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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 404: An Heartful Letter Bahasa Indonesia

In contrast to the outside world which was filled with chaos, Leonhart was observed to be at peace on the outside.

The people of Leonhart only know that their Lord had been posted in some military region but they didn’t know exactly where their Lord had been.

They weren’t able to see their King as often as others but each time he made his appearance it was a time for a Kingdom-wide celebration.

All of them were aware of the recent changes but none of them knew that their King was at the centre of the storm.

Kinley till now haven’t released the list of the deceased so it was still peaceful before the bomb could be dropped.

Though the common people were unaware, the upper echelon of the Kingdom knew about it.

And the information hit them like thunder.

The whole Leonhart was at full alert and underneath the peace, preparation for war was going on.

The soldiers and those who were at a higher military post knew their Lord very well.

They knew their King wouldn’t fight a losing battle.

There was no hint of sadness and rather all they had been burning with fighting spirit knew that once their King returned, all the warriors would be asked to march and slay the enemies.

Inside the Palace.


Someone knocked on the big wooden door.

The knocker waited for some time but no answer came.

The door slowly opened and two immaculately dressed women stepped in.

The two women looked around with restless gazes.

It was a huge study room filled with all kinds of books, scriptures, and tons of papers.

At the centre, a table of ivory was placed which was filled with books and at one end a woman with auburn hair seemed to take a nap with auburn hair.

Her eyes seemed to be moist as if she had been crying and her face looked haggard and tired.

A soft red carpet was strewn across the floor and a cosy fire crackled from the fireplace.

Another woman was sitting on a chair at a mahogany desk and several papers were strewn across the desk. The woman laying on the chair looked at the fireplace while clenching her sword tightly.

Her face was filled with hatred and anger. She looked as if she wanted to fight someone now but she was holding back.

“Hmm!” Clearing her throat one of the women who entered coughed a little.


The woman who slept on the table was startled and woke up abruptly which caused the piles of books placed beside her to fall on her.


“Catherine, you have become clumsy and careless.”

“Just look at you, it hasn’t been five days and you already lost too much weight.”

Catherine rubbed her eyes and looked at the soft voice and spoke with a glare.

“Athena, stop teasing me. I am not in the mood for your pretty jokes.”

“I agree with her!” Christina spoke while standing up and holding her sword.

Athena shut her lips for a moment and then with a pouty expression walked inside and took her place on a couch.

After she sat down everyone looked at Yvonne who was standing at the door with a confused expression.

“What! Do you need a special invitation now?” Catherine asked with an annoyed tone.

Yvonne shook her head and hurriedly walked and sat beside Athena.

“Ignore her! She had lost it.”Athena spoke with a smirk.

“I haven’t lost anything. It’s just that it has been a long time since I have come here so it feels odd.”

“By the way, is it Alex’s study room?” Yvonne asked.

The other three nodded.

“It looked more like a research lab than a study room,” Yvonne commented.

Catherine ignored Yvonne’s comment and asked Athena”Were you able to dig anything out?”

Athena nodded and started to say”The Church is still discussing the matter of the Western Front.”

“We generally maintain neutrality.”

“The Church doesn’t have any responsibility to deal with demons but they must clear out the miasma. But they can’t act as demons are occupying the place.”

“What a headache!” Catherine murmured.

Christina stared at Yvonne and asked, “Yvonne did you manage to get out any information.”

“Yes! And Christina your suspicion was correct. Shen had interfered during the war and delayed the arrival of reinforcement and not only that he is trying to get rid of the survivors who managed to get out of that place.”

Christina’s expression was distorted and she muttered gritting his teeth”That scum!”

“He will not stop unless he achieves what he wants.”

The atmosphere descended into silence for a moment.

Christina was unable to hold her killing intent which caused the temperature of the room to fall by a few margins.

Everyone knew the story of the hatred between Christina and Shen.

The silence lingered for a moment and was finally broken by Athena.

“I have tried to feel Alex’s life force. He seemed to be well now.”

Athena’s words startled everyone.

“You can even feel his life force,” Catherine and Yvonne asked at the same time with surprised expressions.

Since the six of them were bonded by the contract, they could tell whether the other was alive or not.

The death of anyone among them would cause them to suffer a serious backlash and leave them in prolonged weakness.

So, all of them were sure that Alex and Riya were alive but they didn’t know about their condition until now.

“How did you know Athena?”

Athena’s lips curled with a smile and she spoke with a sense of superiority” My heart is connected so deeply to him that what he feels is transmitted to me.”

Athena’s words caused everyone to stare at her with their jaws wide open.

Athena noticed a hint of jealousy in their eyes and burst into laughter.

After laughing a bit, her expression became serious.

“It was the Oracle of Goddess Rebecca. He is alright and breathing but he is in poor condition and Riya’s condition is a bit worse.” Athena spoke with a serious expression.

Seeing her expression everyone flinched back a little and had one thought.

‘Sure enough, she and Alex were surely made for each other. Just how could they change their expressions in an instant.’

Catherine took a deep breath to calm herself.

“We should prepare for his return. Once his death is declared, Shen will try to make things difficult for him when he returns.”

“Yvonne, try to protect the people who escaped. We need them to provide testimony in case Shen plays dirty.”

“As per another thing, it seems we need to take a step forward.”

“Step forward! How?” Yvonne asked curiously.

Catherine tilted her gaze and stared at the bookshelves.

“I remembered the moment before Alex departed. He said each book contains the encompassed knowledge and techniques that could bring catastrophe in the world and he was still reluctant to circulate.”

“And at that time Leonhart was too weak to protect himself but now everything has changed.”

“He said if a situation appears where he disappears or is killed apparently, take out the books in Shelves and start implementing them in the training of the recruits.”

“Does it mean we can now go public with Mana’s heart?”Athena asked.

Alex had taught them about Mana’s heart. Since all of them were born with the divine blessing of the Goddess, all of them found that they had a natural mana heart.

Though Mana’s heart comes with a huge boost in the long run, it takes too much time and resources to create it.

So, it mayn’t opt for everyone as many may even be unable to form it.

“We will leave the choices with them?”

“Moreover, Alex had created a technique which could help an awakened one to make a mana heart but its efficiency would be lower than those who have made mana hearts before awakening.”

“Christina, it seems you are going to be busy now?” Catherine spoke while looking at Christina with an inexplicable expression.

“Believe in me!”

“With Alex’s guidance, I will turn each one of them into a weapon capable of destroying their enemy thoroughly, “Christina spoke with an indifferent expression.


Athena cheered up Christina and raised her thumb.

“Also, Alex had left a letter with me and said to open it if something bad happens,” Yvonne spoke and took out a letter under everyone’s curious gaze.

Catherine and Christina walked closer towards Yvonne who unfolded the letter and read it aloud.

[To my wives, if you are reading this then I am sure that I may be missing or may have encountered something which I couldn’t tackle but chill girls, you know your husband is a godly being so who the hell can kill him.]



Yvonne and Catherine muttered respectively to Athena and Christina to giggle softly.

[Okay enough fun for now. My disappearance means that Kinley might have lost the war so the situation would be dire.]

[Christina, I want to increase the requirement of soldiers and train them from basics using the books I have left. Also, circulate the sportsmanship and other techniques, I have come up with.]

[Yvonne, I want you to take charge of my business venture. My death would surely cause some to seek trouble and destroy the business or try to create a similar workshop to ours. So, please look over them.]

[Athena, I am sure you might be able to feel the connection and inform my wives about my situation which is the most important thing for me. I don’t want any one of you to be heartbroken and become anxious thinking I am dead.]

[Lastly, Catherine, there is no flaw in your work. I always feel guilty for dumping my work on you and you might be exhausted due to overwork but please hear this Catherine, you need to reach Transcendent rank. You are the only Epic rank among the bunch. You can reach it but you lack the will so I want you to stop working on the paperwork and handover it over to others and focus on training entirely. I want you to achieve Transcendent rank before I return no matter what.]

[Lastly, I wish to convey that I love each one of you from the bottom of my heart and can’t bear to stay apart from you. Just a day away from you makes me feel miserable. I wish to stay and relax in your embrace but there are some things I need to do so please forgive me for not being able to share your burden in your difficult time. After the news of my missing is announced, you all have a hard time but I believe in all of you. Women like you don’t need to depend on others. You all shine in your way.]

[Stay strong and live well until I return]

Yvonne folded the letter after reading aloud and took a deep breath.

Reading the contents of the letter made them feel a sense of loss and the feelings that had been stored in their heart started to burst out making them feel uneasy.

Although they may pretend to be fine, but all of them really missed him from the bottom of their heart and all of them hoped that he might be doing well.


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