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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 306: Great Gains Bahasa Indonesia

Considering that the Fire Dragon God and the Fire Spirit King designed the Trial by Fire to raise one’s fire affinity, Vaan didn’t doubt the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence had such an effect.

The blood essence of a Rank 6 being should be full of wonders.

Of course, if he had a high fire affinity talent, the best way to maximize the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence would be to temper his body in magma until his natural fire affinity couldn’t be raised any further.

If he took the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence at that point, it would likely boost his fire affinity beyond the bottleneck.

However, the reality is that his body had no talent for fire affinity since he had acquired the Earth Spirit Body. The Earth Spirit Body made it more difficult for him to raise his fire affinity.

That’s why he had to absorb the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence early to develop his fire affinity talent.

“Isn’t that…” Jergag glanced at the floating drop of blood essence in Vaan’s hand with surprise, not expecting him to possess such a valuable item. “A drop of Lord Dragon God’s blood essence…”

“How did you get your hands on something like that, Vaan?” Jergag asked with astonishment shortly after.

The blood essence of a Rank 6 Fire Dragon God was simply too outstanding. Only a fool wouldn’t recognize the divine blood instantly.

After all, the drop of blood in Vaan’s hand glowed with a divine crimson aura and seemed extremely potent at a glance.

“I obtained it from the body of Magma Wyrm that attacked my group while we were still around the foot of the mountain,” Vaan casually replied.

The Fire Dragon God’s blood essence was too precious.

Even the elderly dragon’s eyes flashed with desire for a moment before the feeling was suppressed with reasoning.

“A Magma Wyrm attacked your group near the foot of the mountain? That’s strange… They usually don’t leave the land of fire without reason…” Jergag was baffled before he shook his head. “No, that’s not important.”

“It seems like you are planning to absorb that blood essence. I can watch over you, but make it quick. It’s drawing too much attention,” Jergag stated.

“Thank you, Senior Jergag,” Vaan nodded.


<You have absorbed the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence>

<Changes will be taking place in your body>

Shortly after the system notified him, Vaan felt a burning fire spreading throughout his body. It was only a single drop of blood essence, but it affected his whole body.

The Fire Dragon God’s blood essence caused his blood to boil and his internal organs to burn, inflicting immeasurable pain like he was suffering the purgatory of hellfire as his body underwent minor reformation.

Nevertheless, Vaan didn’t have to endure the torment for very long. With the help of the system, the blood absorption process finished within fifteen minutes.

Although no changes seemed to have occurred on the surface, his internal structure had been purified and reinforced.


<Your fire affinity has been raised by 12%>

<[Fire: 1% → 13% (↑12)]>

<Body reformation has altered your fire affinity talent>

<Increasing fire affinity has become 200% more effective>

<Your body has gained the Fire Dragon God Bloodline (Divine-rank)>

<You have acquired the Fire Dragon Physique>

<You have acquired a new talent, Dragon Force>

[Fire Dragon Physique (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)]

Overview: The physique of a fire dragon. Your body can absorb the power of fire and temper itself, increasing your body’s strength and defense.

[Dragon Force (Low-rank) (Upgradeable)]

Passive Effect: Increase your base strength by 10% and base defense by 5%

«Physical Attributes»

[387 Defense] [Mid-level Rank 3] [250 Aura Power] [0 → 19 Dragon Force] [Total Defense: 637 → 656 (Low-level Rank 4)]

[230 Strength] [High-level Rank 2] [250 Aura Power] [0 → 23 Dragon Force] [Total Strength: 480 → 503 (High-level Rank 3)]

[217 Speed] [High-level Rank 2] [250 Aura Power] [Total Speed: 467 (High-level Rank 3)]


<[Warning]: The acquisition of the Fire Dragon God’s Bloodline has affected your Immortal Lycan Bloodline>

<Strengthening your Fire Dragon God Bloodline further may result in the weakening of the Immortal Lycan Bloodline and inability to undergo Lycan Transformation>

<[Suggestion]: Fusing the two Divine-rank bloodlines may stop the clashing bloodlines and loss of abilities>

<Note: Your Fire Dragon God Bloodline is too weak. Perfect bloodline fusion is presently unavailable>

After Vaan finished absorbing the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence, he received a lot of benefits along with a warning.

However, he wasn’t surprised by the warning in the least.

It was to be expected.

‘There’s no going back now. I’ve already embarked on this path,’ Vaan silently mused. He was committed to strengthening the Fire Dragon God Bloodline.

“You’ve already finished absorbing Lord Dragon God’s blood essence, Vaan? How do you feel?” Jergag inquired with some doubts, not expecting the process to be so quick.

But at the same time, the elderly dragon wouldn’t find it surprising if Vaan’s human body was incompatible with the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence, which would result in a large loss of its potency.

It would also explain the swift process.

Alternatively, the compatibility could have been so great that Vaan’s body swiftly absorbed all the potency from the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence.

However, it was unlikely for humans to be so compatible with dragon bloodlines.

“I feel great, Senior Jergag.” Vaan smiled and said, “I feel like my body is full of strength, and I can temper my body in the magma for much longer now.”

“There’s no need to brag. Lord Dragon God’s blood essence usually gives people that feeling. However, your actual improvement might not be much,” Jergag commented.

However, Vaan already knew how much he had gained and improved.

Thus, he simply responded with a slight smile.

Although the increased fire affinity also raised his fire resistance, which, in turn, reduced the effectiveness of tempering his Earth Spirit body, he had acquired the Fire Dragon Physique to make up for it.

Thus, not only could he still increase his defense, but he could also increase his strength.

He had gained a lot from a single drop of the Fire Dragon God’s blood essence.

‘Time to continue,’ Vaan decided.

Shortly after, he hopped back into the sea of magma to continue training his newly-reformed body and experience the effects of the Fire Dragon Physique.


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