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Village Head’s Debauchery – Chapter 198: [Bonus chapter]Journey Through Vylkr-infested Paths Bahasa Indonesia

“What was that?” Orion asked, his eyes scanning the surroundings, picking up on the distinct vibrations resonating from the ground. Though he already had a hunch about what it could be, he turned his gaze towards Warrior Jean, casting a questioning look. “What was that?” he inquired once again, noticing the warrior dropping a bag from the other side of his arm that Orion hadn’t noticed earlier due to the sudden and rapid sequence of events.

As the bag opened, revealing several gleaming cutlasses nestled inside, Warrior Jean remained focused, not paying attention to Orion’s questions. He picked up one of the blades and continued speaking, emphasizing the priority of being a warrior. “The first lesson you must learn, above all else, is that you are a warrior. Your duties as a warrior should always take priority over any other decision or consideration.”

He skillfully twirled the cutlass around his hand, showcasing his dexterity and agility. With a slight flex of his arms to enhance his movements, he prepared himself for the training ahead.

Before Orion could utter another word, Warrior Jean swiftly cut him off, continuing his explanation. “This location is not far from where the rest of your group received their training today. In the morning, this area was infested with Two-Star Vylkr vines. However, your seniors handled them, forcing the vines to retreat. Now, what remains are waves upon waves of One-Star Vylkr vines, designed to weaken any obstacles left by their Two-Star counterparts. That’s when you guys come in to eliminate them.”

“But by noon, instead of sending more One-Star Vylkr vines, the next waves will consist of several waves of Two-Star Vylkr vines…..” He started walking forward, pausing briefly as he continued to explain. Orion, on the other hand, had sealed his lips shut when he saw the source of the ground vibrations. The vines closing in on them were several times thicker and longer than the One-Star Vylkr vines. Not only that, but each vine was adorned with countless spikes, their dark tendrils relentlessly inching forward. Orion couldn’t help but gulp as he mustered the words, “Those are Two-Star Vylkr vines.”

“Yes,” Warrior Jean turned his head to the side, fixing his gaze upon Orion with a smile that sent an icy shiver down his spine. “…and if we are fortunate, we might even encounter a Three-star Vylkr vine.”

“Three-star Vylkr vine…” Orion unconsciously repeated, his throat dry as he swallowed hard once again. The sight of the massive swarm of two-star Vylkr vines, already intimidating and life-threatening, made him ponder what a Three-Star Vylkr vine could possibly be like.

The realization that something even more perilous lurked within every inch surrounding the village sent a shiver down his spine and set his skin crawling. “If I were you,” Warrior Jean remarked without glancing back, “I would arm myself and start swinging. I’m about to give you a firsthand lesson on why you should never let your fame as a warrior cloud your judgment.” With those words, he forged ahead, heading straight into the approaching onslaught of Two-Star Vylkr vines.

With effortless grace, Warrior Jean swung his arm to the side, deftly dissecting the spiky Vylkr vine on his right. In one fluid motion, he seamlessly shifted his swing to the opposite side, achieving the same remarkable result. His movements appeared deceptively simple, tempting anyone to imitate them, but as Orion observed closely, he realized the true power behind each swing.

The force generated was astonishing, capable of severing the Vylkr vine in front and even cutting through the ground, leaving a visible mark on its hardened ashen surface.

Warrior Jean’s swings utilized every ounce of his muscular strength, a feat that Orion knew he was not yet capable of. Helplessly trapped and unable to call for assistance, Orion realized his only option was to confront the impending danger head-on.

Reluctantly, he swiftly reached for the multiple cutlasses scattered on the ground from the bag beside him. With a quick second thought, he seized another cutlass, securing one in each hand. Turning around, he faced the relentless advance of the Two-Star Vylkr vines that had managed to bypass Warrior Jean’s defense. Their menacing presence loomed, inching closer towards Orion.

However, to Orion, it seemed as if Warrior Jean had intentionally permitted the Vylkr vines to bypass his defences. Fueled by frustration, Orion couldn’t contain his anger and shouted at Warrior Jean, his voice echoing through the chaotic scene, “You’re crazy!” His words reverberated through the air, reaching Warrior Jean’s ears, causing him to momentarily turn his head with a furrowed brow.

However, the rhythmic motion of his swinging arm never faltered.

With a disappointed sigh escaping his lips, Warrior Jean shook his head before resuming his steps forward, effortlessly cleaving through multiple Two-Star Vylkr vines with each powerful swing.

Just as the approaching Vylkr vines neared him, Orion swiftly sidestepped, simultaneously swinging his right hand down with the cutlass. In an instant, his gift surged, enveloping the blade in crackling lightning as it effortlessly pierced through the Vylkr vine.

But, to his frustration, the cutlass abruptly halted before it could fully sever the vine, becoming firmly lodged in its tough fibres. Orion cursed loudly, his frustration mounting, and with lightning still blazing around the cutlass in his left hand, he brought it down with tremendous force upon the Vylkr vine.

As expected, the vine was cleaved in two, freeing Orion’s arms to swiftly attack the next target.

As Orion relentlessly fought, he made sure to evade the menacing spikes that protruded from the vines, ranging from tiny inches to perilous centimetres in length. He was acutely aware of the need to watch his steps, as even the lifeless vines carried the potential danger of piercing his flesh. “This is madness!” Orion muttered, his breath ragged as he strained himself to keep up with Warrior Jean, who was increasingly surrounded by the Vylkr vines that he had purposely allowed through.

With his cutlasses aglow with lightning, the crackling energy extending to the ground and the tendrils of the vines, Orion swung his blades, slicing through some of the encroaching vines as he ran forward.


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