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Villain: The Play of Destiny – Chapter 118 Bahasa Indonesia

The door of the dressing room finally opened, and out walked a beautiful girl who was only wearing a bathrobe, having recently dried up her hair after a shower.

Her fair cheeks bloomed in a crimson blush when her eyes found the man she belonged to sitting on her bed without any clothes over his body. And even though he was naked, he was just as graceful as ever, and if she was being honest, he was a temptation that could drive even the most modest of women mad with lust.

Yingying timidly approached the bed when Keith drew his hand forward to her, and as soon as she arrived before him and placed her hand in his, he undid the belt of her robe, revealing her soft but toned stomach and legs, as well as the valley of her modest bosom and her nether flower to his eyes.

“You took your time.” He smiled and said before leaning in and planting a kiss right between her breasts, letting their softness comfort his cheeks.

Her body trembled to the touch of his warm lips, and she bit her lower lip, trying to suppress any accidental moans that would add to her shame.

Yingying did not resist as he took off her bathrobe, but her heart started anxiously beating when his eyes wantonly wandered all over her body. She had never before in her life felt insecure about her beauty, but at this moment, she needed his assurances that she was good enough for him.

However, Keith did not say anything to her and just kept planting kisses on her body, and soon his warm hands were tracing her curves and squeezing onto her softness.

Eventually, her heart calmed down a lot under his gentle and loving kisses, and her body started warming up.

Her eyes inadvertently glanced at the monster in her Master’s lap, and she could not help but gulp fearfully when she realised that it would rob her innocence tonight.

“Sit,” Keith commanded, and Yingying instinctively complied, understanding his intentions without him having to voice them.

She got onto his lap and then wrapped her legs around his waist, trapping his hardness against her belly. It was warm, invitingly warm, and she found it a little too comforting.

The thought made her blush some more, and when she heard her Master chuckle, she averted her eyes timidly, and her heart started racing like a scared rabbit on a run for its life.

Keith pulled her chin to him, making her look at him, and when she finally opened her light brown eyes, he leaned in and captured her soft lips.

It was not the first time that they had kissed, but it was just as special to Yingying as the first one she had shared with him.

A simple chaste kiss turned a lot more frivolous when they kept sipping each other’s lips, and eventually, their tongues were dragged into the fray.

His scent was simply intoxicating to her, and his taste drove her crazier. And she just did not seem to get enough of him.

Keith smiled in his heart when he found the lost Yingying trying to capture his tongue to suck on it. And the rising heat of her body was an indication that she was ready for more.

Yingying did not even realize when she lost herself to her lust, and only regained some clarity when she was edging towards her orgasm. It was then that she found out that she was whorishly grinding her sex against his hardness.

However, despite the flood of embarrassment, she found herself incapable of stopping, and just buried her face in her Master’s neck, trying to hide from his eyes.

Keith grabbed onto her hair, and pulled her away, making her look him in the eyes as she raced towards her orgasm.

And to make things worse for her, his free hand grabbed onto her left breast, painfully squeezing it, and then proceeded to tease her innocent nipple, pinching it between his fingers and grinding it against his palm.

“Master!” She cried out his name sensually and then tightly hugged him as her body convulsed in the aftermath of her orgasm.

“Interesting.” He ruthlessly laughed at what he had just witnessed, and Yingying felt a flood of shame wash over her.

“Master…” She worriedly called out to him but stopped as she felt him plant a kiss on her head.

“It was a little unexpected, but rest assured that I like this side of yours very much.” He teasingly whispered in her ear and then picked her up and took her to the other side of the bed.

Keith put her back on her feet, and then bent her over, with her hands on the bed and her ass facing him.

She could not help but feel more heat inside her body when she looked at his face in the mirror of the dressing table that was on the other side of the bed, right in front of her.

Yingying watched her Master appreciating her naked ass, and shied her eyes away when his eyes caught her in the mirror.

“Ehhh!” She cried out in surprise when his hand parted her lower lips and pinched her clit. It was a strange feeling that both sent a jolt of pleasure and a mild pain through her body, and her ass invitingly wagged left and right, which delighted Keith some more.

He rubbed his fingers on her already gushing lower lips, making her squirm and bite harder on her lip to suppress her moans. And then he grabbed onto his hardness and rubbed his glans against her puffy lips, glistening it in her juices.

“Don’t move.” He ordered her, and Yingying tensed up when she felt his hardness poking at her entrance.

She knew what was about to come when he adjusted his length one last time before placing his hands on her waist. And she took in a deep breath right before he pushed inside of her and pulled her back at him.

“Ahhhh!” She cried out in surprise at the sudden feeling of being stuffed. And painfully groaned when he hit her cervix, filling her to the brim.

There was a little stinging feeling as well, and being stretched by his well-endowed girth hurt a little, but the pain she was feeling was far less than her expectations.

Keith was not too surprised when he did not find much of an obstruction when he invaded her. Years and years of stretching and training had already stretched her maidenhead, and in one swift thirst, he had torn what remained of it.

It did not take long for Yingying to get used to the stuffed feeling, and after a couple of minutes, her insides started squeezing him, wanting more from him, and he acknowledged her desire by starting to move inside of her.

Yingying moaned in pleasure as his hardness rubbed against the right spots inside of her, which was the reason why he had chosen this position for her first time. And every time he knocked on the door of her womb, jolts of unbearable pleasure shot through her, making her squirm and claw onto the bed.

With every thrust, he grew more aggressive, and soon he was mounting her hard and rough, and Yingying was wantonly moaning in pleasure that was mixed in with some delightful pain.

He showed no mercy to her even when she tripped off her first true orgasm, and kept pounding her, which forced her to bury her face in the bed and suppress her moans there.

“Master…” She kept calling onto him, begging him to show some mercy and be ruthless at the same time, and he just revelled in the pleasure that she was providing him.

He was glad that she was not in pain on her first time as it allowed him to lose himself, and lose he did.

After making her jump off her third orgasm, he inseminated her womb with his essence and smiled as he watched her lovely body trembling at the heat and pleasure that was soaking all her nerves right now.

Her insides were tightly milking him, and a dejected plop sounded out when he pulled himself out of her.

Yingying crawled onto the bed and laid down on her side in a fetal position, relishing in the pleasure that was still drowning her, and a fond smile crept on her lips at the warmth she felt in her womb.

However, her relief was short-lived when she felt Keith climb into bed and forcefully pulled her legs apart, pushing her onto her back.

“Ahnn…” A charming moan leaked out of her small mouth when he entered her again, and she lovingly wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he started pounding her insides once again.

Time passed, which both of them paid no heed to, and their moans and grunts echoed in the room till dawn.

Yingying had lost count of how many rounds Keith has pushed her into, and at the end of the night, her mind was too hazy and her body was too drained of strength that she just lay there as he brought her to one last orgasm. She was numb by then by all the pleasure that had been haunting her all night, and she was too far gone to even pay attention to all the changes taking place inside of her body.

Her body was beautifully basking in a red hue of light, which was the color of her Aura, and it was visibly strengthening under the watchful eyes of Keith.

Ever since he had awoken his Special Physique, his prowess in bed had dramatically risen. And even after the night-long passion, he was not too tired.

Unlike Yingying, he had not lost himself completely to his lust, and he had been keeping an eye on all the changes that were taking place.

As expected, he did not see any gains from sleeping with Yingying. It was the same when he had slept with Nana before her exams started. And it reaffirmed his guess that he needed to sleep with Special Physiques to improve his own strength.

However, he was not really bothered by it as he was glad that Yingying had gained strength. And once she transcends the Spirit Proudly Realm, he could use a Dual-Cultivation Technique which would help him as well by sleeping with her.

He gently smiled and planted a kiss on her head.

She would be in for a huge surprise when she wakes up. And he could not wait to see her disbelief at what had happened.

Not only was her Aura purified, but it also gained a lot in quantity, and his beautiful Shadow had successfully stepped into the True Profound Realm.

“Good Night!” He whispered to her and then hugged her as he drifted off to his dream world.


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