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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 214: Sales Bahasa Indonesia

The album ‘Stories’ already had 20k pre-sales before the release, but when all the songs were released and the first reaction of the press about it was made public, it truly blew up.

<Aiden Silvereye’s debut album ‘Stories’ is a fresh surprise from the talented musician. You won’t regret giving it a listen as it truly blends all sorts of genres together with some truly chartbusters.>

<‘Firefly’, which is slowly rising on the charts and is now at 1 on the Top 50 new singles charts, comes out as the best song in the album, but the others are not going to disappoint.>

<Rachel Rose, Grey and Aiden Silvereye gave out sizzling performances on the showcase of Aiden’s debut album ‘Stories’. This one is surely one that would cement his place as a mainstream musician.>

<Aiden Silvereye and his musical talent shine on the showcase of his album. His new songs are quickly rising through the ranks and are becoming more and more famous.>

The music video of ‘Shiver’ was also released at the same time, and ‘Day’ was going to be released a week later. With all the good media coverage, the album was bound to get eyeballs.

A lot of people streamed new songs like ‘Roles’ and ‘Day’ on Melody and liked them a lot. Knowing that the songs were great, they didn’t hesitate to buy the album.

The age of physical vinyl was already gone, so digital albums were the ones that were selling the most. In the first place, songs were accessible to the public, and they could just watch the music video on MeTube or stream all the songs on Melody.

The artist would earn mostly from the ad revenue in that case.

As for the charts, ‘Firefly’ was already dominating the new singles chart and was at number 7 on the Top singles chart in America.

‘Shiver’ opened up at number 16 and ‘Day’ at 21, and his other songs also opened up quite close, but most of them made it to the Top 50 on the charts, and this wasn’t just the case in America.

Earlier, Aiden’s songs had spread to other countries quite later, and the major popularity was still based in America, but this year, his album’s songs dominated other countries’ charts too.

‘Firefly’ was even at 10 in the UK and 17 in Canada. They had just been released a while back, and with just more and more people getting to know them, their popularity was just going to increase.

At this point, it was not wrong to say that ‘Stories’ was going to be a massive hit, and the executives in Cyco media were already dancing in joy, knowing that they had made a great decision by partnering up with Aiden.

The comments on Sparrow and other online forums were abundant, as a lot of people were talking about it.

[Penguin leg fetish: Why is ‘Firefly’ trending on Sparrow at 24? What is that even?]

[Lego Girlfriend: @Penguin leg fetish You can make a tweet about it but can’t just click on it to know what it’s about? How weird are people these days? Anyway, that trend is about a song, and the singer’s fans are trending it. I don’t mind, as the song is pretty much chef’s kiss.]

[Goats are cool: I ordered a digital album just today, and I loved every song out of it. Aiden is truly a genius songwriter. I hope he achieves more success and gives way better songs as he truly has the talent.]

[Rachel’s Simp club President: After listening to ‘Firefly’, I hereby announce that the dead fan group of Rachel Rose is truly revived. She still has the voice and most certainly the face, arm, feet and… cough! My friends, let’s spam Cyco media social media handle, demanding a single by Rachel.]

[Jesus’s Grandma: My grandson doesn’t like today’s music, but even he liked ‘Firefly’ and ‘Day’. I ordered a physical copy of the album to give him on his birthday.]

[Aiden’s wife: Does anyone have tickets to Aiden’s shows? Preferably in New York? I am willing to buy it at twice the price or thrice. I just need to be a part of his show.]

[Chinese novels hater: I only liked ‘Day’ and ‘Shiver’ out of the whole album. The other songs are pretty meh, but they are still average. I was expecting more, but I understand how hard it is to make a good song. At least Aiden took his time and didn’t make his songs trashy like certain novels.]

[Phobia of having phobia: I was there on the showcase, and damn! It was some event. The live performances were great, and in the fan questions round, Aiden really acted sweet with the audience while taking jabs at the media. By the way, Rachel is gorgeous.]


“80,000 freaking sales in just a week. Man’s a fucking freak.”

A man said, sighing and looking at the ceiling wall. It looked white and blank with dust in the corner. Pretty much how his life had become.

“I know right.” One of his colleagues said, putting down a water bottle and sitting next to him.

Both of them were employees from Cyco media working in the HR department. ‘Stories’ being such a big hit was the talk of the whole company, and everyone was talking about it.

“How much do you think Aiden would earn by it?” The man looked at him.

“Probably a million but a lot less after taxes for sure.” His colleague said after thinking about it for a bit. Singers earned a lot from sales and streams, but stuff like sponsorships and concerts pay way more.

So, the number was surely going to be in tens of millions.

“Even I don’t like taxes.” The man frowned. “If I had a million dollars, I would just leave for Las Vegas, get some strippers and just enjoy being there for a month.”

“Knowing you, you are going to lose all that in a week in gambling.”

The man laughed and turned the subject back to Aiden and the magnificent sales of his album.

“You know our company hit the jackpot by getting a deal with him. The last big album of ours failed, but this one really hit it out of the bag.”

“Yeah, I remember other record labels laughing at us when we made a deal with Aiden, saying that now we are at the level of working with indie artists, and now they are crying.”

“After all, he’s a mainstream indie artist now.”

Big record labels rarely work with artists other than theirs, and Aiden’s case was very peculiar as Steven, the owner, had a good impression of him, and he had an identity as a composer too. The logistics and planning team had deemed it a very good deal with a high chance of getting back the investment.

In the end, it worked out.

“Man, I heard they are even giving bonuses to the marketing team that worked on the song. I wish I was in it.” His colleague said. “Rachel, who was thrown out a few months ago, is also benefiting a lot from it.”


The man raised an eyebrow at that.

“Yeah, the PR team has been getting too many calls for a week now about Rachel. Reporters are very excited to know her next move, and the department is very happy about it. They did think that Rachel is a complete package, and now, she’s finally living up to expectations.”

“True, she was very lucky, but I guess she deserved it.”

“Yeah, she’s one of the better ones. Though you don’t know when they would become arrogant out of nowhere. Celebs do get everything easily if they are famous.”

They talked a bit more about Rachel before the man talked about a very interesting rumour that was currently circulating in the whole company.

“Apparently, they are trying to contact Radio City Music hall for a performance there. It’s one of the biggest places in America. They don’t normally give out the hall to anyone, but this time, they are trying their best. Apparently, Aiden would get into acting again in May, so they tried to end the live shows with a big bang. Though, I’m pretty sure he’s going to go for a world tour after his acting gigs.”


In an office room, two men in suits were talking to each other. From their posture, it was a business discussion, and they looked pretty serious about it as they talked.

If Aiden was here, he would have recognised one of the men as Steven McDonald, the owner of Cyco media, and the man in front of him was a director.

Currently, they were talking about Aiden.

“Steven, I really think you should talk to Aiden once. That guy has great talent and everything that our company needs. We should try to get him as he’s not in a contract with anyone.”

The director said, but Steven shook his head.

“I told you I have tried before. Aiden doesn’t want to be under anyone, no matter how good of a deal it may seem. That guy is resolute and very special. He’s the only person I know who didn’t even reach the grand finale of X-Star, but so quickly rose through the ranks.”

“You are not thinking for our benefits.”

“If you want, you can try it. It’s a good thing if he agrees. I don’t think you’re going to stop it until he rejects you.”

Steven said, frowning. He was tired of the director’s constant cribbing about giving Aiden a contract.

“Okay, I will do it myself. Anyway, I don’t plan to talk to Aiden in the first place. I heard he and his agent are pretty close. It’s easier to persuade agents.”

The director smirked as he said that.


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