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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 24 Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone seemed to have felt the awkward atmosphere, so they left their seats.

Halfway through the end, they personally apologized to Dalia. All of them were the unlucky ladies and children who did not say a word about Adrisha.

Dalia accepted the apology and promised to visit their mansion next time. Only then, a warm atmosphere was created.

Although there was some mishap, the tea party ended satisfactorily.

Dalia returned to the garden and sat down again.

She’s still upset.

At that time, someone quietly hugged Dalia from behind. It was Adrisha.

She thought that Adrisha had already gone, but she seemed to have been waiting for the tea party to end.

She whispered softly.

“Thank you.”

Dalia’s heart warmed up.

Nobody said anything anymore, but that was enough.

She’s pretty sure that both of them feel the same.

* * *

Adrisha came out of the front door of the Pesteros mansion.

For some reason, she felt like she was going to cry. Standing there, calming her mind, she began to walk again.

‘I’m glad to have Miss Dalia here.’

Adrisha has been trying.

She has been trying for her whole life. To be a good person.

When she was raised as an assassin under Verix in her hometown, she rebelled with all her might, and after the Emperor rescued her, she decided to do anything for him. (*t/n: previously I used Berix, but then I feel like Verix sounds better)

But even then and now, Verix was still alive and well, and the children in her hometown were eventually scattered.

The noble children that she met at the ball despised her.

She could not bear to say that to her former master nor to the Emperor. That’s why she understands the meaning of the gazes that were directed towards her.

This pain was something that Adrisha had to endure alone.

But Dalia was different.

She was more dignified than anyone else ever since they first met, and for the first time in her life, someone had told her that she is a “good person.”

Dalia likes her without any strings attached, everything was alright with her. And she even gets mad in her stead in front of everyone else.

‘So I have to protect her.’

It was also what the Emperor wanted.

The day after the tea party is the day that she needed to give him the regular report.

Adrisha headed to the Imperial Palace in the carriage that was waiting not far from her mansion.

Last time in the carriage, the Emperor told her about Dalia’s ability.

“The soul of a transcendent can’t return once it’s broken.”

“I know.”

“But Miss Dalia can do that. Probably the only one that was capable of that in this Empire no, in this world.”

The condition is that it needs to be through physical contact. And Dalia’s affinity for the contact target also influences her ability.

If you kidnap her and try to force her, it will be useless.

“How chaotic would the continent be if this became known? Can you imagine?”


“Even if we didn’t imagine that far, Verix’s adopted son, who made your hometown like that, is a transcendent.”

Her reminiscence stopped there. Adrisha frowned on the memory that she wanted to forget.

Although the Emperor took her out of that hell, Verix was still alive.

The next heir was told that he approached a noble who was addicted to gambling, forced him to adopt him, and then he pretended to be a noble. (*t/n: i’m not sure about this one, the adopted son of Verix maybe….)

You never know when and where Dalia will meet him.

“We’re here.”

The carriage stopped.

She went to the Emperor’s audience chamber.

The Emperor stood by the window, looking at the garden, and looked back.

“You’re here.”

“Yes, I have arrived.”

“Come here, sit down. Any news?”

“Yes, there’s no problem yet.”

The Emperor burst into laughter and shook his head.

“There shouldn’t be a problem right now. I don’t have to go out of the house yet. Anyway, yeah, keep up the good work.”


“The Imperial Ball will be held soon.”


“I’d like to introduce my son to Miss Dalia at the ball.”

Her eyes widened.

“Are you serious?”

But he was serious. The moment she accepted that it wasn’t empty words, she recalled an issue he had asked before.

“Yeah, keep her safe. And if possible…..put that precious child in our hands.”

She knew why the Emperor wanted Dalia so badly.

There was a transcendent among his sons. Even if he continues to butter his life like this, he would want his child to live without such pain as his soul crushing.

The person who tries to hide Dalia’s ability because he is afraid that there will be more people who are after her, ironically, wants Dalia for his own child’s happiness.

Nevertheless, such contradictory love shows that he is still a human.

“Then His Highness Prince Cedric……?”

“No, I’m going to introduce Leonard. It happened to be his birthday ball. “

“The, the Crown Prince?”

What surprised her is that she thought that His Majesty wanted to introduce the Second Prince.

Rather, it was the opposite.

If he wants to win Dalia’s favor, he has to send the Second Prince Cedric.

In addition, if Dalia works well with either side, it was much better to work well with Cedric, the transcendent. He’ll be able to use the power that Dalia has more efficiently.

‘Besides, it’s more likely that he’ll do that.’

She recalled Dalia, who was somewhat uncomfortable when talking about Leonard.

‘He’s not that bad looking, but..…’

The second child is much more handsome that she naturally compares them.

“It’s unfortunate, but it can’t be helped.”

“Why so…..?”

“Cedric ran away from the palace again.”


The Emperor breathed a somber sigh. Adrisha could hardly find words to comfort him.

It’s been less than a month since he escaped last time. In the meantime, Cedric went out again.

“Then, no way, as the Crown Prince’s partner……?”

“Is it possible in the first place? Besides, Hikan won’t let it be.”


“Leonard’s partner is you, Adrisha.”

“……are……you serious?”

Adrisha doubted her ears.

The new identity that the Emperor created for her is as the daughter of a local lord.

Right now, her status as the Duke’s younger sister’s maid of honor is being questioned as well. To be the Crown Prince’s partner is too absurd……

“And yesterday I bestowed the House of Beniter with the status of the Count. Now you are a daughter of a count ”

Her status was raised at once. She was puzzled.

The Emperor is a good man, but he did not give gifts to his people for no reason.


“Miss Dalia came to see me yesterday.”


“When I met her before, I said that she could come without requesting for an audience, but I didn’t expect her to use it right away.”

‘No way.’

The Emperor continued as he swept down his chin.

“I don’t know much about women affairs. My wife Mikan, who was famous when she was young, had the same status as you, so I was wondering. Why didn’t you tell me in advance if you were treated like that?”


“No matter how insolent they are. You should not be treated like that because you are a capable person.”

The Emperor recalled yesterday afternoon’s sudden guest.

Last time, she was a child who trembled and embarrassed to even make an eye contact, but now she speaks quite well.

It was also a good decision of her to lean back to hide her trembling hands. Although he could see it well because of the difference in their eye level.

“That’s a good suggestion, but Miss Dalia, what do I get from doing that?”

It was cute when she turned red. The Emperor chuckled.

“I’ll grant you a wish. Anything but an engagement…..with the limited thing that I can give you…”

‘Oh, really. I almost accidentally patted her head.’

He never thought that he would feel regret for not having a daughter among his children.

If she comes to the imperial family, he will give her everything she wants, and he will find everything that is good for her.

Knowing that Dalia’s favorability affects her ability to manifest, he had no choice but to accept her request.

The Emperor immediately bestowed the House of Beniter with the new status. And he asked for a hug as a wish.

“Because I don’t have a daughter.”

What if she misunderstands him as a pedophile? It wasn’t that he didn’t worry about it, but the embarrassed and cautious hand that held him was much more refreshing than before.

The feeling of his mind clearing has also become stronger. Her favorability towards him has grown.

‘I don’t think I can live without that power anymore.’

The power to purify your mind the moment you touch it.

The Emperor was clearly feeling his change. The terrible headache that he had every morning disappeared, and the desire to kill and break things periodically decreased. The sudden irritation whenever the thought about the Empress crossed his mind also disappeared, so he was pleased.

As their trust built up, the effect of purification will be greater.

‘It would be nice if she kept coming to see me.’

The Emperor smiled satisfactorily and looked at Adrisha. Dalia did a pretty impressive job, and her eyes were a bit red.

“Anyway, that’s what happened. Then, please take care of my son at the ball.”

At the moment, her moist expression hardened subtly, but the Emperor pretended that he didn’t notice it.


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