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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 78: Secret Hideout Bahasa Indonesia

Alex chuckled and looked at the wolf tribe with an amused expression.

“Okay, Peru, tell me how the situation is down here,” Alex shouted.

‘Your Highness, this place seemed to be around 20-30 metres below the surface, I can see a narrow passage from here.”Peru’s voice echoed from the pith.

” Hey, light a torch and throw it down.”Alex pointed at one of the wolf tribe members.

Alex divided the troops and asked Kassel to guard the place, who grumbled with an annoyed expression as he was asked to babysit these people.

Wrapping a rope around a boulder, Alex selected a group of people and climbed down.

Alex didn’t know what dangers lay down there and selected mostly disciple-ranked warriors forming a squad of around twenty.

Alex looked at the huge hollow crevice and wrapped the rope around his waist. He could have directly jumped down but he thought it was better to take precautions.

Alex climbed down and, feeling the surface quite close to him, jumped down at once.

Landing on both of his feet, Alex looked around to see walls made of crude sandstone.

There were places of fire torches on the wall which had already been ignited by Peru before.

This place looked like an ancient abandoned ruin.

“Let’s go,” Alex shouted.

Though this place looked like a good place, the situation inside it might be the worst.

He could feel a tingling sensation crawling from his back which gave him a creepy and eerie feeling in that place.

Walking through the narrow hallway, Alex and others’ eyes widened as they found frozen statues with deep cuts all over their bodies while some had a hole over their bodies.

These monsters and beasts have been transformed into a macabre ice statue and the expression they have on their face was utterly disgusting.

While everyone had an urge to puke seeing this site, Alex looked at Peru” Peru, are you seeing what I am seeing?”

Peru nodded and said ‘Yes, Highness, I can see that all of their mana cores are missing.”

Alex sighed while examining them. He concluded all of them must be normal beasts who were forced to undergo mana rampage and turned into Salvor and then the cores were extracted from them

Moreover, touching the ice, Alex could feel that this place had been evacuated recently while leaving these things which they cannot take with them.

Passing through the corridor full of masquerades of deathly corpses, the group arrived in front of a huge metallic door.


With a small clank, the huge rusty metallic door was opened but as soon as the door slid off a little, a strong and pungent smell assaulted everyone’s nostrils.

They hadn’t even stepped inside the creepy room and they were welcomed with a warm rotten smell and what was before their eyes made them flinch back a little.

It was a huge room and inside it, there were many small prisons where many monsters and beasts were chained but all of them were dead now.

“….” Everyone was dumbfounded and looked at Alex with a curious gaze waiting for his command.

“Hmmmmmmm,” Alex muttered and stepped inside while looking at the beasts inside the prison.

“Search, the whole place,” Alex ordered while walking a bit while scanning the things.

Though all of them were dead, these monsters were handcuffed and hinged to a place so that they couldn’t move.

Huge and heavy metallic cuffs were placed on their wrist from which blood trickled and coagulated to dye the cuffs red.

The floor had trails of blood which seemed to be left behind due to dragging of corpse.

The place reeked blood and the stench was quite horrible to bear.

While looking at all these things, Alex was thinking about one thing.

‘Would he be able to keep himself calm, if these were humans instead of monsters and beasts?’

‘No, what would he do, if he ever found one of his loved ones in this kind of situation.’

‘What can he do, if he was too weak to put a fight and all his loved ones are forcefully snatched from him and used as tools and experiments subjecting to torture.’

‘The answer is, he doesn’t know,’ His mind became completely blank by just thinking about this possibility.


A muffled scream echoed and reverberated across the whole space which snapped Alex out of his thoughts and thinking about something might have gone wrong, like a gust of wind, Alex rushed towards the spot.

Reaching the other side of the prison, Alex looked to see a saddened atmosphere filled with cries of misery and sorrow.

A wolf tribe was crying holding another.

Alex gently tapped on Peru’s shoulder who had a disheartened expression on his face.

“Your Highness, the one that had been imprisoned here was his lost father who had been missing for a few days.”

“We thought he might have gone on a hunt as it was usual for some members to hunt for days but who could have known that such a calamity would befall on him,” Peru spoke with a sorrowful voice.

As the search went on, they found four more wolf tribesmen and nine Orc who seemed to be used for the experiment.

Each prison had a specific number and after analysing one could say that the Orc and Wolftribes were considered higher-level specimens for research.

Alex’s eyes started to glow blood-red in anger as he looked around the place which was used to do shady things.

He didn’t know what kind of experiment this place was used for nor did he know why they were doing this but Alex promised himself that they would pay for their crimes along with the interest and Alex would be their debt collector.

As they moved around, they found a small lab where many liquids were present in the test tube.

Alex pulled one of the test tubes and took a sniff.

Alex had an urge to puke on smelling the rotten odour of the liquid.

‘What is this?’Alex muttered and looked around to see a huge fireplace along with a huge chimney.

Peru who sniffed at the side suddenly felt something wrong and shouted”Your Highness, I can feel my trying to run amok. I am sure this is the thing that was causing all the mess.”

“No, Peru this isn’t the real thing. This is just a secondary discarded material. If it was precious, they wouldn’t have left it.” Alex concluded and looked further around.


Alex now stood in an empty room with a huge table in the middle while there was a huge bookshelf on the other side and on a table a small transparent crystal was present.

Alex frowned seeing the crystal as he knew about it.

It was a crystal that was used for communication in this world just like the smartphones in his previous world.

The crystals were rare for even Nevan to afford previously.

While Alex looked at the Crystal ball curiously, the transparent crystal glowed in bright light and a projection appeared on it which materialised in the air.

In the projection, a man wearing a black crow mask.

“Hello, brave warriors and souls of Nevan who were able to reach this place.”

“I welcome you all to my previously humble abode.”The crow masked man spoke with a large grin and a sinister smile which really irritated Alex.


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