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The Witch Hunter System – Chapter 123: Dahlia’s Problem Bahasa Indonesia

“That’s true, but… Ahh…”

Due to her reservation as a lady, Dahlia Payne had some aversion to Vaan’s massage, which could make her lose her mind and not think straight.

Such a thing was quite scary to her.

However, her breast was assaulted without warning, and a tantalizing sensation spread across her body, ensnaring her heart, mind, and body in the cage of euphoria.

Another soft moan escaped her lips, and an inexplicable sense of pleasure filled her body.

It was nothing compared to the eye massage earlier.

Vaan slowly worked his magic fingers around Dahlia Payne’s chest to her arms and legs before mounting on top of her and fondling her supple breasts, which weren’t overly large nor too small.

They fit perfectly in his hands.

In truth, Vaan did not need to perform a full-body massage to study Dahlia Payne’s body.

Vaan’s upgraded sense of touch and tremor sense worked wonders, allowing him to sense the changes in her body with just the eye massage.

He was just collecting interest with the extra massage to compensate for the time he wasted cleaning up the library.

After Vaan slowly weakened Dahlia Payne’s defenses, he started carving a way into her heart. His hand slid down her body and slipped under her skirt before reaching up to her tight flower bud.


Dahlia Payne’s hand instinctively grabbed Vaan’s hand before she looked into his eyes with her own, which were filled with a mixture of suppressed desire and resistance.

“Y-You can’t, Vahn. It’s not right for us to be doing this when we just met,” or so Dahlia Payne said.

However, her tone was a little weak, her resistance was almost non-existent, and her heart was beating wildly with a vague sense of excitement.

With a few more magical touches, Dahlia Payne’s body suddenly quivered from reaching climax before melting with softness.

In that instance, Dahlia Payne felt like it wasn’t so bad to let herself loose.

Dahlia Payne suddenly raised her head and glanced at Vaan’s handsome face with an irresistible and charming smile.

She could see him more clearly without her glasses after the slight improvement in her eyesight.

“I’m not a very attractive woman, and no man has looked at me the same way you do. If you desire me that much, I feel like I should answer to those desires.”

“You shouldn’t devalue yourself, my Lady. You are a very charming woman. If you dress up and have more confidence in yourself like others, you can also be attractive—if not more.”

Dahlia Payne’s eyes flickered at Vaan’s words before she suddenly wrapped her arms around Vaan’s neck.

“Hey, Vahn. Are you sure you haven’t been trying to take advantage of me from the start? You weren’t serious about looking into my illness, right?” Dahlia Payne softly asked.

Vaan’s eyes flickered.

Although Dahlia Payne’s alluring voice was filled with seduction, there was also a hint of hidden danger mixed within them.

“I meant what I said about your health being of utmost importance, my Lady. I may have been a little dishonest, but I’ve already figured out your problem, my Lady,” Vaan calmly replied before adding, “That being said, it would be a shame if we stop here, right?”

Dahlia Payne narrowed her eyes for a moment before her smile widened charmingly again.

“Heh, you’re right. It would be a shame for us to stop here. It’s not like I am losing out on anything. With your skill level, I might grow faster this way,” Dahlia Payne licked her lips flirtatiously before saying, “As such, I’ll believe you.”

“However, if I end up finding out you lied to me… you understand the consequences, right?” Dahlia Payne added with a hint of threat.

“Then wouldn’t you like to hear what your problem is first, my Lady?” Vaan replied with a calm smile, but he was thinking about Dahlia Payne’s character change in his mind.

It was as if he had flicked on a switch and awakened something inside of her.

“Save it; I will hear about it later. We should enjoy ourselves. You did plan for this, did you not? Well, I can’t hold back any longer!”

Right after throwing out those words, Dahlia Payne stole Vaan’s lips, unleashing her pent-up feelings of lust.

Dahlia Payne kissed Vaan passionately, but it was clear to him that she was inexperienced despite her assertiveness.

Vaan slowly fought back with his tongue and reclaimed his dominance of the situation before leading Dahlia Payne on, making her feel pleasurable.


After Vaan lifted Dahlia Payne’s skirt, their clothes slowly disappeared piece by piece, and their bodies connected and a furious battle on the double-sized mattress.

Sometime later, Vaan and Dahlia Payne lay in each other’s arms and enjoyed each other’s warmth at the end of their seventh round—or more precisely, the end of Dahlia Payne’s seventh round.

“You can talk about the issue with my problem now, Vahn,” Dahlia Payne stated after her passion died down.

Nevertheless, she made herself comfortable by resting her head on Vaan’s bare chest and rubbing her silky smooth legs against Vaan’s.

“Actually, your issue isn’t very serious, my Lady. It’s just a temporary problem. Of course, it can also become serious if you are not attentive.”

“Oh? Elaborate for me, Vahn. Don’t speak in circles.”

“It’s because your mana is of the wind attribute, and it hasn’t been stabilized after you became a Senior Witch, my Lady,” Vaan stated.

“The enchantments in the library books all have anti-erosion spells, which mainly ward off the air around them. Because your unstabilized mana is of the wind attribute, the enchantment spells also repels the wind-attribute mana in your body when you come in contact with the enchanted books.”

“This causes reverse flow in your wind-attribute mana. And as we know, the reverse flow of mana is a dangerous process. That’s why you sneeze so violently, my Lady,” Vaan explained.

“Fortunately, that also acts as a kind of self-defense mechanism in your body, forcing you to release the enchanted books, my Lady. Otherwise, it’s hard to say what would happen if you prolonged the reverse mana flow.”

“I see… That all makes perfect sense. No wonder this strange situation only happens to me,” Dahlia Payne’s eyes brightened with enlightenment. “I just need to wait until my mana stabilizes before I can read books normally again.”

“Actually, your mana should have already been stabilized during our intimate session, my Lady. Of course, we can also continue if it hasn’t,” Vaan said with a slight smile.

“Oh?” Dahlia Payne raised an eyebrow in surprise before lifting her head to glance at Vaan. “I thought you just wanted to get under my skirt. Did you actually plan all of this from the start?”

“That… Well, I’ll just leave that to your imagination, my Lady,” Vaan replied vaguely with a slight smile.

However, it was also a smile that Dahlia Payne found irresistibly charming and handsome. It captivated her.

“I’m a bit sore, but we can continue,” Dahlia Payne whispered with sudden shyness.


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