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The Innkeeper – Chapter 232: Death flags Bahasa Indonesia

As daunting as it was, trying to learn another programming lang- no, uh, trying to learn arrays, Lex only paused temporarily to lament. Once he got it out of his system, he continued to read the book.

The first and most basic principle of arrays was that to use one, you needed to control spirit energy outside of your body. This was not something Qi training cultivators could do, but the author had stated a few ways around this drawback. To use any of them though, Lex would need certain tools which he did not currently have, so he skipped that part and continued onwards to how arrays worked.

It was… both very simple, and yet complex at the same time. Perhaps because Lex was used to writing code, he was used to thinking in a systematic manner which would allow him to create working software from scratch. In this scenario, he could understand the building blocks of a functioning array and could envision how to reach a certain effect from scratch.

It remained to be tested if things would be as simple as he assumed, but, in theory, it should be. What was hard for him was memorizing the thousands of symbols and their subsequent effects.

Actual programming language was easier for Lex to learn because it was written in English and the syntax was usually designed to make sense. These symbols, however, were not an actual language and did not have meanings but effects. Lex could already tell that it would take him a long, long time before he began to grasp the nature of the symbols well enough to make his own arrays rather than copy existing ones.

Of course, it must not be forgotten that even copying existing arrays was not a simple and easy task or else everyone would be doing it.

Lex lost himself in studying so deeply that he did not feel the time pass at all. He did not notice Drum pacing in the room, nor when a soft, constant buzzing sound started to creep into the room.

For Lex, it felt like one moment it was complete silence and he was engrossed in his studies, and the next second a loud, constant scraping sound filled the room, breaking his concentration.

“What’s that?” Lex asked in alarm.

“It’s the snowstorm,” Drum answered. By now, he had calmed down and was meditating in a corner. “It’s odd because only 18 hours have passed since I arrived. The snowstorm is early. Usually, the academy’s information is accurate.”

“Were the villagers able to finish their preparations?”

“Yes, though when they saw the storm on the horizon, even they were worried. It’s larger and faster than usual, which could mean trouble. I asked about the Kalter Flug. They’re an unusual species of spirits that live in snowstorms. They fuse with snowflakes or hail, and are extremely vicious. They have short lives, but are generally very strong and very violent, and will attack any living thing caught in the storm.”

“Sounds excellent. Any idea on how one is supposed to fight them? Or at least, hide from them?”

“When they’re born, they’re very small, but the more time they spend in the storm, the bigger they get. Small ones are easy to deal with, if you are able to hit them. A simple bash of any kind will destroy them. But the bigger they get, the harder they are to deal with. Not only does their defense increase, the ones made from snowflakes have extremely sharp bodies that could cut you in half in a split second. Again, the only real way to fight them is to destroy their bodies.”

Lex rubbed his eyes. This was excellent news. Who didn’t love being stuck in a snowstorm surrounded by monsters that grew stronger the longer they spent in the storm?

“The assessment didn’t state how long the storm would last, but I’m going to assume it’ll last the entire time we’re here. The Kalter Fluf may be weak in the beginning, but they’ll grow stronger towards the end, which is why we should get as much rest as we can,” Lex said, as he put the book away.

He ate most of the food he had managed to scavenge and then lay down to sleep. Despite the constant noise, it was not a problem for Lex to fall asleep. Drum continued to meditate, and the duo remained that way until a sharp, screeching sound abruptly woke up Lex. Before he could ask what happened, the building shook, as if something had struck it. It happened a few more times before the shaking finally stopped.

“They’re here,” Drum said as he looked Lex in the eye. Outside, the storm was still raging, and the Kalter Flug had finally shown up. Occasionally, they would hear more screeches, and the building would shake, but nothing more happened.

Just to be safe, the duo decided to go ask their host if this was normal. The village leader’s house was only slightly bigger than the rest of the houses in the village, and so it was not hard at all for them to locate him. He was sitting in the dining hall, drinking tea while his wife read a story to his two children.

Seeing them so calm and peaceful, Lex was able to relax a bit and set his worries aside. He also pretended the village leader, whose name Lex could not remember for even a moment, did not raise any death flags when he laughed and told Lex that their houses were absolutely secure and there had never been an incident where the storm or the spirits were able break in.

Yes, no death flags were raised at all, even by Drum, who laughed and said this would be the easiest assessment he ever had. As for why Lex took out Heavy Harley and started counting his ammunition and checking up on all his defensive gear? No reason in particular.

Then, a few hours later, the Sol birds also left. Even though all the windows to the outside had been shut, Lex was easily able to tell the birds left because the temperature dropped sharply. Even with a heavily insulated house and central heating, Lex was able to see fog when he exhaled.

An hour later, the lights in the house shutdown and the heating stopped. Something had gone awry.


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