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Transmigrated Scoundrel’s Exchange System – Chapter 44: Repaying Zhou Faction Bahasa Indonesia

Han Cai walked down from the platform after conceding.

Everyone was stunned. Han Cai and Kong Dandan were colluding so openly. But it was not against the rules to help someone. It was just all the disciples were so exhausted trying to capture a platform or defend themselves that they never had time or strength to help anyone. Han Cai walked down from the platform and walked towards the second platform and informed the elder that he wanted to challenge the second platform.

Elder announced Han Cai vs Shihong. When Han Cai got on the platform, Shihong conceded he did not wish to go to the infirmary. So Shihong left the second platform and rested for 30 minutes. Then He Challenged the third platform and defeated Bohai. Bohai rested for thirty minutes and challenged the fourth platform Liqin. And The cycle continued until the 9th platform disciple acquired the 10th platform.

The 10th platform disciple was frustrated. With so much effort, he had acquired the tenth platform, but now he was ousted. His face was red from anger; The disciple who was on the tenth platform cursed Kong Dandan in his mind, and He felt it was Kong Dandan’s fault that he was ousted from the tenth platform. That disciple did not dare to blame Han Cai. Han Cai was way out of his league, and as this world was ruled by the strong. Strong can never be blamed for anything they do as they are strong, and they have the right to do what they like. So the fault always lay in people who were weak and did not know their place.

For example, here, Kong Dandan had not done anything wrong. It was Han Cai who asked him to come on the platform and gave him a spot. So it was the fault of Han Cai for disrupting the whole situation making the second platform disciple move to the third, and so on. If the disciple wanted to blame someone, He should have blamed Han Cai or the ninth platform disciple who ousted him to take his spot on the tenth platform.

The disciple who was ousted from the tenth platform stared hatefully at Kong Dandan. Kong Dandan was standing nervously on platform one. He did not know what to do. Things changed so fast, Han Cai asked him to come spar with him. When he thought it was all over for him in the tournament, Han Cai gave him the first platform and took the second platform for himself. He looked at Han Cai, who was sitting peacefully on the second platform now.

Han Cai’s thought process was very simple, and the Zhou faction had done a lot for him, be it with swords or his stay and clothes. They took good care of him, and unlike the Ji faction, the Zhou faction did not ask him to pay anything. Han Cai knew the Zhou faction wanted to indebt him for their services. When Han Cai noticed how the elders of the inner sect were looking at him, he knew he would be entering the inner sect soon. He did not need to carry unnecessary karma when he could pay the Zhou faction back in the tournament, so he decided to help Kong Dandan. If Kong Dandan comes in the top ten, his monthly allowance will skyrocket, and elder Zhou will earn double that allowance. Not to mention Han Cai from the Zhou faction will be in the top ten too, so elder Zhou will be earning a lot of spirit stones for the upcoming year.

While Han Cai was in his thoughts, the disciple who was ousted from the tenth platform could not take it anymore. He went ahead and challenged Kong Dandan on the first platform. Kong Dandan knew he was not a match for any of the top ten, so Kong Dandan conceded immediately. He had spent more than 4 hours on the first platform, so his ranking points were going to be very stable. He was very satisfied and grateful for Han Cai’s support.

Kong Dandan conceded and Came down from the platform. When Han Cai saw this, he called out to Kong Dandan again. Kong Dandan now Revered Han Cai, so he immediately went below the second platform. Han Cai again asked for spirit wine. He took a sip of the spirit wine and asked Kong Dandan to challenge him again. Kong Dandan agreed, and Han Cai conceded again. Kong Dandan acquired the second platform now.

Han Cai walked to the first platform and stood below it in front of the elder of the discipline hall, quietly waiting for 30 minutes to pass. When 30 minutes passed, Han Cai rechallenged the first platform. When He got on the platform, the referee gave them a sign to begin as usual. Before the opponent could say, “I concede”, Han Cai had already slashed his sword. The disciple was sent to the infirmary. After this incident, no one tried to challenge platforms one or two.

Outer sect elder Zhilan, whose faction this disciple belonged to, almost spit out blood. Elder Zhou, on the other, had glee on his face. His faction’s two disciples were on number one and two. Elder Ji, Elder Hong, and Elder Yanlin were speechless. Would the Zhou’s faction take this year’s tournament first and second? What kind of Dogshit luck was that. Kong Dandan had spent so much time on the first platform. Now second platform, he was earning a lot of points every hour. Even if Kong Dandan did not come second, he would surely be in the top ten.

Out of nowhere, elder Ji spoke, “I can’t let Zhou take away a disciple of my faction that easily If he thinks he can do it just by leaving the responsibilities of the outer sect hall. He is gravely mistaken.”


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