The Chuunibyou Sitting Next To Me Calls Me “You, Who Live In Darkness!”


Tonari no seki no chūnibyō ga, ore no koto o “yami o ikiru mono yo” to yonde kuru, or The Chuunibyou Sitting Next To Me Calls Me “You, Who Live In Darkness!”, is a light novel series written by Kaishan Sosuke, telling the story of a chuunibyou youth who coincidentally meets a girl who looks like him on a mission.

Full synopsis

The assassin, Nekomaru Kuroki, who had infiltrated the excessive faculty on a mystery mission, turned into astonished.

“I were watching for you, inhabitant of the darkish international like me!”

A mysterious woman calls out to him with an air of secrecy that units her aside from different humans.

“Are you my target, the Red Dragon, huh?” (no, she’s simply chuunibyou)

Calling Nekomaru’s call in her sleep, sharing her selfmade bento with him, and displaying an harmless smile now and again no matter her traditional fearlessness and ostentatiousness.

Is she seeking to trap me off guard ……?!

On the alternative hand, she turned into additionally mistaken.

“I cannot consider I’m assembly a comrade who has the equal chuunibyou as me. ……” (No, he is a actual assassin)

A chunibyo and an assassin. Despite all their differences, “citizens of the darkness” are drawn to every different!

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