susana addressed the guests and then announced the Engagement between the two families.

The guests were already aware of it, after all, the birthday party of the daughter of the Grayson Family was taking place at the Demiliore Manor. But the announcement was welcomed by zeal and zest.

After Marcus stepped away, Susana and Venessa stood by the side of their children, and then, as the traditions asked, the Fiance presented the ring to his intended first.

Keith brightly smiled when he saw the curiosity in Rebecca’s eyes. She had clearly told him weeks ago that she wanted the best promise ring in the world. And he knew she wanted something unique, which was why he had specifically asked Poseidon to search for a ring that was lost thousands of years ago and was buried in a river all this time.

The blonde girl interestedly looked at the wood-crafted case. She did not really care if the ring inside it was something too precious or not. She was already happy with Keith, but her heart was yearning for something unique, and that was why she had told him to get something special for her.

The moment Keith opened the case, her ocean-blue eyes sparkled, and she was enchanted by what she found in the case.

The surprised gasps of Susana and a few other guests who took a good look at the ring made everyone else curious as well.

And when the camera zoomed in on it, and they saw it clearly on the screen, they were dumbfounded by its beauty.

A lustrous black metal with golden linings and some runes, and then there was this beautiful red diamond at its crown. No one had seen a ring this beautiful in their life before, and once again, Rebecca was the center of the envy of the ladies.

“Do you like it?” Keith knowingly smiled at her, and Rebecca’s eyes turned a little misty as she nodded her head before breaking out in a bright smile.

She cutely drew her left hand forward, asking him to put it on her, and Keith complied as he decorated her ring finger with the jewelry.

The guests happily clapped for her, and then cheered when she suddenly hugged him with all her might.

“I love it, Keith!” She honestly said.

“I know. Now give me my ring.” He reminded her that the ceremony was not over and she hurriedly escaped his arms and blushed under the playful smile of her mother.

In her happiness, she had forgotten that they were being watched, but it did not take long for her to recover her composure.

The ring her family had prepared for him was perfect too, expensive and simplistic so that he could wear it anytime he wants.

It was not as extravagant as the ring he had presented to her, but he was not someone who cared about jewelry.

Their mothers were the first ones to congratulate them on officially getting engaged, and then all the guests stepped forward to congratulate them and their families.

At exactly 11 pm, the Ball started with Keith and Rebecca dancing right under the sparkling chandelier, looking into each other’s eyes, wearing sweet smiles on their faces.


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