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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 39 Bahasa Indonesia

Hikan’s mana awakening, which was supposed to last a week, ended in a day.

He felt sorry since even though he had come to his senses when they fell from the second floor, his heart was full of hate.

Instead now, he had a severe fever as the effect of the mana awakening.

He was sick from that very evening. It is common for the transcendents to suffer from fever after their awakening.

‘Why is there nothing good come from this guy’s mana awakening?’

Dalia cursed inwardly.

If there’s anything good that comes from this, it will be when Hikan completely recovers, the Emperor will give him a position worthy of his ability.

According to the original story, he’ll probably be the Commander of the Imperial Knights.

It was cool to imagine Hikan wielding a sword with his silver hair tied tightly, so Dalia wanted to see it quickly.

‘I should thank His Highness the Second Prince.’

When Hikan and her fell at that time, he saved both of them.

Dalia was so focused on Hikan at that time, so she couldn’t afford to pay any attention to Cedric.

However, someone with a high position of a prince came to stop the awakening transcendent and even saved them. Of course, it was the right thing to thank him.

‘When we met at the ball three years ago, I thought that he wasn’t a good person…….’

Dalia was mistaken. He is a very nice person.

‘I’ll just go when my brother recovers.’

Dalia touched the towel that she had placed on Hikan’s head.

It seemed to be lukewarm. She dipped the towel in cold water again, squeezed it out, and put it on his forehead.

“Stop and go to sleep.”

Hikan spoke in a low, hoarse voice.

This is the 10th time he has said this. Dalia showed Hikan the words ‘No’ written on the notepad.

He groaned.

“……You really won’t talk to me for a year?”

When hearing him say that, her heart feels weak.

Still, she showed Hikan the page that she wrote ‘Yes’.

Hikan wrinkled his eyebrows and took the notepad with his weak hand and hid it under the covers. Eventually, Dalia looked at the clock and let out a sullen voice.

“It’s only 8 o’clock, what do you mean, go to sleep?”

“Don’t do that.”

Dalia pouted her lips.

‘I really didn’t want to talk to you for a year.’

However, his touch, as he continued to stroke Dalia’s hair was so soft and warm that the feeling still lingering on her head.

Besides, it’s cheating to get sick. It was obvious that he was faking illness to sway her heart.

“I’m not going. Since it doesn’t matter.”

“But it bothers me.”

“I don’t care.”

Hikan closed his eyes as he didn’t have any more energy to speak. Dalia picked up a fairy tale book that she brought and showed it to Hikan.

“Do you want me to read it for you to sleep?”

“……that’s enough.”

When she said it playfully, a low voice replied. Dalia chuckled.

After a while, Hikan speaks.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For everything. I don’t know what to do with you.”

“That’s right. Brother did everything wrong to me.”

Dalia replied to him playfully. However, Hikan’s closed-eyed expression was still serious.

It was only 8 o’clock and with this peaceful atmosphere, it feels like there’s only him and Dalia in the world at this moment. He spoke quietly.

“All the thoughts that I had about you when I first saw you……. I regret those things now. Although that doesn’t change anything.”


“It’s a lie when I said that I don’t like you. I’m sorry, Dalia.”

It was a long time ago when she heard that, she didn’t even remember about it anymore.

However, it seemed that she had a glimpse of the many thoughts, worries, and feelings that had been in his mind, so instead of answering, she patted his chest that was being covered with a thick blanket.

Hikan soon fell asleep. Dalia stared at his sleeping face, then secretly pinched his nose and left the bedroom.

* * *

The next day, as soon as she opened her eyes, Adrisha finished all the preparations and headed to the Pesteros estate. With a heavy step.

“Shall I call Miss Dalia?”

She shook her head at the familiar servant’s question.

“No, today I’m here to see His Excellency Duke Hikan Pesteros.”

Most of the Pesteros’s employees knew that their relationship was not very smooth. However, the servant did not ask anything as per their strict work ethic and informed Hikan of Adrisha’s arrival.

Hikan had not yet recovered from his fever. But when he was informed of Adrisha’s arrival, he immediately dressed up and came out to the drawing room. Because he roughly can guess what she wants to say.

Adrisha sat on the sofa in the drawing room, tidying up the hem of her dress while waiting for Hikan. As soon as he sat, she went straight to the main point.

“I’ve heard about what happened yesterday. Now the Duke must have noticed right? The ability that Dalia has.”

Hikan nodded heavily.

“I know it roughly.”

“Dalia can purify the soul that has been tainted with mana. With Dalia, you can be free from the terrible headaches, the desire to destroy, the anger that all the transcendents cannot avoid.”


“So when they find out, everyone will try to take her. Wouldn’t that be obvious?”

Hikan closed his eyes and put his hands against his face.

Yesterday, when he fell from the second floor and hugged Dalia, he felt the infinite power flowing into him.

Once he felt it, he knew that there was no turning back.

“I understand.”

“We have to protect her. So she will not be noticed by anyone in the future. Even now, there are too many people who know about it.”


“I know you don’t like me very much. What I’m suggesting is an alliance for Dalia.”

Hikan agreed with her.

His sister Dalia is too weak and small. There must be so many people who want that power.

“Then please give your words now. I know you want to keep your distance, but I’m also uncomfortable.”

“…… Sure.”

Adrisha thought about talking about Aceras for a moment, but then decided not to.

This agenda is not a simple matter to be discussed here, but to be discussed separately with the Emperor. In addition, Aceras will now be busy establishing himself in the Holy Empire.

That’s not the problem they’re facing right now.

“First of all, you should never reveal this power to His Highness Prince Cedric.”

She spoke with a determined look.

Adrisha didn’t even want to imagine how he, who had never been obsessed with something, would change if he knew of Dalia’s power.

She told Hikan of what Cedric had said to her in the carriage. Hikan’s expression hardened.

No matter what, never get caught by Cedric.

He could see that they were both thinking of the same thing without having to say it out loud.

* * *

“Oh, Miss Dalia? Miss Adrisha is here. Didn’t you see her?”


The maid who was passing by saw Dalia and asked with an odd expression. Dalia blinked at the news that she heard for the first time.

“Adrisha is here but she didn’t find me?”

“Ah, yes. I think there must be a miscommunication somewhere. I believe she’s in the drawing room.”

“I see, thank you.”

“It’s nothing, Miss. His Excellency the Duke has improved greatly thanks to you.”

Their vacation ended earlier than expected, but all the employees liked it. It seems that she was not the only one who was worried about Hikan.

‘If it were me, I wouldn’t have liked it if my employer was someone like my brother.’

Still, she heard that he sent a gift of apology to the poor butler.

The third stage, which the Emperor talked about, began to apologize to those around him.

‘Good, as he should.’

But thinking about what she heard yesterday, her heart was strangely tickled. It’s good to apologize, but he doesn’t necessarily have to say it like that though.

Anyway, knowing that Adrisha is here, she was naturally excited to see her.

It’s because it’s been so long since they saw each other because they are both too busy these days.


She quietly opened the door to the drawing room. And unexpectedly, she saw Hikan and Adrisha sitting across the table.

‘Huh? I’ve never seen them together like that.’

Strangely, the eyes of the two had a sense of similarity like they shared common goals unlike before.

Dalia tilted her head and approached Hikan.

“Brother, are you all better now?”

Hikan still had a fever. At first glance, the areas around his eyes and cheeks were red.

Dalia was surprised when she touched his forehead.

“You need to rest when your body is like this. Why are you here?”


He spoke in a rather hoarse voice, perhaps because of the fever. Adrisha continued to speak after him from the back.

“It’s time for Dalia to know.”



Dalia asked blankly. Something seems to be going wrong.


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