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The Most Powerful Characters In The World Are Obsessed With Me – Chapter 18 Bahasa Indonesia

Adrisha hurriedly opened the carriage door.

The Emperor put the fainted Duchess Blueport on the opposite side and flopped down on the sofa. Adrisha followed after. He looked down at his hand that held Dalia earlier.

‘I can’t believe it.’

Duchess Blueport, obviously, has returned from the congestion.

Her emotions through the contact were so stable that she could not be considered a congested transcendent. On the contrary, her soul seemed to have become more refreshing.

It is beyond theoretical explanation. He has never seen something like this in historical books that he has read so far.

Just as her extremely stable mind suddenly went mad and led to a rampage – yes, this was strange too. – When she came back, she came back in a flash.

The Emperor got the clue for the first time when he saw Dalia Pesteros looking down at the Duchess with tears in her eyes.

When he first held hands with Dalia last time, he felt like his soul was clearing up. At that time, it was just a suspicion, but now that he has seen the Duchess Blueport, he was convinced.

‘How can such a power……?’

The degradation of the souls of the transcendents is a responsibility and indispensable task in accordance with the immense power that they received. He had never heard of a way to reverse it.

But it was real.

In addition to that, she even restored the soul of the congested transcendent.

With her, the only danger in this Frederic Empire could be eliminated.

He never wanted to let her go as it was. He wants to bring back the previous engagement suggestion and keep her in the imperial family somehow.

He is also a transcendent. Conscience and common sense are not the driving force behind his behavior.

However…… the moment he brought up the suggestion of her engagement and Dalia’s emotions fluctuated, he felt the energy of purification flowing from her weakened.

Perhaps her ability was related to the favorability she had toward her opponent.

Its potential was strong enough to restore the soul of the Duchess Blueport, whom she was more close to than anyone else, from the congestion.

‘Then it’s more important to get her favor.’

He has to dig carefully and remain a trustworthy person.

Nevertheless, it was regrettable that he needed to do this.

He was confident that he was a very disciplined man. If even himself would do this, what about the other impatient transcendents?

‘Her presence may lead to a rift among the transcendents.’

He thought of a few people and shook his head.

With the exception of a few, such as the Duchess Blueport, transcendents have a strong desire of ‘mine’ possessiveness by nature. Since she can be the purifier of their soul, she would run into one of them and they’ll try to own her.

‘Besides, the condition for purification is the feelings that Dalia has towards the other person.’

There is too much room for abuse.

There may be someone who wants to brainwash her. Or try to forcefully buy her favor, or kill everyone but herself if the relationship goes awry.

‘But I’m glad Hikan was aware of his feelings.’

He pretended that he wasn’t interested before, but this time he acted like he was out of his mind when Dalia was sucked into the sphere.

His expression was beyond description when she returned.

He doesn’t think that Hikan is showing much in front of his sister yet……but as the Emperor who reads emotions, he can see the future.

‘I’m sure he’ll overprotect her like a madman when he finds out.’

In order to protect Dalia, Hikan had better speak at the right time. (*t/n: not too sure about this)

‘First of all, should I send a small gift to Miss Dalia?’


Adrisha looked up.

The Emperor knew that this child was more honest than anyone else and had a pure soul. He could entrust Dalia’s protection to her.

The Emperor told her about Dalia’s ability from what he had experienced. Adrisha’s eyes widened.

“Now that you’re her maid of honor, please help her. Don’t let anyone touch her. I’ll think of a way.”

“Yes, I will.”

Adrisha bowed her head with a determined look.

The Emperor looked at her and asked a question.

“What kind of person do you think she is?”


Adrisha lowered her long eyelashes. After serious consideration, she raised her head again.

“She is a very resolute and wonderful person. I wish we could be friends.”

She meant it.

She refused to protect herself for the sake of the last conversation with her friend when her life may be in danger.

That appearance remained as a strong image for Adrisha.

3. Adrisha Beniter

Duchess Blueport regained her consciousness two days later in the secret room at the Imperial Palace.

The Emperor confirmed that her soul had really been purified, no, it was better than before the congestion. It was unbelievable.

‘That’s how strong the bond between the Duchess of Blueport and Dalia.’

Frankly, he envied the Duchess Blueport.

The power that the Emperor received from her was enough to relieve his headache. They’re not even that close.

But their bond is so strong that she can restore the soul of the congested transcendent.

He asked the awakened Duchess Blueport to explain the situation and to keep it as a secret.

He didn’t plan to tell Dalia about her own abilities.

The Duchess too, seemed to have guessed what would happen to Dalia if this ability was known.

“When Dalia hugged me, I realized. How much Dalia loves me. And how much I value her. And…..the headaches that plagued me all my life went away, and I felt so happy. I thought for a moment, I don’t want to lose this child forever.”


“I think I have achieved some degree of maturity in my soul. Even I have become like this, what about the children who are younger and weaker than me…..”

She closed her eyes and recalled for a moment. She then looked at the Emperor with a gentle expression.

“But it’s a little surprising. Of course, Dalia comes first, but isn’t your empire more important? Then it would be better to calm public opinion by announcing Dalia’s ability.”

“And if there’s an accident, what if Miss Dalia blames me?”

The Emperor is also one of the transcendents, and buying Dalia’s heart is the first priority.

Duchess Blueport seemed to understand.

“I’ll keep this a secret for now.”

“Well, why don’t you go back to your territory now?”

Transcendents returning from the congestion, a miracle, no matter how much they try to avoid it, they will not be able to avoid the noise from all kinds of newspapers and gossip magazines. It would be better to leave the capital.

The Emperor intended to exclude the story of Dalia completely, but not as much as the Duchess Blueport. She was the one who went on the rampage just now.

Duchess Blueport nodded with a smile.

“That’s right. Although I’ve been away for a long time……I’ve got the courage to go back there now.”

The Duchess stopped visiting the land because of the unfortunate fire accident.

However, after going through the congestion incident, the Duchess took the tragedy deeply. She thought that it would be okay to go back there now.

“But I still want to meet Dalia before I go.”

“Of course you should.”

The Emperor smiled.

The Emperor came out after talking with the Duchess.

Aceras was waiting for him. The Emperor took off his coat and handed it to him. Aceras was a beat late. The Emperor smiled lightly and blamed him.

“You’ve made a lot of mistakes lately.”

“……I’m sorry.”

Aceras quickly apologized.

The Emperor didn’t really care about it. However, it was true that his beloved servant sold his mind elsewhere these days.

‘What are you thinking?’

He lightly touched Aceras’ shoulder and read his feelings. Aceras was always the same, calm and gentle.

‘It must have been tiring.’

But even after the Emperor passed, Aceras’ eyes were still fixed on the Duchess’s room.

Green eyes, whose false gentleness had been removed, shone darkly.

He was a commoner without a surname, however he had several secrets that no one knew. For example, people can’t read others mind by cleverly building a barrier with divine power.

‘……That was unexpected.’

Transcendent who returned from congestion, who did it?

Aceras was always taking a step back, watching, hearing, and observing everything.

He was counting everyone who had evacuated from the ballroom at the time, so he knows who was left.

Among them, there was only one person who was neither a transcendent nor an imperial family.

Dalia Pesteros.

Adrisha Beniter couldn’t totally rule out the possibility, but the odds were low.

‘I need to find out more.’

Just in time, there was an imperial ball scheduled for a month later. There was a strange expectation in his crazy eyes.


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