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The Little Prince in the Ossuary – Chapter 84 Bahasa Indonesia

00084 — #Night at the lake–

#Night at the lake (3)

A troop totaling thirty-five headed to Salinas Dam, including Gyeo-ul, twenty-seven soldiers from Charlie Company, a medical officer, three engineers, and four tank soldiers. They rode in nine Humvees and one bus. Despite their troop size, the fortress command’s consideration for Gyeo-ul had allowed them to bring such a large number of vehicles.

Gyeo-ul had persistently refused to bring tanks, but the commander had forced it upon him, explaining, “I want to minimize the possibility of losing you.”

In the commander’s view, this was more of a necessity than a personal favor. At that time, there were only a few Americans who did not know the boy officer. If he ended up perishing in the operation, more than a hundred million people would be upset.

Gyeo-ul was sitting in the front seat of a Humvee. The rainfall and fog had reduced vision to an extreme extent. It was quite hard to see a hundred meters with the naked eye. Things were a little better for Gyeo-ul, though, who had received eye correction with “personal firearms skill” and intuition correction with “battle sense” and “survival sense.”

The road south was cut off in many places by traces of the bombing. There were many places where the ground had receded and collapsed and, depending on the location, muddy torrents flowed.

Gyeo-ul, who had spotted one such torrent, raised his hand. It was a stop sign. The shooter in the vehicle following delivered the signal backward, and the ranks then stopped in order. The gap between cars was narrow, but there was no chance of a collision because they had not been speeding up in the first place.

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