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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 20 Bahasa Indonesia

“I see. He’s not my style too, actually.”

Adrisha covered her mouth with one hand and whispered softly.

Dalia burst into laughter. Adrisha also laughed.

“Dalia isn’t very curious. “

“Of what?”

“Of where do I hear all this from?”

Dalia flinched.

‘Do, do I have to be curious about this thing usually?’

Maybe she got suspicious because Dalia didn’t ask anything? What if she suspects that Dalia did a background check on her?

In the original, she was most afraid for people to discover her past.

Dalia asked back naturally.

“Huh? Why is that?”

“I used to be the maid of honor of another lady, and she was angry. She asked me why I don’t try to talk about myself to other people then.” (*t/n: I’m not too sure about 2nd sentence..because the raw quite confusing)

“…….There’s someone like that?”

Dalia asked in confusion.

Adrisha shrugged and laughed.

“Well, it was my fault.”

Even if she says so, her heart hurts when she recalls her in the original.

Come to think of it, Adrisha had no female friend in the original.

More precisely, the women hated her.

It wasn’t the childish reason because she was pretty and popular with men.

It was a case where the bad prejudice that occurred in the beginning continues to the late period.

Adrisha did not know that other people could take the words she had conveyed with goodwill as malice.

It was her absurd innocence that she believed that someday her heart would be conveyed if she treated people sincerely.

Adrisha was raised as a spy until she was rescued by the Emperor.

One of their specialities is collecting rumors.

Exposing some of those rumors to the people that she favors must have caused backlash.

Additionally, Adrisha was now a veiled figure in the society.

Some people knew that she’s working for the Emperor, but no one knew exactly what she did.

The Beniter family itself, which the Emperor designated as her adopted family, was an ordinary Viscount family, who have no territory and can be considered as good as the humble commoner, she was also accused of being insensitive and being obsequious to the Emperor. (*t/n: this particular paragraph is hard to translate, i’m not that sure)

Anyway, she was a girl who people felt uncomfortable to leave as a maid thoughtlessly.

Dalia knew Adrisha’s background, so she heard whatever she said, but the previous person didn’t.

‘Maybe I’ll did it too if I didn’t know any better’

It’s not that the one who misunderstood was wrong, but Dalia felt bad because Adrisha was depressed because of it.

Dalia grabbed Adrisha’s hand.

“I’m on Adrisha’s side.”


“I will continue to like Adrisha even if you talk about me to someone else later.”

It may be a little bit of a consolation, but for Adrisha, who has low self-esteem, the comfort of ‘I’m fine with whatever you do’ worked well.

Adrisha’s eyes widened for a moment, then folded gently.

It was an enchanting eye smile.

‘Ah, pretty……’

The day Dalia saw this smile for the first time, Dalia immediately understood why so many male protagonists had fallen for Adrisha.

When she thought of the male protagonist, Aceras naturally came to mind.

‘Come to think of it, what is the relationship between Adrisha and Aceras now?’

Seeing them enter the ball together before, they seemed to know each other already.

I wonder how Aceras feel about Adrisha currently.

His obsession towards his crush was terrifying.

Dalia recalled the original Aceras route.

At the beginning of the original game, Aceras had a slightly higher affinity for Adrisha compared to other male protagonists.

The reason is that Aceras had already been interested in Adrisha even before the original game started.

The trigger was the mission that the two were in charge of at the Emperor’s order.

The two, who only knew each other’s faces, became the first to collaborate. Naturally, Aceras, who has personality disorder, and Adrisha, an angel, collide in everything.

In front of the great predicament that he encountered during his mission, Aceras says.

「I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do about a man who’s not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Miss.」

Then Adrisha replied.

「I’m also born with a poor background. But people can change.」

And he overcame the crisis by himself.

It was at that point that Aceras first became interested in Adrisha.

Once she knows whether the two of them have done the mission together or not, then she will also know how far their relationship is progressing.

Dalia pondered for a while and started talking about Aceras.

“By any chance, the one who came with the Emperor and Adrisha at the last ball. Brown hair and green eyes.”

Adrisha understands it right away.

“You mean Aceras.”

“Are you close?”

“I’m not very close. You could say, I just know his face?”

‘That’s a relief.’

Dalia thought to herself.

“Why do you ask that?”

“Oh, just out of curiosity.”

“He’s a little uncomfortable. Stay away from him.”

Adrisha said with a frown, which is rare for her. Dalia agreed.

‘Yes, he’s the one who’ll kidnap and abuse you later…… don’t get involved as much as you can……’

As expected, the wise Adrisha already knows how to see people.


Then, she heard Hikan calling her.

She looked back to find Hikan was approaching her quickly.

Adrisha stood up and bowed to Hikan.

“Nice to meet you, Duke.”

Hikan nodded slightly. And spoke coldly.

“You may go now, Miss Beniter. It’s quite late.”

Adrisha bowed her head gently.

But there was a sense of regret in her eyes. Dalia also feels sad inside.

“……I wanted to talk to you more but it’s a pity Dalia. Can I come over again tomorrow?”

“Of course, goodbye.”

Adrisha approached Dalia and gave her a light farewell hug. Dalia hugged her tightly too.

Hikan, somehow displeased, was staring at Adrisha’s back until she disappeared.

Three weeks have passed since Adrisha became Dalia’s maid of honor.

In the meantime, Hikan and Adrisha rarely spoke, let alone sparks of love and obsession.

Just by looking at Hikan using honorifics, she can see how awkward they are.

No, it wasn’t an awkward level, but to Dalia, the two seemed to hate each other.

Dalia recalled Hikan from the original.

When Adrisha tried to kill Hikan later in the game, Hikan disarmed her alone and held the knife in his hand.

However right now…..

“She comes and goes everyday. Be careful. Everything Adrisha Beniter sees and hears will go to the Emperor.”


There was some silence.

Adrisha was her friend, and Hikan was her brother, whether he was good or bad.

To be honest, she also wanted the two to get along well. But considering the original story…..

Would a better relationship between both of them can help Adrisha, Dalia and Hikan?

No, only mine and my brother’s neck will fly away.

As expected, it would be better for those two to have a bad relationship as they are now.

Still, Dalia made a timid protest out of loyalty.

“Adrisha is a good friend. Now that Duchess Blueport has left, I don’t have any friends……”

Hikan had a complex look on his face and said in a slightly weakened voice.

“……You can make friends quickly. Because you’re a Pesteros.”

“Yes, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Dalia bowed her head obediently.

But Hikan somehow seemed to be more offended by it.

“For a maid of honor that you only know for 3 weeks, you’ve been calling her name without any hesitation……”

Hikan stopped talking. There seemed to be something more that he wanted to say.

But he immediately turned and went away, not being able to do it.

Dalia thought blankly as she looked back.

‘……So why did you come?’

Is he trying to send Adrisha out?

Dalia stared at her brother’s back, who came and went without any reason.

Hikan, who was actually strange, has been even more strange these days. Last time, Dalia noticed that he was eating the carrots that she filtered out during their meal.


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