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It seems like you are showing improvement. It’s rapid too which is a very good thing. Are you feeling light these days?”

Dr. Penny asked as she stared at Aiden. He was currently in the middle of a session. It had been two months since she had told Aiden to release his thoughts in the form of writing.

“Yeah, I think I’m feeling way lighter than before. I’m getting a good sleep these days.”

“No nightmares?”

“They ended a week ago. My paranoia is less even though it’s not completely gone yet.”

He said with a smile.

Compared to two months ago when he kept feeling restless and not in sync with his real personality, he was now slowly becoming like himself before the shoot of [Sherlock of the Shadows].

Not everything was healed obviously.

He still felt like some habits of Finn had stayed with him but his personality was becoming less like him, meaning that he was finally getting over him.

“It’s a great sign, Aiden.” Dr. Penny smiled. “Now, we could decrease the pills and lower sessions every week. Your new graphic novel certainly helped you and the images in it are certainly very… interesting.”

She picked up the first issue of the graphic novel. On the cover, there was an image of a ghost with the shadow of a man.

The ghosts were similar to the one Aiden would see in his nightmares.

He had described it to Bruce who had taken a few tries before he got the exact same grotesque image.

The ghosts were going to be species living in a dimensional crack in the novel.

“Bruce, the artists that I worked with, made it. He’s talented.”

“I could see that.”

The topic moved to different things after that, about other aspects of Aiden’s life. Particularly his work life.

He had decided to only take a break till the release of his Zetflix series because his health was now getting better. Though, Aiden would still not return to another film set till next year.

Dr. Penny had told him to not take any more roles till he totally heals, especially ones that could have a negative effect on him.

“So, you have not signed any new movies till now, right?”

“Not yet. I’m busy enough with the new issue of <Morpheus> and the promotions.”

Aiden said but Dr. Penny noticed that his tone was a bit different.

“You sure about it?” She pushed on and Aiden had no choice but to reveal what he was hiding.

“Uh, I have a meeting for a new movie in an hour.”

Dr. Penny glared at him hearing that and frowned.

“Focus on your health for now. You have not completely gotten over Finn—”

“Just listen to me. The movie won’t go into production till next year. It’s not an immediate project and I would be in discussions with the director till December at least. Only after that I would sign it. I only know the premise till now and haven’t read the script.”

Aiden didn’t say that it was because his stakes would be higher after [Sherlock of Shadows], so he would be paid more than.

“It’s only talk, right?”

“Yes.” Aiden looked at her. “Dr. Penny, I’m taking your suggestions and following them as best I could. I care for myself and won’t do anything that would put me at risk.”

It was only after that Dr. Penny calmed down. She knew that Aiden was a very calm and mature individual from the talks she had with him.

The session ended soon after that and Wade picked up Aiden for the meeting.


“How’s the session with your shrink gone? You didn’t hit on her too, right? She looked pretty fine when I saw her.”

Wade said, looking at Aiden with a snarky smile on his face. Aiden ignored it as he replied.

“It went as usual. My sessions and pills are going to decrease so it’s a good thing. I’m improving and Dr. Penny is married.”

“Then just wait till she’s divorced.”

Wade shrugged but Aiden could see that he was relieved due to his progress.

“She looked pretty happy to even think about divorce.”

“Say that to the divorce rates in America.”

They both bantered like that as they entered the elevator. Both of them were in the headquarters of Titan studios and were going to the office of Ava.

It was the first time Aiden had set foot in one of the Big 6 studios in Hollywood and he had to say that everywhere he looked, he felt a bit surprised.

The place was enormous and he could see a lot of notable figures from time to time. Established actors, directors, producers — it seemed like the hub of Hollywood in a way.

Though that was the same for every Big 6 studio. They were the ones to give the biggest blockbusters in the last few decades after all.

“You are sure about the meeting, right?”

Wade turned towards him and asked as they reached the seventh floor and got off the elevator.


“Well, you told me about Ava and I think it’s great to have someone influential behind our backs but Florence Levine doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence. Her filmography isn’t great.”

“I know that well but I liked the idea she told me and directors hone their craft with every project they do. It’s the same with actors. If I don’t mind doing a project with a debutant, I shouldn’t be wary of bad filmography. There are directors who take time before finding their niche.”

Florence had approached him right after the premier of [Sherlock of the Shadows]. During their conversation, she talked about her next movie idea.

Aiden had found it interesting.

The idea was basically a full blown drama set in Hollywood. It wasn’t similar to something like <Behind the scenes> as that story was far more gritty and serious.

By the way Florence had explained the story, it looked like an over the top production with an emphasis on power struggles in the industry and a character’s journey to rise up in a dark industry.

For the most part, Aiden had felt like the story was similar to his but in a more exaggerated and explicit tone.

“I can’t refute your words but don’t sign it just because you like a girl.”

Wade smiled and just as Aiden was about to refute his words, Ava’s assistant approached them and led them to her office.

Unsurprisingly, her office was one of the biggest that Aiden had ever seen.

Florence was already present there. As Aiden and Wade entered, both of them got up to greet them.

As it was a professional meeting, they quickly got to the topic without wasting any time.

There were a lot of things to talk about the movie, mainly the plot and the characters.

Sadly, the script wasn’t present as according to Florence, she was still setting off the rough edges of it and would only be able to give the script to Aiden in two weeks.

He and Wade were fine with it as it looked like Florence had a good grasp of characters.

“Aiden, I feel like you would suit in one of the supporting roles in the movie. It’s a character called Falcon Nelson and he would have a significant role in the movie as the main villain and rival of the female protagonist.”

“I thought you were going to go with an old, influential person as the villain.”

“No, it’s too cliche. Falcon Nelson is the heir to a billion dollar studio. Kind of a shrewd business who would try to hinder the path of the protagonist. He’s clearly a bad guy but he has a lot of charisma, so I’m sure that you would enjoy playing him.”

Florence’s movie was called <Stars on the Ground> and the movie had a female lead who would be a dreamer, trying to make it in Hollywood.

As for his role, Aiden liked villain roles, especially due to the boosts that he would get and the role of Falcon sounded nice as Florence narrated it.

He felt like the role was similar to someone like Tyler Reed and it was funny because he was fighting against those people since the beginning of his career.

Maybe because of that, Aiden felt like doing it.

According to what Ava said, the scale of the movie was going to be big with a 60 million dollar production.

A drama wouldn’t cost so much but they were going for huge sets and costume design with a particular bright tone for the whole production.

One more reason that Aiden felt like it was a good opportunity was because the award shows generally liked movies based on Hollywood. A 60 million dollar production meant that they were trying to go for commercial and critical success.

Moreover, Florene felt pretty serious about wanting to make people go to cinemas not only for superhero movies.

As he listened to the narration, Aiden raised a point.

“I liked the overall tone of the movie but the female protagonist, Lucia. I have some doubts about her.”

“What doubts?” Florence raised an eyebrow.

“You said that early in her career, she would try to sleep with powerful men for roles and I do believe that those types of things happen and it’s a big problem in the industry but then, in the second half, you described a scene where she would talk down to an actress who did the exact same thing to gain the role that was supposed to be her. I understand her anger but isn’t that hypocritical?”

Hearing that, Florence froze.


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