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<Aiden Silvereye stars as Alan Geller in yesterday’s broadcast of [Searching for the One]. His charms make the show an entirely different experience compared to the other episodes.

-US Weekly.>

<Alan Geller is the character that is the fresh wind of air that is saving the sitcom that had become stale in recent times.

-Pop Hazzard magazine.>

<Alan Geller trends on Sparrow alongside other hashtags associated with [Searching for the One]. Fans’ interest is back in the controversial sitcom as IBC finally takes a sigh of relief.

-LA times.>

<One of the producers of [Searching for the One] said, “When we decided to add a new character for the last episodes of the season, there was a bit of unrest, but when Aiden came on board, he provided a sense of calm to the whole situation as he truly made Alan Geller a great character.”.

-Weekend Tribunal.>

<[Searching for the One] broke its record ratings yesterday night as the show officially got on track. Fans can’t wait to watch its finale next week, and there’s a lot of anticipation among us, especially when the teaser showed Alan Geller meeting up with Frank Russel. There’s a high chance that the episode next week would make a record for IBC in ratings.

-The Dominique.>

After the second episode that featured Aiden was broadcasted, the response from fans was great, and even a lot of casual viewers loved it.

Especially, Alan’s character displaying a lot of weird character traits was the point that made everyone laugh a lot, and then the talk he had with Rod at the end about marriage and divorce made people think that it was very true.

The clip of it even went viral on the internet.

In the clip, Alan was talking with Rod about the fear of being a father and thinking that the marriage was falling apart.

“You love your wife. You love your kid that’s going to be born, but you feel like you can’t handle it more. You want to give up, right?”

Alan asked as he looked at Rod, who nodded.

“I just don’t think I’m ready for it. I have not had a proper conversation with my wife that doesn’t contain baby, diapers and savings for his college. I’m sick of it. Really sick and I feel like…”


“That I’m not good enough to be a perfect father. My own father was great, and I don’t think I could really be that. It’s scary, and I want to run away.”

Hearing that, Alan shook his head and sighed. He just stared at Rod and smiled.

“You are thinking of it wrong. No one is a perfect father from the start.”

“There’s expectations on him.”

“Those expectations are on your wife too, and trust me, no one becomes a father like that. Having a kid and being a father are very different. You can’t be perfect from the start. You can only try to adapt to the role slowly.”

This whole clip was short, but it already had 790k views on MeTube, and it was just increasing.

The whole episode finally made Rod get over his worries and thoughts about divorce, and he made up with his wife, finally getting his character into the path the audience liked.

At the end of the episode, the character of Alan was made to meet Frank, the main character of the show, and it made people anticipate the next episode.

The ploy of using Alan to correct the wrong things with the sitcom was clearly working, and as Alan had a wholly different personality and due to Aiden’s performance, he was also gaining a lot of popularity.

Both fans and critics loved the character and Aiden’s portrayal of him.

‘I hope the ratings of the last episode are good.’

Aiden thought, scrolling through comments and reactions of last night’s episode of [Searching for the One]. At the moment, he was in Wade’s car, going towards another one of his schedules.

Along the way, he was checking how the last episode was received as he was busy talking to Richard about <Behind the scenes> last night.

For the record, Aiden had decided to enter the competition by Vikings publishing.

It felt like the right choice.

“Did you read the scripts I sent you? How are they?”

Wade suddenly asked, making Aiden look at him. Now that the filming of all of Aiden’s projects was done, he had been going over a few offers that were interested in casting Aiden.

If he was being honest, the interest in him was increasing a lot.

“I read some. I liked that gangster flick. The script is well written, but it sounded similar to [Black Saints]. The dark comedy one was good, too, but I’m not really sure about it.” Aiden said, then stopped in his words like he was thinking about something, “Actually, I’m not really sure about my next project or something I want to do. The scripts are good but they are not interesting to me.”

“Don’t tell me you want to just focus on writing from now on? Early retirement?”

Wade asked, joking and Aiden shook his head.

“No, I have finally started getting more and more recognition and offers. As for writing, treat it as a side hobby.”

“Yeah, but why are you not finding the scripts interesting? Do you want to take a break from acting? You already have three acting jobs this year anyway.”

Normally, actors won’t go from one project to another. Well, unless they were inspired by a certain actor who did a string of B-grade movies to pay off debts.

“Yeah, but I don’t think I need a break. It’s more like I’m waiting for that right project to come my way. Anyway, if I didn’t get it, I could just start work on the album.”

“Yeah, we do need to have a meeting about it. Do you have any ideas on the songs?”

“I could look at some of the songs I sang in X-Star. Try to make them better and I do have a few other ideas.”

“That’s good.”

Wade said. There were a lot of things in his mind for Aiden going forward. More acting projects and a focused approach to singing were required at this point from Aiden.

In his mind, Aiden was in a very fragile place in his career.

His name was in public, songs were hits, he was on a famous sitcom, and his movie had even won an award. All this in just a year.

Many in the industry thought that this was Aiden’s peak, and they weren’t wrong either.

In the past, a lot of musicians and actors had years like these when they had given hits after hits, but after that, they were never able to emulate them again. Wade wanted Aiden to go even higher.

Currently, in the industry, many were thinking of Aiden as one of the few good rookie actors, those who were between the age of 20-30 and were new to the industry but were giving top performances. Top stars of Hollywood had started from being rookie actors until one of their roles made them evolve into a top star.

These roles were sometimes commercial and sometimes artsy.

“Anyway, take it easy.” He looked at Aiden. “We need to take it step by step. Not to mention, we have already climbed a lot of steps this year. In my calculations, anything else is a bonus.”

“I guess so.” Aiden smiled before remembering something and asking, “By the way, how is the work going on for—”

“Ah, we are here!”

As Aiden was speaking, Wade suddenly stopped the car, interrupting Aiden’s words.

Aiden looked toward the tall building that the car had stopped in front of. It was the office of one of the top entertainment magazines in America, Hollywood Weekly.

It was the same magazine that had taken his interview during the shooting of [Blank Saints].

Today, Aiden was here to have a photoshoot and interview.


“Ms Huff, Aiden Silvereye is here. He’s currently going through the photo shoot.”

Katherine Huff raised her head from the pile of documents to look at her assistant before giving a nod.

“Okay, I will go see him.”

She said, and the assistant left the office. Standing up, Kathrine took a deep breath.

She was a senior reporter in Hollywood Weekly and had already interviewed a lot of celebs before. So much so that she was too used to it, but today she felt a bit nervous.

It even made her feel like she was back to her days of being a new reporter.

‘It’s fine. I can do this, but I really wonder how he is as a person.’

She thought in her mind as she left her office and walked through the hallway to reach the studio room where the photoshoot was happening.

To other employees passing her by, she seemed very normal. Red hair, a stern face and an almost perfect figure, making people wonder about her real age.

But inside her mind, a lot of questions were roaming.

‘How Aiden is as a person? When did he start thinking that he wanted to be a celeb? What was the inspiration behind his songs? What does he think about his current popularity?’

These were not the questions she had prepared for the interview but questions that she genuinely was curious about.

‘He’s there.’

As she entered the studio room, she saw Aiden talking with the French guy who was their photographer for the shoot. He was explaining a pose to Aiden.

After he finished, Katherine walked up to Aiden and introduced herself in a professional tone.

“Hello, I’m Katherine Huff. I will be taking your interview today.”

She was trying hard to be professional, but in her mind, she was only thinking one thing.

‘I’m also your big fan.’

Yes, the reason Katherine was so nervous was that she was Aiden’s fan.


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