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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 127: Exclusive Contract Bahasa Indonesia

Vaan didn’t forget to throw out more bait after planting his seeds, even if it meant making himself look like a manwhore on the streets trying to sell his body.

And as expected, Sabrina immediately took the bait as she turned around with a look of curiosity, postponing her departure.

“What do you mean by an exclusive contract, Vahn?” Sabrina asked.

“Exactly as it sounds, my Lady,” Vaan calmly said.

“It means you will only seek me for dual practice and no one else. If you do seek other men for dual practice while under an exclusive contract with me, it will be the immediate termination of our contract and my services.”

“This…” Sabrina furrowed her brows before saying, “This means that even if I have a lover, I can’t do anything with him while under the contract with you, right?”

“That’s what an exclusive contract means, my Lady,” Vaan acknowledged with a nod.

Sabrina quickly frowned before Euphenia barged in to their conversation and asked, “Can more than one person enter this dual practice exclusive contract with you, Vahn?”

“Yes, but this is a special deal that I only offer to witches who have yet to dual practice before, my Lady,” Vaan patiently explained.

“That means we can only dual-practice with you, while you can dual-practice with as many women under an exclusive contract with you,” mentioned Glinda.

Glinda had the best hourglass figure out of the three, and her rear and breasts developed nicely. She had groomed herself well for the day she finds the one for her.

However, Vaan wanted to monopolize them, which happens very rarely for a man. It was usually the other way around in the present age.

After all, men can only follow a single witch unless they work in the red-light district where they are not bound by any witch.

“This doesn’t sound very fair, does it?” Glinda asked shortly after with narrowed eyes. “In fact, it sounds very ambitious of you. Do you think you’re worth it, Vahn?”

“I don’t force anyone to enter the exclusive contract with me, nor do I dare, my Lady,” Vaan calmly stated before adding, “However, I do provide a full-body massage for free to let witches have a taste of what I am capable of and what they’re getting into.”

“Furthermore, you can always terminate the contract when you want to end my service and find someone else,” Vaan added.

“What benefits do we get from entering an exclusive contract for dual practice with you, Vahn?” Sabrina asked, feeling a little interested but more so curious about the free full-body massage.

“Those under an exclusive contract with me will receive my services for free, my Lady. Others will only receive a one-time free service. The following service will be charged, and it will also depend on my availability,” Vaan explained.

“How much do you charge for dual practice, Vahn?” Euphenia asked with a thoughtful look.

In her mind, Vaan had changed from a noble household’s young master to a common manwhore on the streets.

However, that didn’t make Vaan any less likable; it even made him more approachable.

“I don’t charge for dual practice service, my Lady. It’s only limited to witches with exclusive contracts with me,” Vaan replied.

Vaan had always been clear with his terms of service, even back in the Blackmoon Academy.

Massage services were open to all, but only dual practices were limited to exclusive contracts. He didn’t want to risk catching the Zellera’s Curse.

Alas, there were also self-entitled witches like the spoiled princess of Blackmoon City, who didn’t respect his rules and wanted more.

“Limited to exclusive contracts…” Sabrina muttered thoughtfully before smiling. “About the free full-body massage, can I try now?”

Vaan didn’t answer immediately.

After glancing around the library and determining the time of the night, he deemed that there wouldn’t be any more visitors to the library.

Thus, he was free to close the library and leave to do other things.

“Yes, my Lady,” Vaan confirmed with a nod before adding, “However, I don’t have any private room to carry out the service yet. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to experience my full-body massage here in the library either, my Lady.”

“Hmm, that’s true,” Sabrina calmly nodded, but then her eyes lit up eagerly the next moment. “Then, would you like to return to my room and perform it there, Vahn?”

“If Lady Sabrina invites me, I see no reason to refuse,” Vaan answered with a smile.

“Great! Then it’s settled!” Sabrina exclaimed, feeling a little excited and expectant about the full-body massage.

Nevertheless, Euphenia and Glinda quickly pulled Sabrina to the side just as she was about to leave with Vahn.

“Are you really going to try the full-body massage, Sabrina? He could be trying to take advantage of you, you know?” Glinda whispered into Sabrina’s left ear.

“Well, it’s a bit too much to say that Vahn could be taking advantage of her since his massage was indeed great,” Euphenia whispered to Glinda before turning back to Sabrina. “But you’re thinking about the exclusive contract, aren’t you? Sabrina?”

“Well, I did think about it. If Vahn’s full-body massage is indeed great, I might consider it,” Sabrina seriously thought.

“Think about it; we’ve all become True Witches in our second year, but the others are improving faster than us. I bet they are secretly dual practicing with their servants. Take that bitch, Bellatrix, for example. I’m familiar with her family background. She shouldn’t be wealthy enough to afford many mana stones, magic potions, or miraculous medicines.”

“If Vahn can make me improve much faster than someone cocky like her, then I don’t mind giving him my first time,” Sabrina stated.

“Still, aren’t you rushing things, Sabrina?” Glinda whispered with concern before adding, “We’ve only just met Vahn today.”

“Well, this is strictly business, so why does it matter? That being said, I still need to check how great his full-body massage is. I’ll let you both know after I experience it,” Sabrina said while shoving the two out of the library in a different direction from where she was going to head.

Shortly after getting rid of Euphenia and Glinda, Sabrina turned back to Vaan.

“Follow me, Vahn.”

“Sure thing, my Lady.”


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