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The Little Prince in the Ossuary – Chapter 43 Bahasa Indonesia

00043 — #Innerroom–

#Inner room (4), Camp Roberts

The 「Winter Alliance」 grew rapidly. At first, there were only four large tents housing less than 80 people, but now there were about three hundred people. The screening of prospective members was the role of the two managers. Jang Yeon-chul and Min Wan-gi decided not to accept any more people, and Gyeo-ul agreed with their decision. It was because it would be impossible to manage if it increased further.

The side effects of rapid growth had already begun to emerge. Yoo Jae-heung, the dog thief, was an example. People were joining the Alliance, hoping to exploit the refugee zone ecosystem. There were other problems that Gyeo-ul was worried about. It was an inevitable decision not to accept more people. Instead, it attracted them to organizational units. They promised protection and sought cooperation.

As a result, the “Winter Alliance” had been reborn as a true alliance. It was a natural step. The Dhamul Promotion Association alone had more than a thousand people. To ensure security, they had to create a greater force. The symbol was created by Jang Yeon-chul’s suggestion. He made a white ribbon that had been tied up several times by a talented ally. He called it “Snow Flower.”

Alliance organizations hung the “Snow Flower” at the entrance of the tent, and the trend quickly spread. Jang Yeon-chul moved around more energetically. He felt like a person who found the worth of life as he served as a channel for delivering requests from allies to Gyeo-ul. As this type of expansion of allies also faced limitations, he made a bold proposal.

“Let’s divide other organizations.”

Cough. Cough. Min Wan-gi, who got a cold due to fatigue, eventually turned to him after coughing.

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