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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 42: Magic Assignment Bahasa Indonesia

Vaan sat by a rock and patiently waited for Linetta’s answer without making the slightest sound and disturbing her train of thoughts.

Nevertheless, as minutes passed, he began to wonder if he had placed too much expectation on her.

“I think I get it,” Linetta suddenly said.

“Oh?” Vaan smiled before asking for her answer, “Let’s hear what you’ve figured out then.”

“Yes, Teacher,” Linetta nodded.

“Magic classifications are just classifications; nothing more and nothing less. Just because magic is put under a specific category, it doesn’t mean they are fixed under it. In fact, magic can belong under almost any category depending on how you wield it.”

“For example, Rock Pillar, a Chant Magic, summons a normal rock pillar. But if you charge it more mana than necessary, its size will grow accordingly. Or if you use Rock Pillar repeatedly with a clear framework in mind, it falls under Construction Magic, a type of Preparation Magic.”

“As for Battle Magic… I can only assume it’s only possible when I use Rock Pillar frequently to the point of mastery and build a strong image of it in mind, which would eventually allow me to invoke it without the assistance of a chant,” Linetta explained.

“Very good,” Vaan clapped with praise and surprise.

“I was only expecting you to notice that magic isn’t fixed to the magic classifications they are labeled under. However, you went ahead and even explained how they aren’t fixed, my Lady.”

“Thank you, Teacher,” Linetta smiled with joy, strangely feeling an odd sense of satisfaction every time Vaan praised her.

“But what does understanding this has to do with the offensive magic you’ll teach me?” she asked shortly after.

“You’re jumping started to the questions again, my Lady,” Vaan sternly reminded before softening his tone in the next moment.

“Nevertheless, I’ll answer your question this time; it has everything to do with the offensive magic I will teach you. Specialized magic like Earth Acceleration is extremely powerful in attacking. But from what I have observed in your Rock Bullet, it was the most basic application of Earth Acceleration.”

“Of course, such basic application of Earth Acceleration was all you needed to kill the young warrior and not enough for me to understand your level of comprehension in your specialized magic.”

“Thus, I will quiz you; how can you increase the offensive power of Rock Bullet?” Vaan asked.

“By pouring more mana into Earth Acceleration and increasing the Rock Bullet’s speed?” Linetta answered before she suddenly paused with a frown.

“But this is probably not the answer you are looking for…” she muttered before pondering deeper into the question.

After a few moments, her eyes lit up.

“If I can use double-layered magic and apply Earth Acceleration to the Rock Bullet’s rotation speed, it will greatly increase the penetrative power of Rock Bullet,” she added to her answer.

She felt quite satisfied with it.

But after seeing Vaan’s slight smile, she took a blow to her self-esteem.

“I-is there more to it?” she asked with doubt.

“If we are talking about Double-Layered Magic, then yes, you are thinking correctly to accelerate Rock Bullet’s rotation speed,” Vaan nodded.

“But, in that case, you also apply Strengthening Magic on the Rock Bullet to reinforce its sturdiness so that the Rock Bullet doesn’t shatter on impact against strong targets with tough skin like the Rank 3 Dark Hellhound.”

“Let’s not forget that with Double-Layered Magic, you can also apply other elemental magic like Fire Magic and turn Rock Bullet into a Blazing Rock Bullet and the likes,” he added.

“However, you have completely missed the point about Double-Layered Magic, my Lady. We are talking about a ‘what if’ here. Have you forgotten who can use Double-Layer Magic in the first place, my Lady?”

“Only Senior Witches and above can use Double-Layered Magic…” Linetta answered with an embarrassed smile.

She was too caught up on the thought of increasing Rock Bullet’s power that she completely ignored the cultivation requirement for the use of Double-Layered Magic.

The difference between True Witch and Senior Witch lies in the number of magic circles they have formed, which also directly correlates to the number of magic they can cast simultaneously.

Since Senior Witches possess two magic circles, it wasn’t strange for them to use Double-Layered Magic.

However, it was a different story for her, who had only formed one magic circle around her heart.

“But if we exclude the use Double-Layered Magic, how else can we increase the offensive power of Rock Bullet?” she asked with knitted brows.

“You’re seeking shortcuts again, my Lady,” Vaan slightly smiled before asking, “Shouldn’t you already know the answer after all that I’ve said?”

Linetta was stunned by Vaan’s question.

Nevertheless, after taking a short moment to recall his words, she quickly found the answer she sought.

It was indeed something she should have realized immediately.

“The stronger the medium, the stronger the offensive power it can exert; if the rock is fragile, Rock Bullet’s offensive power will be limited…” Linetta muttered.

“That means we’ll be focusing on Preparation Magic to prepare a strong medium for Rock Bullet?”

“That’s right,” Vaan nodded before asking her one last question, “And what do you think is the strongest earth element an earth-attribute witch can use, my Lady?”

“Metal,” Linetta did not even take half a breath to answer.

“Exactly,” Vaan nodded with acknowledgment before stating, “And with that, concludes our lesson.”

“…Huh?” Linetta’s expression immediately froze before voicing her confusion, “You’re not going to teach me the offensive magic required for defeating the Rank 3 Dark Hellhound, Vaan?”

“I’ve already given you all the clues you needed for it, my Lady. Your assignment is to figure the rest out for yourself,” Vaan stated with a smile.

“Or do you still need me to teach you that too? I thought it should be a fairly easy assignment at this point, though…” he added.

“Ah, no. I understand now, Teacher,” Linetta stated.

The path was clear for her.

Nevertheless, she found Vaan’s magic lesson too interesting; it was very engaging, unlike any other magic lesson she’s taken, where she would have to listen to the teacher’s lecture first and ask questions later.


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