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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 40: Give The Tax To Enter The City Bahasa Indonesia

Alex calmed himself and got down to the business.

He selected a handful of individuals and selected a chief among them who can take over the role and organised the entire town by setting up a power structure.

Now it was time to increase the mining production.

There were many reasons for the low production in Nevan. Lack of workers, lack of good facilities and smugglers who took away the ores and sold them to other Kingdoms right under their noses.

The Godavari mines are slightly different. On the eastern part, one has to mine it from underground while on the northeastern side there are many stiff rocky mountains whose rocks are filled with ores.

Alex guessed that it might be a huge meteorite or a natural iron vein or there might be a volcano million years ago which erupted and spit out the iron-rich lava.

Since its rocky structure, it is quite hard to break it down with normal workers.

If there was a mage, he could have burnt a part of it and cooled it rapidly making cracks in it.

Alex asked the mirror makers to make a highly concentrated mirror with a high focal length that can concentrate the light rays at a single point.

The Principal Of the reflection of Convex and Concave lenses.

Which was taught to every student in school.

“Is everything ready,” Alex shouted.



On hearing everyone’s call about the set-up being completed, he signalled the man to take out the black clothes covering them.

On Alex’s call, they took off the covers and as soon as they took the covers, a highly concentrated beam of light flashed and fell on a piece of rock.

Like this many beams of light fell on the rocks which concentrated the beam of sunlight in a particular place and soon the rocks started to heat up with a crackling sound.

“What kind of sorcery is this?”

“No, no it is not sorcery. It must be God’s power.”

“Woah what magic.”

The villagers who looked at this started to chat among themselves.

Alex laughed hearing the villager’s words and thought of his teacher’s words in his past life “Science is nothing but the magic of the universe.”

After heating it to a certain degree, Alex asked to cool it down by pouring water.

As soon as water was poured small cracks were formed and on Alex’s signal as they hit it with the pickaxe they found that it was quite easy to break the rocks compared to before and they can take out the ores, much more efficiently than before with less effort.

With this Alex rounded up the things here and after explaining the things, he took a man who was soon to be called a legendary miner with him and left the village leaving behind the crowd who thanked him and remained bowing their heads until his figure disappeared.


A group of people wearing patched up cloaks, and riding the horse moved toward the city.

Alex yawned with a boring expression but seeing the city, his body was revitalised and signalled his men to increase the speed.



With loud clattering sounds of the horse hoof, they entered the city which didn’t look quiet and dreary like the previous one and at the least, it could be called a city as people walked onto their daily work while shops, groceries and business seemed to be doing well.

As soon as Alex and his men went past the city gate, he was stopped by three men who looked at them with a sharp gaze.

“Any Problem!” Alex asked to see the men.

“Taxes.” One of them spoke.

“What Tax!” Alex asked with a confused expression.

“Don’t you know anyone who enters Letitia city has to pay the tax to us?” The man spoke with an irritated tone.

Max was about to lash out but was stopped by Alex.

Alex took out a silver coin and handed it to the man.

The man nodded in satisfaction.

“But the way, what is the reason for the tax sir,” Alex asked with a respectful tone.

“Ohh! So you are new here.”

” Since, you gave us money quite willingly. I will tell you a thing.”

“This entire city belongs to my boss and our gang, Aaron riders. This is just a protection fee that we collect from everyone who enters and if you want to stay here, you will have to provide us with more fees.”

Alex frowned and asked, “This town belongs to you, then what about the city Lord?”

“Oh! You are asking about that mongrel. He is just a lackey who danced on the boss’s order.”

“Okay!” Alex spoke and gave a sweet smile.

Ben, seeing the smiling, swallowed his saliva and muttered in a low voice” He is going to change into Bandit Mode again.”

Alex and his gang looked for a tavern.

Alex was itching to get some rest.

For a guy like him who had already enjoyed the life of modern technology, travelling for days on horseback is quite cumbersome.

He is already missing the tv, ac, smartphones and his manga, and animes.

He will make sure to make a comfortable coach for him after returning.

“Damn moving from place to place under the hot sun is killing me,” Alex muttered as entered the tavern and ordered some food.

It took around two days from the capital to the but on the way, Alex visited each town and sort out the problems of the people and helped by clearing the problems the people faced which delayed their journey by 8 days.

While eating, Alex collected some information about the bandits.

As they were enjoying their food, Alex got to know about the Aaron rider’s gang.

According to them, the money the Aaron riders collect is going to Dorda which surprised him a little.

“That bastard is even creating problems after dying and I have to clean his dirty work.”

Shaking his head, Alex muttered in a surprised tone.

He didn’t know how the news of Dorda’s death hadn’t reached here.

‘Do, I have to organise the new services now.’He muttered rubbing his forehead.

Alex, who listened to people’s pleas, suddenly saw Max returning with a big swollen face and seemed to be beaten quite badly.

Though he had only a minor bruise it surprised Alex that there was someone who could injure him.


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