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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 413: Will We Get A New Sister Soon Bahasa Indonesia

The broken blade of the short sword struck deeply onto the spiny anteater.

It was three meters long and its body was covered with sharp pines which could shoot up to a hundred meters.

It shrieked and shot the huge pines over its skin.



Tearing the ear, the sharp edge of the spines shot forward with an incredible speed.


Few spines were deflected while a few burst through the weapons and shelves blasting away the people but soon a bubble appeared and enveloped them protecting them from being harmed.


Another sword shot was like a missile and pierced through its neck accurately.

Thrashing around and struggling for one last time, it finally laid down its life.

Alex, who stood over a tree, stared at the spiny anteater after it died.

It was just at Epic rank but it could cause more harm than a Transcendent rank.

Alex and his men were staying in the village for some time. They decided to recover to the peak before they moved but that didn’t mean they were lazing around.

The grace of the villager cannot be ignored, so Alex ordered his men to hunt as many beasts as possible and deliver them to the village chief so that he could distribute the meat and sell the other previous things.

He heard that the large spines of the anteater were sold for 5 silver coins each and 5 silver coins were enough to feed a family for a month.

While hunting all these creatures, Alex was also doing research of his own.

He tested the soil and found that their vitality had been drawn out slowly and steadily.

Maybe the miasma running rampant in Arkham has seeped deep into the soil and is slowly taking away fertility.

Fortunately, Alex was able to catch it and purified the land and the effect was quite evident.

“My Lord!”

Alex heard Johnson’s voice from afar and signalled him to speak.

“We can’t go on like this.”

“Our weapons won’t last long.”

“It’s better to call them pieces of scraps instead of weapons,” Max added at the sight but he shrank back after noticing everyone’s angered gaze.

“We will be injured if we carry on anymore from this point,” Johnson muttered.

Alex nodded and said”I understand. Everyone has recovered so it is time to leave.”

Alex and his men entered the village and looked for Henry and delivered the game.

The villagers cheered for them and treated them with respect.

They have been in a joyous mood due to Alex and his men for bringing lots of food during this troublesome period.

Alex looked for Henry to make his leave.

Henry held their hand and shook it with gentleness.

“When you entered the village, I was still weary of you but I had no choice but to allow you as we can’t contend against you all.”

“But it seems, I have made the correct choice.”

“I cannot blame you. The safety of others was in your hands.” Alex chuckled.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Alex and his men walked out while the villagers bid them farewell for the last time.

The village women were a bit reluctant about departing but still departed from her with happy faces.

Alex looked at his men and spoke.

“Do you remember the plans?”

“We will split from now and register at the adventure guild to make a fake identity to help us during our stay.”

“We will meet at the Lunar town two days from now.”


A few Kilometres away from Crestford Village, Alex and his men separated before entering Crestford Town.

Alex gave me some money to buy weapons for them.

Alex planned to get a licence from the adventure guild.

His men would also get a license and would start taking missions and also collect information on the way.

The Adventure guild is an international organisation that has various branches in the cities of each Empire.

His Kingdom also had an adventure guild that was opened a year ago and he was the one who took part in the inauguration ceremony and cut the ribbons.

But now thinking about this has made him tear up.

If Alex wants to stay updated in the new territory where he doesn’t have any footing, he needs to use adventure guild and Information resources.

One can enter the adventure guild library, sell monsters, take on quests with rewards and look for suitable adventures.

Moreover, it can also serve as identification if caught.

Since his party was huge Alex divided them into groups and sent them to other nearby cities to register.

Too many people belonging to the same group getting licences in the same place may pull some suspicion.

If anyone found out that he was from Kinley, he would have to waste his time playing hide and seek again.

Alex along with Riya entered the adventure Guild in Rosavoir town.

“Hello, How may I help you two?”

Ales stared at the receptionist who was a red-haired lady which made him think about Yvonne for a moment.

Alex spoke while standing before the reception desk.

“My wife and I want to register in the Adventure guild and get a licence,” Alex spoke, pulling Riya beside her.

“Do you already have a licence or is this your first time here in the adventure guild?”The lady asked with suspicious eyes.

She could sense the experienced eyes of a hunter in Alex due to her honed instinct and thought that he might have lost his licence and wanted to issue it again.

Alex scratched his cheek and spoke with a smile”This is our first time. We both hunt in our village. After having sufficient experience, we finally got permission from the elders to go out and seek fortune.”

The lady nodded and said, “In this case, please follow me this way.”

Alex tilted his head and followed along.

Alex and Riya were led to the waiting room.

“Please take your seat and wait for a while.” The lady spoke and left.

While Alex’s gaze followed her leaving back, he heard a faint coughing sound from behind.

There was an inexplicable smile on Riya’s face as she spoke”My Lord, it seems you are interested in that lady. After going back, should I inform others that a sixth sister is coming soon?”


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