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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 71 Bahasa Indonesia

He went in first and held the door for Dalia.

Thankfully it was just an ordinary house. What’s unusual was that the door was definitely open from the inside, but no matter how much she looked at it, there were no traces of people?

“Please wait for a bit.”

Wayne searched every corner of the house as if he were familiar with it, and pulled the lever to reveal the stairs leading to the basement.

‘The basement is a little scary.’

But now wasn’t the time to argue about that.

Dalia went down the stairs with him.

It wasn’t just one floor, it was very deep. After going down nearly 100 steps, a large hidden room appeared.

One side of the room was full of large bookshelves, with old scrolls and stacks of paper piled up on each shelf.

A man was sitting at a desk in front of the library.

She felt awkward about her face as she had disguised herself like Meldon.

Seeing that everyone with good eyes knows, it seemed that even if the viewer knew it was a disguise, hiding their face was a priority.

The man who was sitting raised his head and looked up at Dalia. A strange hoarse voice came out of his mouth.

“What brought you to this shabby place, Miss?”

“The young lady has nothing to say to the insignificant you.”

Wayne stepped up.

Dalia raised her chin like an arrogant noble girl. Soon, a predetermined lie flowed out of Wayne’s lips.

“The young lady wants to find someone who pretended to be dead and created a new identity.”

“Goodness, you’re talking about something big. Trust is the most important thing in this world. If I blew it here, who’s going to give me jobs next time?”

“We will pay you. Money that you will never earn in your lifetime.”

“There are a lot of people who come here and say that. They all went back empty-handed.”

‘Of course they would.’

Wayne glanced at Dalia.

She nodded. He walked in front of the man and continued his words calmly.

“The young lady recently learned the secret of her birth. She is not the child of the person whom she had believed to be her father, but that she was born from her mother’s relationship with another man. If she can meet her real father, the young lady is willing to pay as much as you want.”

“It’s a sad story. But like I said, it’s meaningless to say it here……”

“His previous name was Bellium Cadillac. I ask for your leniency.”

Obviously, the man flinched for a moment when he heard the name.

Wayne, an experienced spy, could not miss it. He spoke again with emotion.

“Please, I beg you. She cries every night because she wants to find her father.”

Then the man looked at Dalia with piercing eyes. He then spoke in a voice that seemed to hide his bewilderment.

“That…… with all due respect, what is the family name……?”

“That’s top secret. But the young lady said she was willing to disclose her name if she could find her father.”


The man bowed his head with a clearly troubled face.

Wayne looked at Dalia and glanced at the man.

There was nothing more to listen to now. Still, Dalia decided to wait a little longer out of courtesy.

“……Alright. I can’t pretend not to know when you’re so desperate. Then I’ll look into it…… arghh!”

However, Wayne’s personality was a little more impatient than Dalia’s.

He immediately grabbed the man’s neck, pushed it to the desk, and sealed his arms.

The man quickly tried to activate the secret device, but Wayne’s knife was faster than that.

With only a one-handed knife and very precise hand movements, he destroyed all the main parts of the mechanical device the man was trying to grab.

As soon as the man saw it, he lost all his will to fight and slumped.

All of this happened in less than 10 minutes.

Dalia sighed. At the same time, she was happy. Because she doesn’t have to worry about needlessly looking elsewhere.

‘Whew, I’m glad I found him right away.’

Dalia gave Wayne a signal.

Without hesitation, he immediately removed the man’s disguise skin, revealing his original face.

Even though a lot of time has passed since then, a face that still retains the appearance of a man in his 20s appeared in front of Dalia. Uncharacteristic auburn hair and eyes.

Dalia seemed to know who he was.

It was the fortune teller she was looking for.

* * *

This method was used by Meldon to find the identity of the fortune teller in the original work. She felt a little guilty, but in life, the winner was the one who hit first.

This was the man who sold the drug that will not age to the Empress and made Beolde drink it. (*t/n: I changed Veord to Beolde, since that name exist hehe)

In fact, it was true he was both a fortune teller and a pharmacist. Sadly, however, he was an incompetent swindler.

When he was young, he sold fake medicines by pretending it was a love potion.

Occasionally, he spent the night with an innocent lady who came to buy medicine because she was broken-hearted. Needless to say, he was a very handsome man that even people who did not like him have to admit it.

If the tail is long, it will be stepped on, and eventually, a lady who was about to get into political marriage was pregnant with his child.

He was in a hurry to take care of her somehow, so he scammed the Emperor’s fiancée.

But how would you know? He was incompetent and a quack, and didn’t know that was the first drug he succeeded in.

As a result, he was chased by the worst madman in the history of the Mershain ducal family.

To make matters worse, the lady hid the fact that she was pregnant and just proceeded with marriage.

Unable to believe this, he disappeared into the underworld.

Still, he was smart. No counterfeiter will overcome the pressures of the Imperial family and the Mershain ducal family and keep his trust with them.

So he became a counterfeiter himself, forged his death certificate, and created a new identity.

It was unexpectedly suited to his aptitude, so he took it as a new job. After all, it was customary in the industry for counterfeiters to hide their faces.

Perhaps he was still scared of Beolde, so he also drank the drug he had given to the Empress himself.

More than 20 years have passed since that incident, and there are not many people who will doubt a young man in his 20s.

However, he also had an unfulfilled desire for a family. Thanks to this, won’t he fall for the ridiculous story of ‘noble lady looking for her real father’?

Bellium Cadillac was not his real name. It was the fake name he told the lady who was carrying his child.

Dalia felt a little absurd for him to be shaken by his daughter who was looking for him now when he didn’t even tell his real name.

In fact, if the daughter finds out about his existence, she will search for an assassin to erase the only stain in her life.

Anyway, Dalia was now at an age where she wouldn’t look completely young. Since he had never seen his daughter before, she thought that she was at a similar age.

“The Mershain ducal family offered 100,000 Dillons to capture this man. And yet you immediately found the man no one else couldn’t.”

Wayne said in pure admiration.

Dalia became embarrassed and touched her cheek. It felt like she was being praised for things that someone else did.

“I have something to say to this person. If it’s okay with you, can you give us some space?”

“Yes. Scream if anything happens.”

Wayne quietly left the room without asking anything.

Dalia crossed her arms and looked down at the fortune teller. As soon as the restraints were released, he clasped his hands together and bowed to Dalia.

“I have sinned greatly! I’m sorry!”

“So you know it.”

“Please! If you’re not from the Mershain ducal family! Please! Please keep this a secret! I’ll give you that much money.…..”

“……Do you think I came all the way here because I was upset about the money?”

“No! I’m sorry!”

It was a completely servile attitude. Being dragged by Beolde seemed terrifying to death.

‘Is she that scary?’

Five years ago, she was famous enough to shake the social world for her notoriety, but when Dalia debuted, she had already disappeared, so she couldn’t figure it out.

Dalia squatted down to reach the fortune teller’s eye level.

“Well, I’m here because I have something to ask you. If you tell me that, I’ll continue to pretend not to know.”

“Is, is that true?”

“Then, would I lie?”

“Thank you! Thank you!”

The fortune teller grabbed Dalia’s hand and looked up at her with a hopeful expression.

There must have been a pathetic 40-year-old man inside, but his face was so good-looking that it was such a waste.

“I don’t know what you’re asking, but I’ll answer sincerely! Ask me anything!”

“Then teach me how to break the curse of Beolde Mershain.”

The man’s hopeful face stiffened.

If she didn’t know the original work, she would have mistakenly thought that there was no way to break the curse.

“If, if it’s an antidote, I can make it. But as you know, Lady Beolde is the type of person who is immune to any drugs, curses, or blessings. But how can I……”

“…… I know. I know everything.”

Because Meldon interrogated him here and figured out the way.

“The drugs used by fortune tellers, not by doctors, is a kind of curse after all. Every curse has its own remedy. Only fortune tellers know that. Should I tell you everything I know here?”

No new curses or antidotes work for Beolde, who has awakened the ‘nullification’ trait. Instead, it is possible to make the initial curse completely gone.

However, it was only the fortune teller who knew the method. That’s why Beolde had been looking for him so much.

Dalia purposely put on a scary expression on her face.

It was an expression that had never worked in her life, but fortunately it seemed to have worked for this terrified man.

He hesitated, then barely opened his mouth.

“Yes, there is a way.”


“But it is a method that Lady Beolde can never use.”

“Just tell me for now.”

The fortune teller beckoned for her to come closer. He looked genuinely worried. As if he couldn’t predict what his future will be like if this becomes known.

‘Just what is it?’

Dalia listened carefully.

The fortune teller whispered in her ear. The way to do it was……


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