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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 151: Vaan’s Maxim Bahasa Indonesia

“How should we settle this, huh? That bozo picked a fight with someone he couldn’t afford to offend and got his ass beat. How do you think we should settle this?” Vaan coolly replied.

After he finished leaking, he washed his hands with soap, dried them, and retrieved his bag from the bench. He was prepared to leave if Bram Krauss had nothing else to say.

“I don’t want to fight,” Bram Krauss stated with a slight frown before saying, “However, the boys under me are not happy with your conduct. And it is up to me, their boss, to answer to the injustice they feel.”

“Their boss, you say?” Vaan glanced at Bram Krauss while holding the leather bag over his shoulders. “Aren’t you mistaking a puppet for a boss? A boss is someone who leads his people, not someone swayed into action by them.”

“If they have a problem with me, they can come to face me themselves. Not cry to their big boss for help. That’s what bullies are; strong in numbers, weak in heart. And if that’s all you are, you won’t amount to much after leaving the academy.”

“What do you mean?” Bram Krauss simply frowned despite Vaan’s grating words.

“Do you think you are helping the boys under you if you stand up for them when they are wronged? Wrong. You are ruining them,” Vaan stated.

“The weak band together for protection while the strong accept all challenges regardless of whether they can win or lose. Duels and spars are encouraged in the academy for a reason. Only through numerous battles will aura users grow quickly.”

“Battle experiences are what they need to refine their skills and combat senses. It’s not something you can just gain by doing extreme physical training. You won’t find many places like the academy where you can fight and have someone to heal you.”

“You won’t be so fortunate once you leave the academy,” Vaan stated.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t strengthen his body through any form of aura training. Thus, he was easily killed by aura-powered attacks, even though he was within the academy.

Of course, Vaan was no longer the same person he once was in the Blackmoon Academy.

“I see. I have learned from you, Vahn Cadieux. That is your name, correct? You speak valuable words of wisdom,” Bram Krauss was enlightened by Vaan before he knitted his brows. “However, I don’t understand why you are telling me this.”

“How does this benefit you?” Bram Krauss wondered.

“How does it benefit me? Well, obviously, I am encouraging you to fight me. I can see that you are quite a reasonable guy. However, you don’t need to dislike a person to fight them. I’m sure we can both benefit from our duel,” Vaan stated.

Considering the person in front of him was likely one of the strongest servants in the academy. He couldn’t ask for a better sparring partner to test his strength.

“Furthermore, you can also give an answer to your men regardless of the result of our duel. Of course, I know I will win for sure, but that is beside the point,” Vaan calmly added.

“Bahaha! You are absolutely right! I like your confidence. Then, let us fight at a more appropriate time and place. I am Bram of Krauss. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Bram Krauss burst into a fit of laughter before extending a hand for a handshake shortly after.

However, Vaan glanced down at Bram Krauss’s hand and firmly refused, “I am not shaking that hand.”

“Hoho, I see. I don’t deserve a handshake, huh? I suppose I will only earn it after our duel,” Bram Krauss retracting his hand without feeling offended.

He had completely misunderstood Vaan’s reason for refusing to shake his hand.

Nevertheless, Vaan didn’t see the need to explain to Bram Krauss and continued to let the person misunderstand his reason.

After they decided to meet on the first training field at the end of the fourth class period for their duel, Vaan left the restroom with his bag.

A whole crowd of servants was gathered outside of the restroom. They quickly made way for Vaan when they saw him exit alone.

Shortly after, they stared at his departing back with doubt, uncertain of what happened inside the restroom with Bram Krauss.

Nevertheless, Vaan ignored the curious gazes and returned to the library.

“Vahn, you’re back. You’re a little late. I was beginning to think that you weren’t going to come back,” Dahlia Payne welcomed him back as he stepped inside the library.

“I was held back by some other matters, but I believe I returned on time, my Lady,” Vaan replied with a calm smile.

Right after he spoke, the academy’s bell rang, signifying the end of the second period and the start of lunch break.

“I was hoping you would return sooner since I prepared lunch for you… But I guess you must have eaten while you were in the city,” Dahlia Payne mentioned with some disappointment.

Vaan followed her gaze and noticed the food tray on the counter.

The roast chicken with herbs on it exuded an appetizing and invigorating aroma. It was a type of spiritual food with plenty of health benefits.

Furthermore, it was certainly not cheap to purchase.

“It’s true that I had a light brunch while I was out, but I still have room to eat. However, even if the food had gone cold or I was full, I would still eat it since you had thoughtfully prepared it for me. Thank you, my Lady.”

Vaan strolled forward, boldly wrapping his arm around Dahlia Payne’s waist, and gave her a quick and passionate kiss as a reward.

“You have such a sweet mouth, Vahn,” Dahlia Payne softly said with a flushed face, feeling a little too excited from the abrupt kiss.

Vaan responded with a slight smile.

One had to take extra efforts to flatter witches and make them happy to live a comfortable and easy life.

A happy wife equals happy life.

Although this proverb was only applicable to married men, the message was clear for all.

That being said, during Vaan’s work experience in the red-light district, he did come up with a general truth that was applicable to all men regardless of their present relationship statuses.

Make her pussy wet, not her eyes, and she will make your dick hard, not your life – Vaan had lived by those words until now.


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