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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 147: Enraged Servants Bahasa Indonesia

Redpine Academy

Sabrina Redwood and Alicia Whitmore attended their lesson in the second-year classroom for Magic Applications on the second floor.

As they arrived slightly later than usual, the classroom was already brimming with second-year students.

Sabrina Redwood quickly parted with Alicia Whitmore and went over to sit with her two good friends, Euphenia Deamonne and Glinda Shadowmend.

Generally, Sabrina Redwood and Alicia Whitmore were among the less assuming and popular groups. They usually don’t attract much attention.

However, today, Sabrina Redwood and Alicia Whitmore received second glances from their classmates as the two entered the classroom.

The young witches in the classroom could not help but feel like there was something different about the two. Their aura changed, and their skin seemed like they were glowing.

On the side, a row of servants could not help but stare at Sabrina Redwood and Alicia Whitmore longer.

“Did Lady Sabrina and Lady Alicia become more beautiful overnight?” a male servant wondered with doubt.

“You also think so?” another male servant turned to ask, feeling the same way.

It wasn’t the first time the servants had seen Sabrina Redwood and Alicia Whitmore in the academy. In fact, they had seen the two young witches too many times to count.

However, today, some of the servants felt their heartstrings getting pulled when Sabrina Redwood and Alicia Whitmore glance past them with their confident and brilliant smiles.

Of course, Sabrina Redwood and Alicia Whitmore didn’t look at the servants specifically. They were just scanning the room.

“Why haven’t I noticed how beautiful they were until now?” another servant muttered.

After Sabrina Redwood took her seat, Euphenia Deamonne and Glinda Shadowmend each hugged her sides with intense curiosity.

“So, how did it go last night? Did you go all the way? You look quite different today, even though your appearance hasn’t changed a single bit. How peculiar,” Euphenia Deamonne mentioned softly.

“Keep it a secret, will you?” Sabrina Redwood replied wryly.

Naturally, she didn’t care if the entire academy found out she had been deflowered. She was only worried about everyone learning about Vahn Cadieux.

Nevertheless, Sabrina Redwood’s words were easily understood as an indirect admission to Euphenia Deamoone’s question.

“Seems like I went really well. I got it. My lips are sealed, Sabrina,” Euphenia Deamonne reassured.

Meanwhile, Alicia Whitmore was also flocked by her deskmate after she sat down, leaning back comfortably on her seat with her legs crossed on her desk.

“Hey, Alicia. What did something good happen to you? What did you do last night? You seem like a different person today.”

“What nonsense are you spouting? I am still me; nothing has changed. And why are you suddenly interested in what I did last night? We’re not that close. I don’t need to tell you anything.”

Although the young witches around Alicia Whitmore were interested in her change, they couldn’t do anything with her unapproachable attitude.

The young witches feared that if they pushed the topic, they would get scratched by the wild beast.

With no one else to pester her, Alicia Whitmore placed an open book over her face to take a nap until the teacher arrived.

Nevertheless, rumors started to spread among the second-year witches regarding Sabrina Redwood and Alicia Whitmore after the first class.

And from the second-year witches, the rumors spread to the servants.

In particular, the rumors made their way to the circle of servants who had not been selected to serve any witches but wanted to be selected.

“Oi, Rehan. I heard something interesting from the first class of Magic Applications. Apparently, someone else has laid claims on Lady Sabrina, the one you’ve been watching,” a burly servant with a buzz cut mentioned.


Another burly servant with short curly hair that went by the name Rehan Vexx quickly froze after hearing the news.

But in the next moment, Rehan Vexx’s expression contorted with anger.

“Boss Bram promised me that all of the brothers under him would leave Lady Sabrina for me! Which ignorant bastard dares to touch my Lady!? Tell me who it was, Damek! I will break his dog legs!” Rehan Vexx barked with a livid expression.

“Kekeke, how unfortunate for you, Rehan. You pursued Lady Sabrina for three months, but it was all for nothing. Actually, it’s not that bad. Lady Sabrina might take you in as her second man if you try hard enough.”

A third servant with black undercut hair chuckled at Rehan Vexx, feeling amused by the situation.

Someone obviously didn’t want to live anymore by touching a marked witch, who Boss Bram had approved for Rehan Vexx.

“Why are you laughing, Barett? According to the rumors, Lady Alicia, who you’ve been pursuing, was also taken by someone. She’s not pure anymore, so you can only settle for second place now,” the buzz-cut servant named Damek Howler stated.

“What?!” Barett Dred’s expression turned livid.

“Which bastard did it?! Does he not understand the unspoken rule among the servants of this academy?! This person didn’t put Boss Bram’s words in his eyes! And he doesn’t respect Boss Osran, whom I follow either! Simply courting death!”

“Lady Sabrina and Lady Alicia share the same dorm room. It can’t be the same person, right?” Rehan Vexx wondered with an angry frown.

Within the Redpine Academy, not all male witch descendants working in the academy served a witch as their master.

Many entered the academy under personal recommendations to work, but more importantly, to find a witch to serve. Of course, becoming lovers with their chosen witch was also the ideal dream.

However, male witch descendants in the academy were more likely to become witches’ private servants than lovers.

Nevertheless, the servants formed a strict hierarchy to guarantee each servant’s interest as best they could.

“Boss Bram and Boss Osran are both Peak Rank 1 Aura Warriors, each serving a fifth-year True Witch in the academy,” Damek Howler mentioned.

“Furthermore, Boss Bram and Boss Osran have dozens of followers. There’s no way the person would have dual-practiced with Lady Sabrina and Lady Alicia while knowing this. He must be someone new to the academy.”

Damek Howler guessed.

“Whatever the case is, there’s no innocence for the ignorant. That bastard is a dead man!” Barett Dred swore.

In their furious state of mind, Rehan Vexx and Barett Dred never thought about how someone managed to score Sabrina Redwood and Alicia Whitmore overnight.

They could only think about beating the person to death.

“Brothers, please help me find this bastard!”

“Of course.”


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