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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 48: Undercurrents Happening All Around Bahasa Indonesia

It was a normal day without any Chaos.

In the office room of Kingdom of Wright.

The rustling sound of flipping papers were heard as various ladies took the documents and surveyed them.

There were tons of documents on each table and each one of them had their hands full. The room was full of beautiful ladies and only three males were present.

And supervising them was the Current Queen of Wright Catherine.

With a loud knock, two ladies came hurriedly.

Seeing their expressions, Catherine’s eyelashes fluttered as a feeling of anxiousness started to swell her from inside.

“The spies from Amidon had sent the report. There have been movements on the borders and the army seemed to be shifted.” One of the ladies spoke.

“And the weird thing is that the number of soldiers at the borders has decreased. I don’t seem to understand their motives. They are moving forward and preparing to wage the war but the soldier number seems otherwise.”

The entire room became silent and all people present in the room looked at Catherine for answers.

Catherine interlocked her finger and rested her chin on it and closed her eyes for a moment.

“Ava, I remembered you have reported that recently there has been an influx of mercenaries.”She spoke with a heavy voice.

Ava nodded.

” I think with the loan and money they have gathered from merchants and neighbouring Kingdom, they are hiring mercenaries to take part in the war.”

“But aren’t mercenaries different from trained soldiers. Mercenaries are quite lawless. Wouldn’t they mess up and disobey the order.” One of the ladies spoke.

“Who said they are going to use them as soldiers? Can’t they just give them small missions?”

“The outcome of the war isn’t determined by one factor. Many small negligible things that are happening in the shadows can affect the outcomes.” Catherine spoke with a solemn expression.

“Uncle Longard, I have heard that you have reported that the internal violence in the city is increasing.”

Longard nodded.

“I think we need to keep tabs on mercenaries and if a situation arises, we should ban them. I fear some of the mercenaries on Amidon’s side will surely try to stir up things from here.”

Hearing Catherine’s words, all of them looked at her with disbelief and shock.

If what she said was true then the situation is quite dire and they need to implement some drastic measures.

“Wright and Nevan are currently in a vulnerable state and both the kingdoms are a big chunk of fortune which everyone wanted.”

“Amidon may have offered the merchants and neighbouring Kingdom a part of the profit if they were successful in the ventures.”

On hearing the name Nevan, everyone’s face was filled with disgust after all everyone blamed Nevan and the idiotic fatty prince for the current state of Wright.

“Your Highness, I forgot to tell you, we got the monthly report of Nevan,” Ava said.

Catherine nodded and gestured to put it on the table.

“Uncle Longard, I think we should already deploy Christina. We are not strong as before and we can’t use our defensive formation like before, we should also prepare for war on a full scale.”

Catherine spoke and stood up looking at the window.

Seeing her lost in thought, a man beside Longard sneaked in and quickly pulled the documents of Nevan and, making an excuse, went out.

After exiting the place, he took out the documents and burned them.

“Catherine doesn’t need an asshole like you. Only I, Jefferson, who has achieved the rank of a master at the age of 27 and the commander of Black corps, is qualified to stand beside her, not as an asshole piggy like him.”


In the training ground, a figure stood at the centre lifting a rod.

Two 200 kg rocks were tied at the end of the rods.

Veins bulge on his arms as he lifted the weights and squatted.

Following his notions, the soldier tried to keep up with him but after just a few rounds each one of them fell one by one.

As they looked around, only two people were able to follow that man’s training routine.

Max and Ben.

Both of them are monsters in their eyes but after Alex repeated preaching and explanation, they came to know that both of them weren’t monsters or geniuses, rather they were too weak to follow the training which was eating away their lives.

The training will begin with running 100 laps around the castles wearing weight bracelets, followed by strength training.

After finishing these they would practice with weapons and then study various formations and tactics.

Even Mordek was dumbfounded by Alex’s way of training and teaching and secretly thought that they had been blessed by the Goddess of war but Alex shook away the claims and told them it was a training regime he obtained through a deal.

This training was for those who aspire to become knights and topple the kingdoms by themselves.

While none of them has the talent of knights, Alex was sure that if they were able to keep up with the training, each one of them would be turned into knight.

He will turn each of these peasants into weapons of destruction but on the condition that they can complete the training.

While Alex squats down and up with heavyweights, he saw Riya coming near her with a worried expression.

Alex frowned and shoved away the weights.


With a small rumble, the weights fell.

Riya gave Alex a towel to wipe his sweats and started to speak.

“My Lord, we have got a message from the western turf. Count Hamilton had asked for assistance.”

“Hamilton,” Alex spoke, raising his brows.

Alex had heard about Hamilton. He was the best warrior of Nevan besides Mordek.

While Mordek lost his edge while rotting here, Hamilton became sharper and sharper as he protected the western territory of Nevan from falling by guarding it against the beasts and Monsters from the vast Forest.

Moreover, he is a prideful guy. Without a dire situation, he wouldn’t ask for a hand.

When all nobles shook away their duties, only Hamilton stood in the fortress doing his duty faithfully.


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