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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 250: Fog Beasts Bahasa Indonesia

“Too quiet?”

Shortly after Aeliana heard Vaan’s words, her playful expression vanished, replaced by a solemn look. Hester’s tired gaze also sharpened.

Only Astoria’s frown remained unchanged.

Evidently, she had noticed the abnormality in the same instance as Vaan.

“Sir Vahn is right. It’s too quiet,” Hester agreed with Vaan’s statement before she added, “Our arrival should have brought a few curious eyes over to investigate.”

“Take a look at the gate. There aren’t any guards either,” Astoria pointed out.

Up ahead, the stone gate was opened.

The guards were nowhere to be seen, and neither were the sentries that were supposed to be stationed on the stone walls.

In fact, there wasn’t a single soul in sight; the town appeared desolate and abandoned.

But unlike Sunpeak Town, which looked in poor condition, Misty Leaf Town was in good condition. Its stone walls were clean and without a crack—at least none were within sight around the southern gate.

The road still looked new, and the few visible Victorian-styled buildings behind the stone walls that were not obscured by the fog were undamaged.

Nevertheless, when Vaan and the others tried to peer further into the town from the outside, they couldn’t see anything.

The fog had obscured everything else.

“This is strange. I don’t remember there being this much fog in Misty Leaf Town when I last visited,” Hester mentioned. “Misty Leaf Town was supposed to be situated just outside the fog domain.”

“It’s not fog season yet. Thus, for there to even be fog in Misty Leaf Town is abnormal,” Vaan commented before he took out some Rank 4 black equipment. “Hester, Aeliana, these items are for you two.”

“You two aren’t close-combat fighters. Thus, too much equipment would only weigh you down. This much should be enough to offer you two some good protection.”

After Vaan handed out the Rank 4 pieces of black equipment he had prepared beforehand, he also equipped himself lightly.

Only his upper body, wrists, and shins were covered.

“Do you think there will be danger in Misty Leaf Town, Sir Vahn?” Hester inquired.

“I’m not too sure.” Vaan shook his head and said, “But since the fog has swallowed the town, we have to consider it a part of the fog’s territory. Furthermore, a little bit of precaution never hurt anybody.”

“Makes sense.” Hester thought about it and nodded.

Meanwhile, Aeliana obediently equipped the bracelets she received and cherished them as if they were treasured gifts, no questions asked.

As for Astoria, she had always been geared and ready for battle.

Shortly after the group was equipped, they made their way through the southern gate and entered Misty Leaf Town.

Even after they entered, they couldn’t sense any life in the town.

The streets were clean, and stores were opened with wares on display, but the owners of said stores were nowhere to be found.

It was as if all the people in Misty Leaf Town had vanished into thin air.

“This is so bizarre…” Aeliana frowned.

The more they explored the town and investigated it, the eerier it became; it was as if they were in the middle of a ghost town.

Astoria used her Light Fortification to push away the fog and increase the group’s visibility of the surroundings.

As they advanced towards the town’s center, the surrounding stalls on the streets appeared messier as if they had been knocked over in a hurry.

Vaan picked up the stench of blood in the area.

Furthermore, he also picked up tremors in the ground that came from further down the main street they were on.

“There are some movements up ahead,” Vaan alerted.

“Let’s check it out,” Astoria quickly suggested with a sharp look after she also picked up the stench of blood.

Vaan and the other two ladies quickly agreed.

Shortly after they reached the town’s center, the stench of blood in the area became especially pungent, as if the blood of hundreds had been spilled over the place.

Furthermore, Astoria and the others finally saw where all the townspeople had gone.

Just up ahead of them, a mountain of corpses was made from the bodies of the townspeople. Whether they were witches, aura users, or even ordinary men, all were part of the big pile.

However, the most alarming discovery was the four-legged beasts feeding the townspeople’s corpses.

It was one big feeding ground for the white four-legged beasts capable of blending in with the fog.

‘Fog Beasts!’ Astoria quickly determined the creatures with a sharp glint.

“What?! Fog Beasts?! Are you certain, Headmaster Astoria?” Hester was immediately shocked by Astoria’s claim before she mentioned, “I thought Fog Beasts only appear in the middle region!”

“What the hell are they doing out here?! No, why are they even out here?!” Hester exclaimed, visibly startled and wide awake by the discovery.

“Why are you asking me? How would I know, Lady Hester?” Astoria replied, slightly taken aback by Hester’s questions, before she suddenly notified everyone, “The Fog Beasts have noticed us.”

Right at that instant, the Fog Beasts stopped their grand feast and turned their attention to Vaan’s group with blood-glowing eyes in the fog.

“Awrooo—!” the four-legged Fog Beasts howled.

It was a signal to alert its kind.

In the next instant, the several four-legged Fog Beasts vanished into the fog like dispersing mist, making their bodies seem intangible and elusive like illusions.

But although the Fog Beasts disappeared, leaving the corpse mountain empty, Hester and others knew a battle was imminent.

“Stick close to me, Teacher Raphna. These Fog Beasts are the apex predators of the middle region. Normal Senior Witches and Aura Grandmasters are no match for them,” Astoria advised him.

She quickly drew her greatsword and took a protective stance, ready to guard Vaan with her life.

However, Vaan wasn’t so vulnerable that he needed her protection against such a level of threat as the four-legged Fog Beasts.

“You don’t have to worry about me, Headmaster Astoria. I can handle myself well against these types of Fog Beasts,” Vaan calmly said.

He knew about the Fog Beasts.


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