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The next day, early in the morning, Aiden made his way up to Greenwich Village. It was the place where the bar he worked at was situated.

It was called ‘The Rabbit hole’. It was an old bar that had started over 20 years ago and it had a long history. Many popular singers have performed here in the past and it had a pretty antique and homely atmosphere to it.

As Aiden entered the bar through his front door, he was able to see some customers that frequented the bar a lot. There was Freddie who had just gotten married last year and then Old Don who would often fight with his wife and come here to drink.

But he didn’t stop to talk to them and directly went up to the bartender.

“Where’s the boss?”

Everyone called Abraham the boss in the bar. It was an official nickname for him and it was true too. The bartender, Jeff, smiled at him and pointed at a corner.

“He’s waiting for you there. Are you going to begin work tonight?”

“Most probably.”

“I will get a stage for you since you are popular these days.”

Aiden just politely nodded to that and walked up to the corner, only to find Abraham. He was reading the newspaper.

Abraham was a white man in his 50s but due to his buff body and dyed black hair, he looked a little younger than that. When he saw Aiden, he gestured to him to sit in front of him.

“Kid, you are finally here.” Abraham smiled. He treated Aiden and most of the younger staff nicely if he liked their attitude.

“Boss, how have you been?”

“I’m good. But let’s not chitchat. Since you are back, I guess you are eliminated.” Aiden just nodded at that. “Don’t worry, these things happen and I know you have good talent and I think you can treat your elimination as an opportunity. Do you remember what I texted you last night?”

“Yeah, about the audition.”

Actually, Abraham was the one who had given Aiden the information on all auditions he had gone to.

Although Aiden was registered with the Actor’s Guild of America, there actually weren’t a lot of benefits until he had an agent. And it was pretty hard for a struggling actor to get an agent due to the number of fakes filled in Hollywood.

Because of that, it’s certainly not easy for a struggler to get news on an audition and in that regard, Aiden was very lucky.

After knowing he wants to be an actor, Abraham helped him a lot, in many ways.

“Yeah, this popped up a few days ago only and you would have missed it if you weren’t in New York,” Abraham said, then smirked thinking that Aiden was lucky.

“What’s the role about and when is the audition actually?”

Aiden asked, feeling a bit nervous. He would need time to prepare for an audition.

“The audition is in a week. I will text you the address. As for the role, the only thing I know is that they are looking for someone from South Asia. An Indian, Pakistani. The requirement is that.”

“That’s rare.”

He couldn’t help but comment like that. South Asian representation in Hollywood wasn’t a lot.

“Yeah, it’s a bit rare indeed. But I heard the director is very experienced and he’s backed by Zero International. You know how big they are.”

Zero International was one of the biggest Hollywood studios. More like, one of the biggest studios in the world and they have an office in almost all countries that have a movie industry.

“The project looks big. Zero isn’t known to use newbies a lot. Seems like the role isn’t big.”

“You are smart. The last bit of information I got was that it’s a small role and you will only appear in a few scenes but it will be an impactful role, so do your best. Just go there and audition. I think you will pass.”

Aiden didn’t say anything about that and just thanked Abraham.

He has gone to auditions before but rarely has made it past the look test. Many people don’t even want to see his acting and just rejected him, saying he doesn’t look the part.

But this time, he felt like he at least would have a chance to properly audition because of how confident Abraham looked.

‘I really wonder what the role would be.’

He silently thought in his head.


On the same day, in the evening, the new episode of X-Star broadcasted. Although Aiden was out of the competition, there was still footage of him that wasn’t shown.

Today, the band round was broadcasted.

Just like previous rounds, it had a great response. But this episode was special in the sense that it was edited in a way to show it like Aiden was the centre of it.

It wasn’t deliberate. Aiden’s team just had Cameron and Emily, two very popular contestants, so they were shown more. Just that in this round, Aiden had acted like the leader and the episode just enhanced it.

A report by the famous blog website, Gossip Tribunal clearly showed that the article by them mostly focused on Aiden.

[Welcome back to the next segment of X-Star episodes articles. Today’s episode once again made things interesting with the band round going on.

This week, things got interesting as contestants were grouped in a band. With that, there were arguments, great moments and a lot of interesting stuff.

It even had two protagonists today, Jackson and Aiden.

Although Aiden had been a popular contestant till now, Jackson was mostly unknown with only a few people knowing him. But it isn’t wrong to say that he was the hero of this episode.

His performance even overshadowed the one of Cameron who sang like a true rockstar.

But even then, Aiden was shown as the true star as he handled everything from the shadows. After the performance of his band which included a 30-second act of Jackson playing the drums like he was possessed, a clip of Aiden surfaced.

In that clip, he was shown to be fighting to include Jackson’s solo drum performance and even handling stuff as a leader and giving everyone a role.

We all know Cameron’s bad history of performing in a group and at first, most people thought this would be the same but he listened calmly to Aiden and it was the first time he seemed to respect a contestant.

We are sure it wasn’t deliberate but this episode could have easily been titled ‘The Aiden episode’. After this, he was surely the most popular contestant…]

Aside from the report, the comments on Sparrow were mostly about Aiden and how this episode had cemented him as the contestant with the most all-rounding talent.

Monkeypox: I was losing interest in the show as I thought it was the same as last season but this episode really hooked me up! Let’s go!! Team Aiden!

Give Me Golden Tickets: I don’t know why I don’t like focusing so much on a few contestants but this season isn’t bad because these popular contestants are really better than the last few seasons. Still, I think there should be more about others!

Shipping is a job: Rachel sang so well but her team was bad. I really hoped we saw more of Rachel x Aiden.

I’m Superfan: Cameron’s performance was fab! I didn’t know this Jackson dude played this well. Any professional band will get him up for sure.

Smoking Gangster Grandpa: This episode reminds me of 80s and 90s music. Those were the real days.

Anime Guys are chads: After this episode, I’m really rooting for Aiden to win this. Man has a lot of talent. He can be a great producer and composer.

You all thought he won’t be eliminated: I love Jackson’s solo. Haven’t heard of something like this since I attended a concert. Loved the episode!

Let’s get this novel to the top 10: No other band came close to Cameron and Jackson. It was the best performance in the show till now, definitely. But I feel like the reaction here is all about Aiden. Though, he was great in his supporting role. Both he and Emily.

Blue Alien Cats: I love Aiden. Is there a fan club? Or can I make one?

Hollywood Insider: Aiden should be an actor. He has the looks. I feel that.

Blow my Whistle: Emily is so cute but she ain’t getting the limelight. Though, Rachel ain’t bad. Why do singers these days look better than actresses?

Sky Neves: I’m really hoping Aiden goes all the way. My next fab is Cameron and Rachel. Jackson and Emily aren’t bad either. Buying the tickets to the finale as soon as I get them.

Bees are best: A band round sounded good but I thought it was a singing competition. Boring!

What other genres do you want: I really hope they release all songs Aiden has sung. I’m seeing the video of Life is a story repeatedly from yesterday Dudes a genius!

New stuff coming: Man, Cameron should be the vocalist of a band. He’s the best in the competition purely on vocal skills. Would go a long way.

Cats are gods: This episode really elevated Aiden to the big stage. If the show just focuses on him, they will get a lot of ratings. Man brings something different every single time.



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