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The Imbecile Lord Is Married to Five Beautiful Goddess – Chapter 373: Isolated 2 Bahasa Indonesia

“Kill us if you want.”

“Bastard just kill me if you dare!”

The soldiers kept on yelling but Alex was indifferent to their pleas and went towards one of them and asked”What does Arkham want by waging such a war?”

“Just kill me!”

The soldiers stayed tight-lipped. The soldiers had loyalty to the nation and naturally, they showed their resolve to never speak even in the face of death.

One minute passed quickly and once the time was over, Alex pressed him on the shoulder and spoke.

“First thing, haven’t your parents taught you to respect elders and answer their questions?”

The soldiers stared at Alex with an expression of shock and disbelief and wondered whether this was a man in his 20s or his appearance was just a facade.

“Now since the time is up!”

“Please enjoy this beautiful moment and serve as an example for your friends.”

“Comrade, I hope your sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain and your friend might not be an idiot like you,” Alex spoke with a saddened expression and pressed his shoulder through his crimson mana flowing through the vein body.

The soldier at first felt a chilling current pass through his body. He didn’t know what Alex meant before but his eyes almost bulged and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was feeling as if all his bones were being crushed and tearing up slowly.


The man squealed and twitched like a fish taken out of the water.

Veins bulged all over his body and white foam trickled from his lips as he wriggled in deep pain with a blood-curdling scream.


All of them muttered and shuddered in fear.

Alex didn’t know what bullshit they were thinking but they trembled seeing his gaze and said”Did you think I was just joking to scare you?”

“You all took the warning as a joke, didn’t you?”

“All the bones in your body would be invaded by my mana and start to crack. Your muscles and tendons would be twisted and stretched. Your head would feel as if it had been splitting up. And under the combined effort of this, you will feel pain like never before and will die slowly.”

On top of that, Alex had also attacked his soul. He could force a full barge into their souls and invade their memories but he didn’t want to take risks for these measly pawns.

A crooked smile appeared on Alex’s smile as he spoke”Don’t think that this will last only for a moment. You will suffer like this for ten hours and even if you want, you can’t become unconscious.”

“You are the ones who attacked Kinley first. You are the one who invaded here, so how dare you behave as if we are in the wrong. I will not show any of you a shred of mercy.”

All the soldiers become stiff when they witness the live scene of the bestial scream of the man. He was quite strong, still, he was screaming and crying like a small kid.

“Tell me why did you invade Kinley?”

They all gulped their saliva at the question that came from the man who seemed to have become the God Of Death at the moment. For them, he was worse than the devil itself.

They could even see the embodiment of death right before their eyes. They wanted to cry and surrender but that was no longer an option for them.

“One minute is over!” Alex muttered and another started to scream.


The others started to fall into despair and their bodies were shivering as if they were now in the land of ice.

One of them even wet his pants due to fear and as soon as Alex noticed it, he directly came toward him but he heard a groan from the other side and shouted.

“Do you think you alone can change anything? All the defence lines will fall. The Western part would be occupied by Arkham. Even if you hear the plan from me you can’t change the outcome.”

“We have already rallied our troops long ago.”

“We will strengthen with your fall and prosper.”

“Do you think, with dangers all around, Kinley will dare to send reinforcements to help you here? Haha! You are just delusional. You will all pay for the sin of being careless. You will die and this would become a shame that would taint you proud bastards of Kinley.”

He laughed like a maniac which was mainly to hide his fear however, his smile didn’t last long as Alex spoke with a smile.

“Is your blabbering over? Can we get to the business?”

“I already know all of this shit. Tell me something which I don’t know?”


“And yeah I am waiting.”

“Do you think I will answer you bastard?”

“Seeing you are so confident means you wanted to occupy the entire Western Front,” Alex muttered.

“After crossing the border, you would raid the weaker Kingdoms. You are trying to occupy this land and plunder as much as you can to stop Arkham from collapsing.”

The soldier lost his composure and his expression became stiff and pale. Alex already got a gist of it.

Catherine had guessed about this and now the reaction to this man made it sure.

What Alex wanted to know was how they appeared in the rear quickly and now hearing the man’s words it seems they have been preparing for it a long these forces were already stationed here and those who attack here were decoys to throw the dust into their eyes.

“Thanks for clearing the doubts, you all rest in peace now.”


Alex used the so-called witchcraft and left the building while many were screaming in despair while begging the Gods to have mercy on them and grant them death.

As Alex walked out, Riya was standing and walking towards them.

Her eyes were saddened seeing the exhaustion on Alex’s face.

Alex dragged his tired body and sat down at the side while Riya pressed and massaged his shoulder.

“Did you get anything?”

“Not much!” Alex muttered and started to explain.

“The attack of the Defence lines was just a diversion. Their true purpose lay in the rear. They would soon sneak in after occupying the lines and start attacking the Kingdoms which would start to fall one by one.”

“And yeah they seemed to be heading towards Warp gate. And this attack was just to dust that attack in case any troops return.”

“They brought their troops from Warp gate and would keep on doing this until Kinley reacted. If Arkham succeeds, it would have a major juicy chunk of land that it could use to add a new life to Arkham.”

Riya frowned and her hands massaging Alex’s shoulder stopped for a moment.

“Warr…Warp gate. Are you sure that they are aiming for a warp gate?”

All fronts had warp gates connected to the Centre. That was the reason why they were able to reach here in ten days otherwise, the distance from Zenith would take 25 days to cover.

“I am 80 per cent sure that they have attacked and already taken over the warp gates.”

“It means we are in trouble and going to be isolated,” Riya spoke with sorrow.

Alex’s blood becomes cold as he thought about the situation. The Western Front had now become quite dangerous.

On other fronts, the situation was at least in stalemate but they were now pushed into corners here.

Riya pondered for a moment and spoke with a heavy voice.

“Alex, what if Arkham had made a deal with someone before attacking?”

“I mean they can’t think of attacking Kinley out of nowhere without any allies or they would be isolated. They are relying on Kinley’s surrender but what if the skirmish on other fronts in Kinley is over, then wouldn’t Arkham be in grave danger?”

Alex nodded on hearing Riya’s words”I am also afraid of that. They wouldn’t make a deal with demons in this situation. Elves and Dwarves are clearly out of the picture.”

“And the only one remaining is Harold Empire,” Riya muttered softly but it was more than enough to make the atmosphere heavy.


“It seems that it would take too long to sort out the mess,” Alex murmured and looked up.

“I already miss them.”

Riya warped all her hands around Alex’s neck and muttered”Me too.”


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