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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 211: ‘Firefly’ releases Bahasa Indonesia

“You need to move like that. Aiden, your choreography is simple, so just try to look graceful.”

A choreographer said as she looked at Aiden, and he awkwardly nodded his head.

He was currently in a dance practice room that was booked for dance lessons for the music video that they were going to shoot. Rachel was also practising with him as she had flown over from LA yesterday.

“Look at Rachel, she has gotten most of the hard parts in the music video, but she’s doing it so well.”

She looked at Rachel, who was standing next to Aiden. A smile appeared on her face hearing that. She had been practising hard in her dance, so she was glad to get some approval.

“I just never danced before.”

Aiden sighed. His body was slim but not flexible enough. He was also hesitant in his steps. It was to a degree where he didn’t even have a dancing skill.

He was truly a beginner.

“It’s just for the music video. You don’t have to dance in a live performance.” Rachel turned towards him and said.

For the music video, the director was going for the background of a circus with Rachel using ropes to dance and spin in the air. They were using a body double for the difficult and dangerous parts, but there were still a lot of hard ones that Rachel needed to do.

As for Aiden, his parts were pretty easy, and he just needed to give expressions with very minimum dancing.

“I know. I should have focused a bit on dancing before. Now that I think of it, it’s an important aspect of a live performance.”

Aiden said, and Rachel nodded her head.

“Yeah, that’s why I learned it, but you are not a performer. You are a complete musician, and there’s no need for you to dance to entrance the audience.”

That was Rachel’s thinking.

Although a lot of singers have ensemble dance crews and would give a complete performance whenever they appeared on stage like Grey, there were also singers who looked like the traditional image of a musician.

Artists who would hold a guitar in their hand and just sing. Just their voice was enough to captivate the audience in a trance-like state.

Aiden was obviously the latter.

“I know, but it’s a good skill to have. I won’t need it for my current album, but maybe in the future, I will get into it. It would also help in making my body a bit more flexible.”

“Yeah. Maybe I can teach you some easy moves later on?” Rachel asked after thinking for a bit.

“Oh, that would be great.”

Aiden said, wondering if he would get a dancing skill by that. Even a skill at Level 1 was good enough for him.

As soon as he got the skill, he would be able to level it up slowly like a video game character.

“Let’s get back to practice now!”

The choreographer shouted, glaring at Aiden and Rachel, who were talking in the middle of a practice session.

She was a professional who had worked with a lot of music videos, so she wasn’t caring about Aiden’s or Rachel’s status as celebs.

Like that, the practice went on.


Days went by fast as Aiden shot the music video for ‘Firefly’ and ‘Day’. The former was a pretty hard music video to shoot for him, but the latter was pretty easy as it didn’t have any dance movies.

A week before the album’s release, they released the music video for ‘Firefly’.

Aiden was very nervous about it as it was the first song out from his debut album. They worked really hard on the music video, and the song was good too, but he didn’t know how it was going to be taken by the audience.

It was actually important for the music video to do well as on 17th March, there was going to be a showcase for the release of ‘Stories’. Cyco media wanted to hold it as it was a good way to promote the album.

In the showcase, both Rachel and Aiden were going to perform ‘Firefly’, and even Grey was going to join him for ‘Shiver’. So there was a need for the music video to be taken well by the audience.

Not only Aiden but his whole team was also very nervous.

They were a very small team and it was their first big project. They needed it to do well no matter what.


“Do you think this office is a joke? You need to work hard. That’s why we have employed you. Not to just waste your time in front of a computer. I told you to get the reports done by today morning. Why are they not done yet?!”

“Sir, I told you a family emergency came yesterday. My relative had an accident—”

“I don’t fucking care even if your relative dies. Do you understand?”

The man nodded and lowered his head, trying not to meet the gaze of his boss and his colleagues, who were sending him sympathising glances.

This was a morning routine for his boss. Picking anyone and just let out his anger on them for every small reason.

He simply didn’t care that it was harassment and he was creating a toxic work environment. Due to inflation, the man couldn’t even leave his job.

‘Fuck my boss and the government.’

Thinking that he endured the scolding, and after it was over, he dejectedly sat down on his seat and started doing his work, but his mind was a mess.

He didn’t like being belittled like this, but there was no choice.

“Fuck you. I’m glad your wife left you, and now you need to spend money on your divorce too. I hope you go bankrupt too.”

The man muttered as he worked, but the scolding wasn’t leaving his mind. Every word of his boss stung him in his heart, and he deliberated whether he should just punch his boss and leave.

It was at that moment that his phone got a notification, getting him out of his thoughts.

Frowning, he picked it up and saw that it was a notification from MeTube. One of the channels he followed had just posted a new video.

When he looked closely at it, he saw that it was from Aiden Silvereye, one of the artists he followed because he liked ‘Lost in the Sky’.

“‘Firefly’, is it a new song?”

The man muttered and looked around. His boss was nowhere to be seen, and at this point, he didn’t actually care a lot.

Getting his headphones out off a desk, he plugged them into his phone and clicked on the video.

On his phone screen, the lights were dimmed, but the man was able to make out that it was a stage. At that moment, Aiden walked in, and music started.

Then Aiden opened his mouth.

“I closed my eyes so I could reach.”

“The world that could be mine and yours.”

“Walking the path through the darkness only to reach your door.”

“I’m on the path to do something that no one did before.”

The lyrics were only in a whisper, but the man was already hooked after the first verse. It sounded like a very beautiful song, and he just got lost in it slowly.

His mind cleared up as the thoughts of his boss and the embarrassment he felt finally stopped bothering him, and then the man just focused on the song.

At the end of the music video, the man had already decided to order Aiden’s album.

A song had managed to make his day better.


Not only just the man, but other people all around the world were also noticing the song, and it was quickly spreading with the help of social media.

Aiden, Rachel and Cyco media each promoted it on their social media handles, and then their fans quickly watched the video.

The three-minute video was very beautiful, with Aiden’s and Rachel’s vocals standing out alongside the great music and lyrics.

Many people forwarded it on their social media and friend groups, and just on the first day, the video got over 6 million views which was a great start.

Comments all over social media were also mostly positive.

[Tired Author: Guys! Go and check Aiden’s new song. It’s very pretty. Damn! The music video looked awesome, and the song is great too. I’m pre-booking Aiden’s album if all the songs are going to be that good.]

[Tate Jr: I never expected such a great song from Aiden. The high vocal and tonal shifts make it great. Man’s a naturally talented composer. Respect!]

[Jerry’s daughter: I really resonated with the lyrics a lot. The song about forbidden love really touched my heart. I didn’t use to like Aiden before because he didn’t look handsome, but I’m a fan from now on.]

[Lolicon hunter: I’m seeing Rachel after a long time. She’s so pretty in those dance moves. I really wonder why she didn’t have a single release for months. She was the main highlight for me in the song. I subscribed to her MeTube too.]

[Doctor Man: I forwarded the song to all my family, and they all loved it. My daughter even told me that my music tastes had improved.]

[The Rat King: I finally found such a good music video after so long. The theme of the song really comes through, and both the singers are really amazing. No wonder Aiden got an Oscar nomination.]


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