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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 73 Bahasa Indonesia

Three weeks after that. Dalia often met with both Cedric and Adrisha during her spare time and they studied in various fields, that was when Wayne came to see Dalia in the carriage.

He succeeded in following Hikan’s subordinate and finding the traces of Beolde Mershain.

“I found her easier than I thought. That person doesn’t really……hide her track.”

It meant that she was living as recklessly as she could regardless of whether she would get caught.

Wayne recounted what he had found about Beolde. What he said was truly shocking.

Beolde was said to have formed her own organization in the underground world and have criminals as the members.

Of course, she did not openly act under her real name. However, she did not show any intention to hide it.

‘So brother also…….’

“She’s a subject of surveillance in many ways.”

If she was the head of a criminal organization, she would indeed be a subject for surveillance.

Dalia finally understands what he meant now that she knows the true meaning of those words.

Even though she worked on it explicitly, the current Duke of Mershain couldn’t admit that his older sister and former head of family was a criminal, so he was in a rush to hide it. She was sorry to say this to a stranger, but she felt sorry for him.

Since she was a transcendent and the head of a Ducal family, she desired nothing, whether it was money or power, but there was no other explanation for the fact that she turned to that direction except that crime was suitable for her.


“Then, since it would be impossible to approach her, should we just wait until brother secretly goes and meets her?”

Dalia said with a weak voice. But Wayne shook his head.

“No, I don’t recommend that.”

It was an unexpected firm tone.


“I don’t think Lady Beolde will respond to Duke Hikan Pesteros’s request. It seems that the Duke has already noticed the person she has attached to him and is contemplating whether to kill or save him.”


She needs to meet Beolde as soon as possible before an accident occurs.

Dalia urgently asked.

“Then can Wayne connect her to me?”

Wayne gave a heavy nod after a while.

“There’s a way to do that.”

“When will we be able to meet?”

“…… Are you really going to be okay? I am truly concerned about Miss. She is not someone who will cover and change her behavior.”

“It’s okay. I have a way. Trust me.”

It was unknown whether it would work or not, but the probability of success was close to 80%. Dalia was confident.

But if she were in Wayne’s shoes right now, it would be impossible to trust her.

But in the end, Wayne gave up.

“Okay. I’ll trust the wit that Miss showed me last time.”


“I’ll see you in a week, at 6 p.m. at the same place as last time. Just in case, I’ll be prepared for any situation.”

“Thank you.”

Wayne silently left.

That night, Dalia opened up the parchment paper given by the fortune teller, preparing for the big event.

As it was a plan that she had worked hard on, she hoped that it would be successful if possible.

She tried to simulate what she would do in the case of all kinds of unexpected situations, and then went to bed with confidence.

Before she knew it, the day that Wayne promised for her to meet Beolde had arrived.

Dalia arrived at the place where she was supposed to meet Wayne with nervousness.

She arrived more than 30 minutes earlier than expected because she was very nervous. She pondered for a bit and decided to send her coachman back.

She didn’t want to let him spend dangerous time with her for nothing.

However, she was worried about pickpockets now that she was alone. Dalia was contemplating and held the bag in her arms.

She was waiting for Wayne alone with her bag in her arms when-

Suddenly, she felt a heavy shock as if someone had hit her from behind.

“Cough! Cough cough!”

She coughed because she couldn’t breathe properly for a moment.

She covered her mouth with one hand.

Perhaps he was aiming for when she was caught off guard, but a hand sprang out from behind and grabbed Dalia’s bag.

As she came to her senses, she put strength to her arms so that it would not be taken away.

‘In, in just a short time?’

She realized that she had underestimated the dangers of this back alley.

But she should never lose this.

The person holding the handle of the bag from behind Dalia came to the front, as it would not work as it was.

Still, if he had been an adult man, he would have taken the bag right away, but fortunately the pickpocket that appeared was a boy a little younger than Dalia.


He clenched his teeth and tried to remove the bag from Dalia’s arms.

She put all her strength into the bag and endured it with all her might.

If this was taken away, she needs to say goodbye forever to the possibility of lifting Beolde’s curse.

It was then that she remembered the pattern that Meldon had given her.

“When you can’t use the Pesteros’s name for some reason, show them this pattern if someone is being rude.”

This was all that she could believe in now.

Dalia loosened her hand holding the bag.

When the strength that had been holding out suddenly disappeared, the boy fell to the floor.

Before he came to his senses to pick up the bag and ran away, Dalia hurriedly tapped her wrist twice.

And without the time to look around, she showed it to the boy.


The boy stared blankly at Dalia’s wrist.

Did she show him an empty wrist?

Dalia took a glance at her wrist.

Fortunately, she was safe. He should have seen enough by now. She hid the pattern by tapping her wrist twice again.

‘……Did it not work?’

Then the boy slowly moved.

He picked up the bag that had fallen on the floor, dusted it off, and politely held it to Dalia with both hands.

‘It worked.’

Dalia quietly received the bag.

The boy searched his pocket and handed it over to Dalia. It seemed to be his entire fortune, but it looked light at first glance.

‘…… I don’t need this much!’

It would be better to take candy from a child. Dalia shook her head and refused.

“Apologize instead.”

“I’m really sorry!”

The boy, who quickly hid his pocket, perfectly bent his waist.

“I’ll accept any punishment!”

Then, Wayne appeared just in time. Realizing the strange situation, he bowed to Dalia.

“I’m sorry. I should have come earlier.”

Before she knew it, Dalia received two apologies. With a sigh, she told both of them to stand up and pointed to the boy.

“…….It’s a pickpocket.”

“You did not get hurt?”

“Yeah. I was just a little surprised.”

In fact, her back was throbbing a little.

However, if she said that she had a bruise on her back, neither the boy nor Wayne would be safe.

Fortunately, she did not fall so there were no visible injuries.

“Should I hand him over to the guards?”

“Hmm……. if it’s okay with you, let’s find out who’s behind this as well.”

There was usually a larger organization behind these children. If it’s from the original, the one behind this was probably Meldon’s stepfather, Verix.

She didn’t expect much for him to be caught, but she thought that it would be better to say something.

“I understand.”

He whistled in a quiet pitchless tone.

Soon a large hawk flew and sat on his hand. Dalia’s eyes widened at that sight.

“It’s a hunting hawk. The claws are sharp, so it will be difficult to escape until the guards come.”

The boy looked calm as if he had accepted his fate.

Although it troubled her, Dalia was also in a hurry. She quickly climbed into a new carriage, leaving the boy under the hawk surveillance.

Wayne gave her the clothes he had prepared in advance and stood outside the carriage door.

Dalia changed into the clothes Wayne gave her in the carriage.

She thought that it wouldn’t hurt, but when she leaned on the carriage to take off her stockings, it really hurt.

Seems like she has a bruise. She kept her back straight.

‘Still, this pattern is more effective than I thought.’

There seemed to be many places where it would be useful in the future.

Originally, she was going to send a signal to Meldon by now, but thanks to the appearance of the pickpocket, everything worked out.

‘……It would be nice if Mr. Meldon showed up soon.’

She doesn’t know if he’ll understand Dalia’s signal and come to her.

Dalia has changed all her clothes.

The clothes that Wayne gave her was a plain linen dress.

As soon as she was done changing, she also changed her hair and eye color with the magic beads Cedric gave her.

He said that it was better not to show that she was a noble when she went to meet Beolde. This was because she terribly hated the noble’s pompousness.

This time, Wayne will meet her under the pretense of a business transaction. It seems that Dalia will intervene there.

Dalia opened the carriage door slightly when she was ready and signaled Wayne to depart.

Translator Note: Tbh, I don’t feel like translating today but then remembered that I won’t be available tomorrow, and I don’t want to go MIA often so I translate this chapter slow~ly hahaha


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