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The Little Prince in the Ossuary – Chapter 74 Bahasa Indonesia

00074 <– #After the Rain–>

#After the rain, Fort Roberts (4)

In most cases, arguments between the two stemmed from their respective sets of values. Jang Yeon-chul was motivated by his idealistic approach to things, while Min Wan-ki made his decisions based on practicality.

“How come? I think their trust in our system is our greatest strength. The Winter Alliance stands on the belief that we don’t ignore the weak and we will always walk the right path. I think it is the reason why an organization this big can operate in this stable state.”

In response to the young executive’s argument, the older scholar’s eyes glimmered behind his rimmed glasses.

“Well… I’ll agree on that. Despite the rapid increase in members, the alliance functions smoothly because everyone believes that it is fair, clean, and just. The weak don’t have to worry about what’s theirs being taken away, and the strong will think twice before taking it. A person is just an animal that changes itself according to its stage and role. Yes, it is an invisible asset of the community. It’s easy to belittle because it’s invisible, but it’s still considered precious.”

“That’s it! I wanted to say that. Do you remember what the little captain said when he first formed the alliance? He denied that he was from another country, hated that he had a different skin color, and said he didn’t want us to ignore his words because they were unfamiliar. And he said that we were people who wanted to live like humans.”

Gyeo-ul felt a little surprised. The boy could remember what he had said. It would be strange not to remember because it had been based on preparation, to some extent.

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