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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 230: Tabitha’s Teasing Bahasa Indonesia

“Ah, yes. I did take your body sizes into account when I made them,” Vaan replied without shame.

“Kyuu, kyu, kyuu!”

Topaz threw a fit in front of Vaan with her hands on her hips, complaining that she also contributed.

“I mean, we made them,” he added with a wry smile.

Astoria’s attention was quickly drawn to Topaz as her little tantrum amused her.

“She’s so adorable. Does she have a name?” Astoria asked.

She reached out her hand and wanted to poke Topaz’s tiny soft cheeks, but it startled the little earth spirit into hiding behind Vaan.

Despite being a High-rank Earth Spirit comparable to earth-attribute High Witches, she was rather timid around strangers.

As such, Vaan couldn’t use her as one of his trump cards until she was trained in combat.

Nevertheless, after he heard Astoria’s question, he contemplated for a moment.

Considering the effects tied to a True Name, he couldn’t wantonly give it out to others. No one does.

Supposedly, some Curse Magic existed that could be used on people without their knowledge by simply knowing their True Names.

“Tia, short for Tatiana,” Vaan gave Topaz both a nickname and real name after he contemplated.

“Tatiana? Well, she is indeed like a little princess,” Astoria smiled at Topaz and said, “I am also something like a princess myself. Won’t you become my friend?”

“Kyuu,” Topaz eyed her from behind Vaan’s shoulders, not understanding a word she said.

Without telepathy, they wouldn’t be able to communicate, no matter what they say.

Nevertheless, Vaan acted as the messenger and relayed the words between them before Topaz reluctantly came out of her hiding and sat on Astoria’s hand.


However, she sat facing Vaan and gave him a sad look like she was a cattle that had just been sold off and was about to be butchered for her meat.

“C’mon, something like that is not going to happen. Stop being a drama queen, Tia,” Vaan said wryly.

“What is she saying?” Astoria asked.

“She thinks I abandoned her and that you are going to eat her.”

“Pfft, how cute,” Astoria giggled.

Topaz’s nervousness was slowly released after Astoria gently stroked her head with a finger. She found it quite nice and quickly became comfortable with Astoria.

“Kyu, kyu,” Topaz said pompously, treating Astoria like a servant that had just been granted permission to touch her.

“She said you may continue to pat her head from now on,” Vaan translated with a wry smile before he said, “Don’t spoil her too much, or she will become rotten.”

“Hahaha… It’s fine, I think,” Astoria softly laughed before she glanced back at Vaan and Sacha. “I am indebted to both of you. This black armor set and greatsword are priceless. Also, you both make a great team, great enough to be comparable to the Rank 4 Artificing Maestros.”

“It’s rare to see such a gentle side to Headmaster Astoria. I have been enlightened today,” Sacha ruefully smiled before she shook her head. “You’ve overpraised me.”

“Those enchantments are only temporary and will expire quickly the more you use them. Only Rank 4 Artificing Maestros can engrave Rune Magic on them and make the enchantments permanent.”

“Even so, you have my gratitude, Wise Scholar Sacha,” Astoria insisted on expressing her gratefulness. “And you too, Sir Vahn.”

“It’s nothing much, Headmaster Astoria. This quality of equipment is needed for our trip,” Vaan calmly said Before he added, “I plan to make myself some equipment too.”

“Do you mind helping me out for a bit longer, Lady Sacha?”

“Not at all! I am learning a lot from you, Vahn. Why would I mind? I don’t have any complaints!” Sacha quickly replied.

“That’s great to hear,” Vaan smiled.

Shortly after, Vaan resumed his work, firing up the smelting furnace to smelt more metal and make several more pieces of equipment for himself and others.

Sometime later, Vaan left the top floor workshop with Astoria, leaving behind Sacha, who quickly took out her notes to absorb what she had learned.

“Are we heading back now?” Astoria asked.

“Not yet,” Vaan shook his head and said, “I still have a few people to meet. But you can head back first if you want, Headmaster Astoria.”

“A few more people, huh?” Headmaster Astoria suddenly sour for some reason and said, “If you don’t mind, I will continue to tag—”

“You came to my academy but didn’t plan on meeting me, hm? Headmaster Astoria? Do I not deserve to be greeted during your visits anymore?” Headmaster Tabitha’s voice transmitted to her, sounding a little upset.

“It looks like I have to see Headmaster Tabitha first,” Astoria informed Vaan with a helpless look.

Vaan acknowledged her departure with a nod.

Shortly after Astoria headed up to the headmaster’s office, Vaan made his way to the library to see Dahlia, then Cyrena after.

Meanwhile, Astoria barged into Headmaster Tabitha’s office without knocking.

“What do you want?” Astoria coolly asked.

“My, quite the terrible attitude you have there, Headmaster Astoria,” Tabitha expressed her surprise before she slyly smiled. “It seems like I interrupted something good.”

“When did you get acquainted with Vahn Cadieux? Furthermore, you seemed quite close to him. Did you finally find someone you fancy?”

“Unfortunately, you can’t have him. You see, I’ve also taken an interest in him,” Tabitha licked her lips flirtatiously as if she couldn’t wait to eat Vaan.

However, Astoria knew that Tabitha wasn’t serious. It was clear that she was being teased. That said, there might be little truth in her words.

As such, she couldn’t help but feel irritated when she heard Tabitha speak. It was as if the person was going to take something that belonged to her.

“Look, I know you are upset that I didn’t come to see you first, and I apologize for that,” Astoria said before she added, “But whether you like it or not, you weren’t at the top of my priorities.”

The corners of Tabitha’s eyes twitched before she furrowed her brows.

“I’m not at the top of your priority when you visit my academy? My, it looks like you really like that Vahn Cadieux guy. Did he cast a spell on you or something? How did you fall so quickly? I thought you were too busy chasing…” Tabitha spouted before she suddenly paused to think.

But before she could think further, Astoria snorted and said, “Had it been too long since we last sparred, Headmaster Tabitha? Because it looks like you are seriously asking for one!”


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