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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 281: Declaration of Challenge Bahasa Indonesia

Shortly after the dragon lord directed his attention to Vaan’s group, everyone tensed up.

“Your group has nothing to worry about. You are not criminals but guests of our land. As such, you won’t be judged like these black witches. On the contrary, you are free to stay for as long as you like,” Lord Narvim promised before adding, “However, we need to wipe your memories when you decide to leave.”

“Our memories, huh? In other words, you want to keep news of your dragon tribe’s existence from spreading, Your Excellency,” Vaan stated before saying, “It’s a pity for those who make it here after much troubles and trials.”

“If you don’t want your memories wiped, you can prove you are worthy of keeping them by overcoming the second stage in the Trial by Fire, Human,” Lord Narvim casually stated.

“The Trial by Fire… I must say I am a little interested.” Vaan rubbed his chin with a smile before mentioning, “But more importantly, according to the traces left behind by the Fallen Witches, there should have been another two in their group, possibly the one with spatial abilities and an illusion spell expert.”

Since he didn’t know which of the Fallen Witches had been killed, he could only say possibly. That said, it didn’t stop him from suspecting the two Fallen Witches had escaped.

“What do you plan to do with those two Fallen Witches that fled, Your Excellency?” Vaan asked.

After all, news about the dragons was bound to spread if they weren’t swiftly dealt with.

“You don’t have to worry about that, Human. Did you think it is easy to come and go from this place, more so under the eyes of so many dragons? Two black witches managed to slip away, but it’s not hard to track them,” Lord Narvim coolly said.

“The spatial-attribute black witch didn’t bother hiding the spatial coordinates of her space gate. Thus, it was quite easy to read her destination. This Lord will deal with those two runaway black witches later.”

“Since Your Excellency has already said as such, I shan’t speak of this matter further,” Vaan politely said.

Given this dragon tribe’s immense wisdom, he suspected even complex spatial spells were child’s play to them.

“Your Excellency, I have a personal vendetta with one of the Fallen Witches. I wonder if you can bestow me with the opportunity to settle my grudge first?” Aeliana suddenly requested with a determined look.


Lord Narvim glanced at Aeliana with interest before shifting his gaze to the green-skinned black witch. Then, after looking back and forth between the two, he grasped the picture.

“Interesting. You’re the Plant-type Abomination that had been treated. But before you were cured, you must have suffered a lot at the hands of this black witch, huh? That explains why your soul also looks a bit special,” Lord Narvim muttered before nodding, “Very well, this Lord will allow it.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency,” Aeliana expressed her gratitude with a slight bow.

“Did you hear that, proud dragons of the Ninth Peak? This witch has declared a challenge to this other black witch,” Lord Narvim hollered to the crowd before barking, “Prepare the stage!”


Numerous True Dragons quickly roared with excitement.

Shortly after, the ground rumbled before the circle expanded, pulling Vaan’s group away from the Fallen Witches.

The earth on the border rose high, transforming into tall earth walls before everything transmuted into black iron and became a black metal cage.

But although it was called a cage, it was very spacious, enough for Aeliana and Elvira to fight without restraints.


(I was a little unhappy with the Lord’s decision, but that human managed to spice things up. I hope she won’t give that black witch an easy death for what she has done to the young.)

(I also hope so, but it won’t be easy without assistance. After all, that black witch appears to be more powerful than her challenger.)

(That’s true… Surely, she isn’t so foolish as to challenge a more powerful opponent by herself, right? After all, her side currently holds the advantage of four to two.)

(But that is only an advantage in numbers. Numbers mean nothing in front of a stronger power. The black witches are definitely stronger than that group of four humans.)

(Naturally, if we are only looking at raw power. However, from what I see, the potential of that group of humans is much higher than the black witches.)

The crowd of True Dragons buzzed with discussion, even before the start of the battle.

Although the scale of the battle between humans was unlikely to match a battle between dragons like them, they were strangely more excited to watch the humans fight.

Perhaps, it was because they rarely had human visitors, and a battle between humans was different from what they usually see every day.

“Are you sure you can defeat Fallen Witch Elvira on your own?” Vaan inquired.

“I am not sure, but I can’t wait any longer, Lord Vahn. I don’t think I will get another chance like this,” Aeliana shook her head with uncertainty before sincerely requesting, “I hope you won’t stop me.”

“If your mind is made up, I naturally won’t stop you,” Vaan calmly said.

“Thank you, Lord Vahn.”

Meanwhile, on Elvira’s side, the other Fallen Witch, Levana, asked her, “Do you need any help?”

“Does it look like they will let you help me?” Elvira indifferently responded before glancing at the dragon lord. “Can I turn down this challenge?”

“You will have to see if the other side agrees. We won’t interfere in your human disputes. But, of course, you still have to choose your punishment, even if you managed to survive your fight with your challenger,” Lord Narvim coolly stated.

“I see,” Elvira uttered.

She didn’t have a choice.

The consequences of her past actions couldn’t be blamed on anyone but herself. This was something she had to face.

Seeing Aeliana stepping forward by herself, Elvira also stepped forward to face her.

“How foolish.” Elvira shook her head and asked disdainfully, “Do you think you can beat me by yourself, Lord of Sunpeak Town?”

“How would I know if I don’t try? Do you think I am still the same person shackled in your lab?” Aeliana coolly replied.

“Aren’t you?” Elvira smirked coldly before saying, “Don’t take it personally. It was all for research purposes.”

“Yeah? Well, it was pretty fucking personal to me,” Aeliana spat.


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