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Versatile Superstar: Rise In Hollywood – Chapter 170: Ratings Bahasa Indonesia

‘14.7 million people.’

That was the highest number of people that watched an episode of [Searching for the One]. That episode was long back from the second season.

The peak of the show.

After that, the show had hovered between 12-14 million views every episode but in recent seasons, the numbers had gone down to around less than 10 million.

It was only in the last two episodes that the ratings improved. In the first episode that Aiden appeared in, it went to 10.7 million and in the second, it went straight to 13.9 million.

It was a massive jump and thanks to the season finale, there was a huge chance that the ratings would actually surpass the record.

That’s why, everyone was very excited.

“Okay, the first scene is here. Quiet down everyone! Talk among yourselves but don’t make it too noisy.” Amelia said, raising her voice but people were still chatting. Frowning, she took a deep breath. “Quiet now!!”

Her loud voice even managed to surprise the waiters who were serving food here and there.

It was like the voice of a viking who was giving a speech to motivate his fellow vikings before going into a battle.

But it had the desired effect as everyone nodded and the unnecessary noise ended.

“There’s a reason why her husband sometimes looked scared of her.”

Jason muttered to Aiden while chuckling.

“I’m glad I didn’t get on her nerves while shooting.”

“You did well.”

Smiling, Aiden just focused on the big screen. It seemed like the screen was installed just for today as the producers themselves had paid for it.

On the screen, the first scene was going on. Frank was walking on the road, his head down. He would look at couples walking down the street and stare at them for a second before going on his way.

It was clear that he was thinking about the fight he had with his girlfriend and questioning the longevity of their relationship.

As he reached the bar and ordered a few drinks, Alan Geller finally made an entrance as few people in the restaurant cheered and whistled.

Even the waiters were glancing at the screen from time to time.

‘I should look up at the real time comments.’

Aiden thought, taking out his phone and opening up Sparrow. Clicking the hashtag related to the sitcom, he saw people tweeting in real time.

[Voldemort’s father: Are you all watching [Searching for the One]. Alan just made an entrance and I have a feeling this is going to be a legen-wait for it-dary episode. My son is loving it too.]

[What movie you want next: My whole family is watching the episode together. We normally just fight around, so it’s very rare for me to see all of us laughing together.]

[Burying Bread in the Pitt: I really wonder how Aiden is so good. My son loved him as Kai, so he’s surprised by seeing Aiden like that. He’s saying Kai survived and became funny.]

[Horny Penguin: I really hope they bring back Alan next season. He’s a heck of a fun character and I love how he gives great advice at the end of episodes, something you won’t expect from his character.]

‘It seems like most of the comments are positive.’

Thinking that, Aiden felt like all his effort had bore fruit as people were really loving the show and his character. Taking a bite off the chicken in front of him, he focused on the screen.

It was the scene of Alan showing Frank how he got girls.

On the screen, he approached the bar where the girl was sitting and stood next to her and ordered a drink. Then, keeping an eye on the girl sitting next to him, he muttered.

“People would never going to care about the environment! I’m sick of these bastards! When would humans realise that without their efforts, the earth is going to suffer more!”

He said that in a very dramatic manner like the entire world’s problems were on his shoulder. Hearing that, the girl turned to him and asked.


“Nothing, I’m just a climate activist. Just seeing people not caring about the environment pains me a lot.”

“Oh, it must be hard for you.”

“Yeah, it’s very hard. You know…”

Like that, the conversation began as the girl became more interested in hearing about him as Alan continued his act of being a Climate activists.

Standing a few feet away from him and listening to the whole conversation, Frank was only able to mutter one thing.

“Son of a bitch, you could do that!”


“What? I can’t believe it. You can really do that.”

“That’s really funny.”

“Just don’t try that in real life or you might go to jail.”

“Yeah, but it does make sense. Not like you’re gonna meet after one night, so you could just lie about anything.”

“Alan really has a way with his weird acts.”

In the office of a media company, a few of the reporters were talking while watching the episode of [Searching for the One] in their lounge area.

A few of them were also checking up the internet for reactions.

Until now, their verdict was simple – The episode was going to be a huge hit!

People have loved it, the viewership was increasing and the show was spreading all over America and Europe. From the rumours, even some Asian countries’ viewership has increased.

All thanks to one character and changing the storyline.

This has proven that small things are fully capable of making big impacts.

“Like this, don’t you think they would actually break their record?”

“You mean ratings?”

“Yeah I’m pretty sure. Fuck, the editor would surely ask us to write so many articles on it.”

“Hey, don’t talk about that. Just enjoy the episode in your break. At least you would be happy writing articles about it if you like the episode.”

Like that, the reporters chatted around with their eyes glued to the screen. At that moment, one of them muttered.

“I’m pretty sure it would cross 15 million viewers like this.”


In a train, three friends were going home after a day in college. It was a long and hard day as all of them were busy finishing off their assignments in the library.

Two of the friends were talking while the third one was just smiling while holding his phone. One of the friends noticed it and couldn’t help but ask.

“Hey, what are you doing? Did that library assistant actually give you a reply back?” There was a hint of mocking in his voice.

“No, I’m just watching [Searching for the One]. Today’s the season finale, so I’m watching it.”

“Ah, yeah. My girlfriend was talking about it too.”

“Is it really good?” The third friend asked.

“Yeah, see for yourself. It’s nearly at the end.”

The guy said, shoving the phone a bit sideways, so both his friends could watch. Both of them looked at the screen where the last scene was going on.

The scene where Alan was giving advice to Frank about love and relationships.

“Who’s this guy?”

“I feel like I have seen him in memes.”

“He’s Alan. A pretty funny character they introduced some time ago. He’s already a fan favourite now.”

The other two guys nodded at that and kept their eyes on the screen. After five minutes, it ended and the season finale officially ended.

Although they have not watched a lot and the last scene was pretty emotional rather than being funny, both of them didn’t hate it.

In fact, the show seemed good.

“I think I will watch it. Sounds good. Anyway, my girlfriend was going to make me watch it anyway.”

“I will check it out too I guess. I’m hearing good things about it on the internet.”

Hearing that, the guy smiled. It was a different feeling when your friends were interested in the same show as you. Leaning against the seat, he said.

“You all should definitely check it out. Anyway, I hope they get a solo series for Alan. I would pay anything to watch it.”


“The show’s reactions are great!”

“Fans loved the ending. A lot of them are saying that on the internet. They are glad that Frank is taking the right step in his quest to find his one true love.”

“Look at these comments. ‘I think this is the best episode of this season.’ and ‘It was very wholesome’.”

“We are going to get the ratings in two minutes!”

The whole restaurant was rowdy as the episode ended. The cast and crew loved it. The audience loved it and the online reaction was just blowing up.

It couldn’t be better than this.

In that happy and excited atmosphere, Aiden was struggling with something.

“Can you get off me? You are hugging me for more than 2 minutes.”

“Let me thank you a bit more.”

“If you really want to thank me, then increase my payment.”

When Aiden said that, the others around him chuckled out loud. Currently, he was being hugged by Brandon Carell, the producer who had gotten completely wasted.

To show his thanks, he was now hugging Aiden while he tried his best to get him off.

“Hey, Brandon, you never really thanked me like this before.”

Jason said and Brandon glared at him, finally getting off Aiden who took a sigh of relief.

“I did way back in the first season. After that, your paychecks kept getting higher and higher.”

“So, it’s all about money for you.”


As they were talking in a joking manner, a commotion started in the restaurant.

“The ratings are here! The viewership ratings are here!!”

“How much are they?”

“Fucker, tell us!”

“I can’t wait for them. Just say if we broke the record.”

Everyone looked at the guy who was on the phone with the IBC control room about the ratings. Some even threw pieces of chicken on it in a drunken state.

“I’m telling you. I’m fucking telling. They are…”


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