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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 74: Guided By Mother Nature Bahasa Indonesia

In a darkish room devoid of any light which seemed to be like a basement.

Alex sat there accompanied by Count Hamilton while Peru and Kasse the Orc chief, whose face had been swollen like a pig, examined the dead Orc killed by Alex and Aeon previously.

Hamilton patted Alex’s shoulder and said”Alex are you alright?”

“Before fighting with Kassel, you have already fought for the whole night and seemed to be quite tired, and fighting with Kassel might have exhausted you and there may be some injuries on your bodies,” Hampton spoke with concern, seeing Alex’s indifferent look.

A warrior should always look after his body and try to remain in top condition as much as possible since no one knows what could happen in the next moment.

So, along with the training one should have sufficient rest so that one may not be mentally exhausted.

“I am fine Uncle Hamilton. Thanks for worrying about me.” Alex spoke with a gentle tone while letting Hamilton pat his shoulder which made him feel like his nephew.

Alex leaned back on the chair and looked at Kassel and Peru who were totally immersed in looking at the dead body.

“So, how is it?” Alex asked in a loud voice.

Peru and Kassel turned back and both of them seemed to have a solemn expression as if they had stepped on some shit.

“Highness, I think your outlook is correct,” Peru said and walked towards Alex.

“Previously, the beastman who have gone rampage in the wolf tribes though have the same symptoms and they don’t have such signs and scars. The dead Orc clearly showed signs of abuse and might have been used as lab rats.”

Alex nodded his head on hearing Peru’s words and looked at Kassel whose eyes had already become bloodshot and he was breathing heavily.

Alex could see that Kassel was pissed but if you are thinking he was pissed at him then you are wrong.

“Those bloody sons of bitches. I will make sure to whip their asses and skin them alive and then I will step on their corpse and turn them into meat paste.” Kassel roared in anger which shook the entire basement for a moment.

Alex frowned as he looked at Kassel’s behaviour, ‘Isn’t this bastard copying my style.’

[It’s not that, Kassel is copying your style. You are the one who behaves like a barbarian without any shred of dignity. Sometimes, I even wonder how you were able to live in such a civilised society and behave in such an uncivilised manner like an animal.]

A thick vein bulged on his forehead and wanted to say that the system’s whole 14 generations is animal but realised that it doesn’t have any generations so he cleared away the system’s annoying voice while complaining to the Goddess for not adding a mute button on this bloody system.

Alex ignored the system ramblings and focused on the things he had in his hands.

“Peru and Kassel, tell me if dangerous beasts are lying inside the forest, and tell me about the inner layout of the forest,” Alex said.

Peru nodded and said”Although inside the forest there are many monsters and beasts, it’s not as dangerous as you humans make it out to be. After all, this forest isn’t a forbidden zone and is just one of the territorial distinctions between your Nevan and the Bright Kingdom where the land hadn’t been cleared for centuries”

Alex pondered for a moment while his expression stiffened and he asked with a stern voice” Peru since there are two kingdoms at the side of the forest. Tell me, why did you choose Nevan?”

“Since you already have a general understanding of The kingdom of Nevan and Bright, you might have surely known about the political situation of both of these kingdoms and how Nevan had fallen, and still you came to ask for refuge.”

“It seems quite odd, isn’t it?”Alex asked with a smile while waiting to see both of their reactions.

Hamilton frowned on hearing Alex’s words and raised his vigilance. In fact, he was also thinking about the same thing but seeing no worries on Alex’s face, he thought that Alex might have already thought about this.

Peru looked at Kassel who spoke with a snort” In truth, I was planning to go to the Bright Kingdom but this Mad Hound pulled me here.”

‘I see that’s why he was in bad temper until I smashed him.’Alex muttered inwardly while keeping his eye on Peru while trying to notice any subtle change in expression even though it may be at the microscopic level.

Peru’s lips curve upward which showed his white teeth along with fangs and said”Nevan wasn’t our option to ask for help and even I thought that going to Nevan is just wasting our time and this Fortress might fall soon.No matter how mighty this place may be, it still had relied on the inner capital for supplies of weapons and manpower but since the capital of Nevan is in chaos, it was bound to fall.”

“Stop! Stop! How the hell did you know so much, when you all just stayed cooped up in the forest?”Alex asked with a surprised look.

‘Does this man have his intelligence agency?’Alex thought inwardly.

“Chirping birds.”Peru spoke and explained, “We can either tame birds or some of our wolftribesman had the power to summon birds whom we spread nearby to gather information.”

“Jackpot, “Alex spoke while his eyes glowed as if he won a billion dollars.

“What?”Peru asked.

“Oh! Nothing, you can continue the story. Sorry, I mean the topic.”

“So, as I said, we were going to Bright but we changed our mind in the midst. As you know we have high affinities with nature and can hear the voice of nature who guide us in times of need. So, we heard nature’s voices to seek you and ask for your help.”

“I might have not know the reason before but now seeing you, I think that it might be the correct decision moreover mother nature will never give us a wrong suggestion.”


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