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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 86 Bahasa Indonesia

Cedric Vercelona Michelio II was a man of his word.

He did not forget what he had said to Dalia. That he will surely, undoubtedly, certainly make it up to her for that day. No matter what.

Shortly after Duke Artus left the mansion, Felix Artus regained his consciousness.

It wasn’t long before he learned that he had become a mockery of the capital.

It was because Merida appeared as if she was worried and has been chattering all kinds of curses and spiteful remarks.

While emphasizing several times that he had made the Pesteros to stand on the exact opposite side rather than on their side.

At the same time, she didn’t forget to smile at the end, saying that she was only letting him know of the rumor.

‘That damn bitch.’

As soon as he becomes the Duke, he will immediately marry her off, out of his sight.

Not knowing that his very thought aggravates their relationship, Felix seethe in anger.

He managed to get up from his bed, bathe and dress himself up. It took him an hour to get his hair done, and only then did he remember how he was humiliated because of what happened yesterday.

It wasn’t enough that his seemingly good offer was rejected, he even got hit by Beolde.

‘Damn you, crazy granny! Just because your face looks young, you think you can just get away!’

But when he thought about yesterday, he started to tremble again.

A transcendent is not a transcendent for nothing. They were different from ordinary people. Unlike when Merida retorted clearly when Meldon came out of nowhere, he only managed to sloppily get away and couldn’t say a word properly.

‘Merida is a monster.’

A shadow fell once more before his eyes.

He raised his head.

Before he knew it, Cedric was in his room. Cedric was looking down at him with a smile similar to yesterday.

“Hello, Felix.”

As he stared blankly at Cedric, the door suddenly opened again and Merida poked out her head.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. Sorry.”


The door closed. He couldn’t bring himself to curse at Merida.

He sat at the coffee table, with trembling hands, and had the maid serve tea.

However Cedric sat across from him and gently dissuaded him.

“It’s okay, I’ll be done soon. You go out.”

Cedric naturally sent the maid out. He didn’t look very angry.

After all, why would Cedric be mad at him? Although Dalia was Cedric’s partner, he was not told there was anything between the two.

As Felix was inwardly relieved, his head suddenly slumped down mid-air.

Almost to the point where his nose touched the coffee table.

He bowed his head like that and didn’t really understand what had happened to him.

It seemed that something strange was going on. Because, there were only Cedric and himself in this place, and he didn’t want to bow his head.


Cedric called him with a friendly voice.

However, contrary to his voice, the pressure on his head was getting worse. Cedric’s calm voice was heard again from above.

“Answer me, Felix.”

Felix couldn’t believe it.

He was the eldest son of the Duke’s family and the future Duke of Artus.

No matter how offensive it was to touch his partner, he had no right to do this to him.

‘I, I need to argue about this.’

“What, what do you think you’re doing……?”

“Yeah. What am I doing here?”

Cedric sounded somewhat self-satisfied.

“It’s really weird. Why do people even make me do this?”

“……Just, just what……”

“I’ve forgotten all this time, but you’ve reminded me again.”

At that moment, something unbelievable happened before Felix’s eyes.

There was a lake-like transparent pool of water in the middle of the coffee table, which was obviously made from hardwood.

Even the color of the water, which was sky-blue, gradually changed to dark blue as if it were getting deeper and deeper.

“Sorry. I didn’t pay attention to you. You were thirsty, I should have asked them to bring you tea.”

“Your, Your Highness……”

“Drink a lot.”

A friendly voice mixed with ridicule.

The pressure on his head became stronger.

At this rate, his nose will reach the water surface before his lips. What happened after that……he didn’t want to imagine it.

He struggled, but to no avail. Is he going to die in his own mansion? Unfairly like this?

The fact that there is no transcendent in the family means that there is no one that will feel something strange and run to him at times like this. Even if he dies here right now, no one will know until someone enters this room.

Cedric put a man’s life on the palm of his hand and still spoke in an indifferent voice.

“Why don’t you know your place, Felix?”


“I envy you. I want to live stupidly like that too. I really mean it. But a brain like yours is naturally gifted.”

Transcendents are inherently like this.

Felix’s body trembled.

He tried to hold back his tears, but his tears fell without him realizing it.

His tears fell on the surface of the puddle.


His heart was broken.

He was scared. It seemed that this would continue to await him even when he became the Duke of Artus.

Beolde, Meldon, Cedric, and such monsters could not be dealt with unless it was the same Transcendent.

‘I can’t. I can’t do it.’

If he became the Duke of Artus, there would certainly be countless conflicts with the other Dukes, and if he had to face such things every time, he would rather die now.

“Felix, are you crying?”

Cedric’s voice sounded dumbfounded.

Then he burst into laughter.

Soon, the pressure on his head was lifted, and the pool of water in front of him disappeared.

Felix sprang from his seat like someone struck by lightning.

Then he stared blankly at Cedric in front of him. He was smiling as if he had seen a really interesting sight.

“I was just joking. Why are you so serious?”


“There is nothing to cry about. You’re really……weak-minded.”

Cedric rose from his seat with a smile.

Felix casually looked at his watch. It hasn’t been ten minutes since he came. It was really not enough time to even drink tea.

Cedric grabbed the door frame with his hand as he left the room, closed his eyes and smiled.

“Come visit the Imperial Palace next time. Let’s have another cup of tea, Felix.”

He didn’t drink tea.

Felix, who seemed to know what ‘tea’ Cedric was referring to, lost strength in his legs and collapsed.

‘……I can’t do it. I’ll never be a Duke.’

This was exactly what Cedric intended.

He could read all of Felix’s thoughts right now.

As he walked down the hallway following the maid’s guidance, his smile was mixed with annoyance.

‘This way I’m going to let Meldon look good.’

But Felix crossed the line first. Dalia also seemed to want Meldon to be the Duke of Artus.

Cedric suddenly thought of Dalia.

It’s not that he hasn’t done anything since it was evident that Dalia was kidnapped that day.

What amazes him sometimes is that Dalia’s actions are largely consistent with what he plans to do.

She was acting as if she had read Cedric’s mind, and moreover, as if she knew everything.


Thinking of her made him miss her again.

He felt so many disgusting emotions with Felix. He wanted to see Dalia quickly.

She never took him seriously, even though she had read countless reports he had written, and had seen dozens of such pessimistic and negative ones.

He spent quite a lot of time with her.

In all that time, he never once felt that she truly hated, despised, and looked down on others.

It was surprising. He has always read other people’s mind, greed, and darkness. Even when he didn’t want to, the emotions were forced to flow in.

But he’s only been able to read her feelings once.

When she falls with the awakened Hikan.

‘I want to save this person.’

‘I want this person to be happy.’

It was a strong wish and desire that consumed all of his soul.

He had felt a lot of emotions so far, but he had never felt that kind of emotion before.

It was shocking enough to completely change his worldview and mindset. However, the more he was with another human being, the more he became immersed in their emotions. He realizes again why he hates humans.

That won’t do.

Because Dalia wanted him to understand humans and to like other people.

‘I’m trying my best, Dalia. So I hope you can come to see me soon.’

If he meets her, he will be able to love the world again.

Cedric thought.

Translator Note: Ohh no wonder Cedric went back home in love at that time.

**haha sorry for the very late update..I think I will update either on Friday or Saturday after this..depending on my mood and motivation hahaha


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