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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 76: Exploring Deep Into The Forest[2] Bahasa Indonesia

“Peru what happened?” Alex shouted.

“Your Highness, I feel that the air around us is oddly disgusting and this foul breathing air, is irritating me,” Peru spoke with disdain.


Alex took a deep breath and inhaled to check the things. Though the air felt a little suffocating, it wasn’t to that extent.

“Peru, your sense of smell is quite strong.So that might be the reason why you find this place disgusting.”

“No, it isn’t just Peru, I am also feeling the same thing. Every time I inhale this foul breath, I am getting goosebumps all over his body.”Kassel spoke, stepping forward, he touched the trunk and he pulled out a tree from the ground whose roots had been withered.

Alex looked back and asked all the squad members and found that except Max, and the remaining few, no one felt like that.

Alex pondered for a moment and thought about it.

“Shit!” Alex cursed out aloud as a sudden thought came to his mind.

“I think, maybe only those who have awakened their mana are feeling like this,” Alex explained.

Everyone heard Alex’s words and was momentarily lost thinking about Alex’s conclusion and found Alex’s analysis true, after all those who have awakened mana were feeling like this.

Peru sniffed again and spoke, “Maybe there is something in the air and I have a feeling that due to this something, all the troubles were created.”

“Moreover, maybe we all are quite close to finding out the truth,” Peru spoke with a stern expression.

Alex noticed Peru’s expression and activated his mana sensor and just within a few moments, many red dots appeared in his vision.

He was startled seeing so many but immediately realised that these beasts coming toward them were not that strong and their numbers were still not large.

Peru pulled out and raised his warhead while Kassel took out his huge iron mace which he got from Alex while both of their groups stayed close.

As the beasts came to their vicinity, they found that the beasts had lost their senses and had become abdominations who just wanted to rampage.

Peru raised his hammerhead and, emitting a loud growl, jumped towards the beast and started to smash them.

The beasts that came under the hammer exploded into half and a shower of splinters caused by the impact flew everywhere.

Alex climbed onto a rocky boulder and oversaw the whole situation. With the mixing of races in their group, there is a need for a person who can bind all of them so that during the entire fight all of the soldiers don’t fall into disarray.

Orcs were quite brutal while human and wolf tribes were quite calm and steady so both of them can supplement each other and raise each other’s prowess.

A hound running around jumped on Kassel from the back and slashed with its paw at him but Kassel just turned his head and raised his hand and clutched its muzzle and pinned it down on the ground.

Gripping its mouth tightly,he just broke its muzzle along with its head with his brutal strength.


A crackling sound of breaking of bones was heard which permeated into the surroundings.

“Woooo!” The hound grimaced in pain but before it could emit any more strange noises, it was crushed by Kassel and taking the corpse, he threw it at the other beasts that were charging at it.


The dead corpse of the hound slammed at the remaining beasts and it was thrown against the tree whose trunk was pulverised into splinter by the impact.

Aeon, Ben and Max were having their share of fun and Max was bulldozing his way through the beast while slicing and tearing each of them apart while swinging the axe.

Mac and Ben both had the same moves and were roasting and grilling the beasts.

While Orcs and wolf tribes’ armies were actively dealing with the remaining beasts.

Alex squinted down as noticed something. He saw shadows advancing from the darkness and based on their movements, they should be rotting beasts who generally hunt in shadows.

Their number was less than fifty but they were quite troublesome to deal with.

They would hide in the shadows and would wait for a suitable opportunity to attack and take down their prey.

Seeing the human and other tribes’ warriors engaging with beasts, they planned to lurk in the shadows and hunt them.

But still, they made a huge mistake. Though they can hide themselves in the shadows, they still have mana which one could detect if one had a high perception.

Kassel swung his mace around and hit the beast as if there were a ball throwing them out of the park.

If one looked closely, it looked like Kassel was hitting home runs after home runs but instead of playing baseball, he was playing the game of death to all by striking with his mace.

While immersing himself in crushing the ones that pounced on him, he was too engrossed to notice a shadow lurking from behind who was about to shot out at him.


A figure emerged from the shadow and extended his long claws which aimed at Kassel’s neck but before it could reach Kassel, a buzzing sound was heard and an arrow appeared out of nowhere and pierced the rotting beast’s head.


A shrill cry of pain echoed in the surroundings, Kassel hurriedly came to his senses and saw a rotting beast whose head had been slit by an arrow.

He didn’t need to check to see whether he was dead or alive and directly swung his mace on it while giving a fierce roar” Dieeee!”

Alex stood on the boulder and rolled his eyes all around and shouted.

“Ben, to your right.”

“Hey, you green head, look down, you are going to be attacked by the rotting beasts.”

“Ohh!Shit. You wolfy watch out. That bastard is aiming for your balls.”

“Hey, you two toothed bandit.There is a son of bitch on your right.Make sure to crush it.”

Alex shouted at the top of his lungs giving them the position of the rotting beasts but the way he gave the location almost made everyone spew half of their blood.


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