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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 38 Bahasa Indonesia

Dalia nodded her head.

Without a drop of tears, determinedly.

As it has been before, again, Cedric liked her very much this time.

“I’m Cedric. Can you sleep for a while? I’ll get you out of here in a minute.”

He decided to put her to sleep before she got caught up in anything more dangerous.

There was a sofa in the hallway. He magically pulled the sofa and flicked his hand lightly on her forehead. Dalia fell right on the sofa.

He turned his head with a smile.

“Now, it’s just the two of us. Long time no see, Hikan.”


“As always, you’re really annoying.”

Hikan looked at Cedric with a cold gaze.

“Your Highness the Second Prince, are you trying to take that child away from me too?”

He had a clear sword made up of mana in his hand.

‘Aha, he uses a sword?’

Sadly, Cedric was vulnerable to close combat.

* * *

When Dalia closed the door and left, Hikan’s inner voice began to explode.

Starting with the curse that asks him to go and kill her and say that she’ll abandon him someday. But when nothing worked, they turned around.

《No one can take her out of here!》

《It’s too dangerous out there! They’re gonna kill her!》

That’s right. That was the right word.

Dalia was the only thing in his life that was given to him. Everyone left him, but she didn’t leave him.

But she wasn’t a transcendent, she was a human being, and when she fell to the floor, her knees scraped.

He had to protect her.

‘Then……what should I do?’

When he came to his senses, Dalia opened the door of the study and looked at him in surprise.

He wanted to say something. He wanted to say that it’s okay. But at that moment, she fell on the sofa. Cedric, the Second Prince, appeared next to her.

《Look! He’s trying to kill Dalia too! Do you know what you have to do?》

There was no time to think further. He rushed to Cedric with a mana sword.

* * *

Dozens of moves followed.

Hikan attacked Cedric with all his might. But Cedric couldn’t even use half of his power.

He stepped back with a frown. Now something was approaching from the end of the second floor hallway.

In the first place, those who are willing to kill and those who don’t, have a difference in the attack power itself.

‘This is why I have to leave it to my superiors.’

Cedric sighed.

It occurred to him that maybe his life would be hanging on a thread. There is no such thing as die in vain while preventing the awakening transcendent. (*t/n: i tried my best ㅠㅠ)

But if he uses mana here indefinitely, his mind will be ruined first.

Cedric took after his father and knew how to tell when to use his strength or not. It was such a waste to use up all his mana for this kind of thing.

Eventually, mana, which had been operated passively, quickly showed its limit.

As Hikan twisted the flow of the sword, it tore the hem of Cedric’s shirt. At the same time, Hikan’s mana broke down one side of the second floor railing.

Cedric was not completely safe either.

The balance of power was broken, and the magic that was putting Dalia to sleep was lifted.

‘Oh no, it’s dangerous.’

Luckily, Dalia was behind Hikan’s back, so it didn’t look dangerous right away. Cedric saw that Dalia slowly waking up behind Hikan.

She looks between Hikan and Cedric alternately in shock.

She has to run away immediately.

Cedric gave her a light smile to reassure her. Only then did she come to her senses.

‘Yeah, run away now.’

“Br, brother! What are you doing? Stop it! You’re going to be executed! Please!’

However Dalia didn’t run away.

Instead, she called out to Hikan in panic during this bloody battle.

It was when Cedric was worried about putting defensive magic on her.

Hikan’s body flinched.

Whether it’s because he really loved his sister, he responded to Dalia’s voice. In doing so, he has a gap in his posture.

When Cedric was chanting the last word of the spell with the intention to knock him out.

“D, don’t do it! You lunatic!”

Dalia, who ran behind Hikan’s back, grabbed Hikan’s long hair and pulled him back.

Hikan and Dalia simultaneously lost their balance and fell backwards. Towards the railing that Hikan just broke.

“Oh no!”

Cedric looked down at the railing in surprise.

‘Damn it!’

Throughout her life, there were many things that happened, and Dalia thought that it was unfair.

When she came to her senses, Hikan and Cedric were already fighting like crazy.

At first glance, Hikan was fierce as if he’s trying to kill Cedric. On the other hand, Cedric seemed to be trying to get past this moment somehow.

‘If this continues, brother will kill the Second Prince.’

The original story came to her mind. Hikan, who loved Adrisha and committed all kinds of evil deeds, and was eventually executed.

No matter how hard she struggles, in the end, she can’t change the big flow of the original? Hikan’s going to end up dying after all this hard work?

Such worries made Dalia lose her reason, and eventually she did something ridiculous.

In that brief moment of falling, Dalia met Hikan’s eyes, who turned his body.

‘You stupid brother. You’re the reason why I’m having such a hard time in this broad daylight.’

He had finally come to his senses and his eyes were alive.

Dalia hugged his neck. Hikan also hugged her small body.

He turned over in that short time. Now the one below was Hikan. And she saw the first floor right in front of her.


……She couldn’t hear any sound. It didn’t hurt at all.

Cedric finally chants the magic to protect them.

A long time has passed.

It was as long as an eternity had passed. The two were still laying on the floor, and Dalia was in Hikan’s arms.

That fact gave Hikan an infinite sense of security.

He embraced her stronger in his arms. After a while, Hikan whispered to her.

“I’m sorry.”

“……I won’t talk to brother for a year from now.”

Dalia said bluntly.

Hikan could feel the very soft and good energy transmitted from Dalia from the parts that were in contact with her.

The noisy voice disappeared, and all the inner pain and physical pain were pushed away like a tide.

At that time, Dalia, who was hugging the Duchess of Blueport in the falling white sphere, came to his mind.

Was Dalia sharing the same feeling that she did to the Duchess of Blueport?

He felt a sense of tranquility.

He didn’t believe in God, but he could see for sure that she was the greatest blessing given to him.

* * *

“…… Adrisha.”

30 minutes after entering the estate, Cedric returned to the carriage with empty eyes that seemed like it had lost its soul.

Adrisha grabbed Cedric in a hurry.

“H, how did it go? Can I go in?”

“No, not a chance. They’re in their own world. It’s settled, so don’t worry.”

Only then did Adrisha feel relieved.

Even if now is not the right time, she can visit them later.

When her senses returned, Adrisha noticed that Cedric was still in a strange state. He had a blank look on his face as if he had just woken up from a dream.

“You know, Adrisha. What did you think of someone, who is not a transcendent, running towards a mad transcendent?”


“And what’s more, it’s not because of their own safety, it’s just because they’re worried about him.”

“………It must be hard.”

“I’ve never seen such a human being in my life.”


“I should have known that since the last time we met……Why am I so stupid?”

Cedric looked at Adrisha with a bewitched look. Ominous goosebumps formed all over her body.

‘No, don’t tell me, no way, I don’t think so.’

Adrisha turned pale.

Not as much as that. Because she knew what Cedric was like.

But didn’t they say that ominous feeling always hit the mark? Cedric tilted his head gently and said in a trembling voice.

“Adrisha, for the first time, I think I’m in love.”


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