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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 208: Astoria’s Request Bahasa Indonesia

It was only for a brief moment, but Vaan had seen the Fallen Witch’s appearance. Elvira was truly the ugliest witch he had ever seen.

At the same time, he had confirmed his suspicions regarding the Fallen Witch.

Elvira Ashenborn had performed body transmutation on herself and merged with a goblin. She had the green skin and long curly nose of a goblin, not to mention the hunchback and shriveled limbs.

Nevertheless, after fleeing through the earthen wall and leaving the rock mountain lair through his own exit, Vaan saw the outside situation with his own eyes.

While Astoria and Ember dealt with the Fallen Witch, Lord Helia commanded the remaining aura users and witches to deal with the wolf-men and goblin hordes.

‘It looks like the misunderstanding between the wolf-men and goblins was cleared up. Or is it just a temporary truce in the face of a greater enemy?’ Vaan mused.

Nevertheless, the situation was not looking good on Lord Helia’s side.

Without Headmaster Astoria and Marquis Ember to assist them, they were being outnumbered and overpowered by the wolf-men and goblin horde.

It would be a pity if Lord Helia died as it would put an end to their business cooperation, but it would also cut off loose ends.

At the very least, the Delarosa Household would never find out he borrowed their name to make a deal to earn mana stones with Lord Helia.

As for the life and death of everyone else, they were unrelated to him; his life was more important.


Astoria’s distant shout was heard.


Astoria’s greatsword flew over with incredible speed before it crashed into the ground in front of Vaan, forcing him to pause his steps.

At the same time, Astoria quickly flew over to retrieve her greatsword while obstructing Vaan’s path.

“It’s great to see you are still around, even one step ahead of us. You were the one who instigated the wolf-men and goblins to fight each other, right? Thanks to you, we found our way here,” Astoria mentioned.

“However, the situation is not good, as you can see. You must be very capable in order to sneak into the pocket realm and enter the Fallen Witch’s lair on your own.”

“I won’t question your agenda for doing so, so please help us. Your strength is needed,” Astoria formally requested before she added, “Lord Helia and the others will die without your help.”

“Step aside, High Witch. Who are you to block my—”

“Aeliana, enough.”

Vaan silenced Aeliana before she could call him Lord in front of Headmaster Astoria, which would create complications later if they made it out alive.

Nevertheless, Astoria heard Aeliana’s name and stared at her with shock.

“You’re Solana’s child? The Lord of Sunpeak Town that went—”

“Hurry up, Headmaster Astoria! I can’t handle Elvira on my own!”

Ember’s distant cry quickly snapped Astoria out of her shock and disbelief before she shook her head and shoved aside all of her distracting thoughts.

“Hold on a little longer, Marquis Ember! I’ll be over shortly!” Astoria shouted into the distance before turning back to Vaan.

“Please! I can tell from the look in your eyes—That’s the eyes of a strong person. You have the ability to make a difference! I’m ashamed to ask for your help when I still don’t know your name. However, you signed up for this expedition, so please follow it through to the end.”

“Your contribution will not go unrewarded!”

“Dammit, Headmaster Astoria! What are you doing over there?! I can’t hold on anymore! Elvira’s power is no joke! She is definitely a Mid-stage High Witch!” Ember cried as she defended herself from a barrage of black water lances.

“I’m coming!”

Shortly after throwing out those words, Astoria quickly left and returned to Ember’s side, helping her shoulder some of the burdens of facing Elvira.

She didn’t bother persuading Vaan further. She did not have the luxury of time to spare when Ember desperately needed her help.

The Fallen Witch was far stronger than they expected.

“What will you do, my Lord?” Aeliana softly asked while she was being carried on Vaan’s back with her arms wrapped around his neck.

“I suppose we can stick around for a bit and ensure the expedition group isn’t wiped out by the wolf-men and goblins. However, we’ll immediately leave if the situation takes a turn for the worse,” Vaan said after some thought.

He saw the hint of threat in Headmaster Astoria’s eyes as she was leaving.

Although he wasn’t afraid of trouble, it would still be troublesome if he earned the vengeful grudge of someone powerful like Headmaster Astoria.

Furthermore, as Astoria mentioned, he could make a difference.

That said, helping the expedition group win against wolf-men and goblins would only save a few lives, including Lord Helia’s.

However, it wouldn’t make much difference if the Fallen Witch could not be defeated.

“Why do you hide your abilities, my Lord? With your strength, you would be respected anywhere you go,” Aeliana quietly asked, vaguely sensing Vaan’s strength through their soul-link.

“That’s a strange thing to ask, Aeliana. As a witch, you should understand how men are treated in the witch kingdoms,” Vaan calmly replied.

“Superficial respect does not benefit me. Witches value strong men—but only if they can be used. Undoubtedly, rows of notable witches will line up to recruit me, including those supremacists. And if they can’t have me, they will find ways to destroy me.”

“After all, the nail that stands out gets hammered down. Although recent years have improved in the treatment of men, those supremacist witches from the capital are still a big headache. Currently, my foundation and backings are still lacking to deal with them.”

“Now is not the right time to reveal all my cards,” Vaan calmly stated.

As he spoke, he made his way toward the expedition group’s battlefield with his Rank 2 Unicorn Horn Spear withdrawn from the Heaven-Swallowing Space.

“Focus on recollecting your spores and recover your strength. Your power might be needed later, Aeliana,” Vaan instructed.

“I understand, my Lord,” Aeliana nodded before expressing her guilt apologetically, “I am deeply sorry for weighing you down, my Lord.”

“Don’t mind it.”

While everyone in the expedition was busy fending for themselves and trying to stay alive, Vaan dived into the battle while keeping Aeliana on his back.


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