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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 43: Linetta’s Addiction Bahasa Indonesia

In essence, Vaan’s assignment was to build her personal weapon.

Since Earth Magic was Linetta’s specialty, and Earth Acceleration was her Specialized Magic, she only lacked an excellent medium to help them exert their full potential.

She needed an earth-element weapon that she could easily control with Earth Magic and not break upon impact with Earth Acceleration.

Within a short moment, Linetta came up with a simple metal spear design.

However, she didn’t want to settle for a simple design; every bit of detail on a projectile weapon could affect its overall performance in flight.

Linetta intended to use her wealth of knowledge to design her best projectile weapon.

At the same time, she relied on her earth affinity to sense the earth elements within the large cave; even if she wanted to build a mighty spear, she could not do it without the strong materials.

While Linetta started searching for rare minerals hidden in the cave, whether they were in the open, hanging on the ceiling, or buried in the ground, Vaan watched over her.

There was something Vaan didn’t mention, and Linetta didn’t realize it either; applying her Earth Acceleration to Rock Bullet was considered Double-Layered Magic.

This is why Specialized Magic is a witch’s most important magic; it isn’t limited by their magic circles.

As long as True Witches combine their Specialized Magic with other magic, they can cast powerful Double-Layered Magic like Senior Witches.

But Senior Witches with two magic circles can combine their Specialized Magic with two other magic to cast Triple-Layered Magic like High Witches and so on.

‘Linetta’s Specialize Magic can be ranked amongst the top offensive magic; producing Rank 3 offensive power is no problem for her with a good earth medium,’ Vaan mused.

Half an hour later, Linetta approached Vaan and suddenly pulled him up from his seat by the arm.

“What’s the matter, my Lady?” Vaan asked. “I don’t think you’ve finished your assignment yet.”

“I… I need your help. I ran out of mana again,” Linetta said with a blush.

After hearing her reason, Vaan nodded with a smile.

“I understand, my Lady. Allow me to assist you in your mana recovery,” he replied with a gentlemanly bow.

Shortly after, Vaan escorted Linetta back to the tent.

It didn’t take long before Linetta’s erotic cries of pleasure escaped from the tent as Vaan made love to her, painting the interior in a pinkish atmosphere with their intimate acts of lust and carnal desires.

Lilias peeked her head through the curtain entrance, but she was quickly caught as a soft pillow was thrown at her face.


“No peeking!”

Linetta shouted at her young sister with a flushed face, full of embarrassment, while Vaan was drilling her from behind, making her body quiver in pleasure with every thrust.

When Lilias’s eyes fell on the scene before her, her heartbeat raced, turning her cheeks and body hot with arousal.

And before long, she had another bleeding nose.

“Ahhhn~! W-wait, Vaan~!! S-stop~! Lilias is still watching~! No—Ahhh~!” Linetta moaned with sheer bliss.

Linetta tried to pause their intimate act, but she was weak to Vaan’s sensual touches and could not help but beg for more.

“Ahh, yes~! Right there, keep touching me there, Vaan~!”


Soon, Linetta’s resistance collapsed along with her reason; she drowned herself in pleasure and lost herself in the moment.

Vaan’s magical touch was an addiction she could not free herself from.

Linetta rotated her body around and wrapped her legs around Vaan, sealing off his path of escape as if she didn’t intend to let him go until she milked him dry.

But when has Vaan ever lost a battle of attrition in bed?

Vaan boldly held Linetta’s waist and lifted her body into the air, thrusting her pleasure hole with his bulging dragon more forcefully and roughly.

“Ahhn! W-wait, Vaan! This is too much~~~! I love it~!!” Linetta moaned with sheer bliss and elation.

The hot scene gradually became too much for Lillias to bear; she left on her own accord.

“T-this is crazy! How can my dignified sister behave like that? It must feel really good…!” Lillias muttered while stopping her nosebleed.

Meanwhile, Captain Rhys and the young warriors cannot help but lament their miserable fates.

“Haiz… They’re at it again. This is pure torture.”

“I wish this escort mission will end soon…”

“Me too. I’m losing sanity here.”

“Once we reach the next city, I’m definitely paying the brothels a visit to blow off some serious steam!” a young warrior said resolutely.

“Ha, that’s if we make it,” another young warrior laughed before saying, “For now, your best solution is to beat the dragon and shoot some dragon breaths or cool yourself underwater again.”

Nevertheless, some young warriors could not help but direct their lust-filled gazes at Lillias, who was aroused and frustrated like them.

“Should we…”


Just as two young warriors thought of approaching Lady Lilias, Captain Rhys suddenly smacked them on the back of the heads.

“Don’t even think about it. Are you trying to court death? Haven’t you realized that Lady Lilias has to avoid bodily stimulation due to her condition?” Captain Rhys warned them.

“We were just thinking about it… We haven’t actually—”

“I said don’t even think about it and don’t even talk about it! Defiling a noble witch in your mind is also a punishable offense, do you understand?”

“Yes, Captain…”

Two hours flew by before the tent regained its tranquility.

Linetta was seen fixing her hair in a mirror with a refreshing look, feeling energized despite finishing an intense session with Vaan just mere moments ago.

She hummed with a joyful tune before flashing Vaan a flirty look while he was calmly putting on his clothes.

With each intimate session they committed, their hearts grew closer to each other—or so Linetta wanted to believe.

“Hm?” Linetta suddenly noticed something about her mana.

“Hey, Vaan. Are you also knowledgeable in witch cultivation? I have a question to ask,” she called him.


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